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Jewish Organ Theft

‘Jewish Organ Theft’: Canadian Paper Publishes Hamas Blood Libel

Un giornale canadese in lingua araba ha pubblicato un articolo virulentemente antisemita di un membro del gruppo terroristico di Hamas.

A cura di Algemeiner Staff

Un giornale canadese in lingua araba ha pubblicato un articolo di un funzionario di Hamas che glorificava i terroristi e accusava Israele di aver rubato gli organi dei prigionieri palestinesi, provocando una denuncia della polizia.

Secondo B'nai Brith Canada, il 28 febbraio il giornale al-Meshwar , il cui editore Nazih Khatatba ha negato l'Olocausto, ha pubblicato un articolo del Dr. Mustafa Yusuf al-Lidawi intitolato “L'abuso dei martiri e la manipolazione di I loro corpi sono comandamenti ebraici e direttive israeliane ".

Al-Lidawi ha rappresentato Hamas in Siria e in Libano ed è attualmente membro del Dipartimento per le relazioni arabe e islamiche del gruppo terroristico.

Nell'articolo, al-Lidawi ha affermato che Israele ha rubato gli organi dei prigionieri palestinesi a causa di "antica malizia e comandamenti talmudici e della Torah".

Ha anche elogiato apertamente i terroristi, dicendo: "Beato il loro martirio, e congratulazioni a loro per la loro dimora [in cielo], e salutate loro nel paradiso più alto."

Nel 2018, al-Lidawi ha accusato gli ebrei di produrre pasticcini Purim con il sangue dei non ebrei - la classica diffamazione medievale . Ha detto che ciò ha giustificato le espulsioni periodiche di ebrei durante il Medioevo.

Al-Meshwar stesso ha una lunga storia di contenuti antisemiti e filo-terroristici, incluso il definire il giudaismo come una "religione terroristica".

Michael Mostyn, amministratore delegato di B'nai Brith Canada, ha dichiarato: "Questi attacchi implacabili e infondati alla nostra comunità minano le relazioni intercomunali e aumentano il rischio per la nostra sicurezza".

An Arabic-language Canadian newspaper published a virulently anti-Semitic article by a member of the Hamas terror group.

By Algemeiner Staff

An Arabic-language Canadian newspaper published an article by a Hamas official that glorified terrorists and accused Israel of stealing the organs of Palestinian prisoners, prompting a police complaint.

According to B’nai Brith Canada, on Feb. 28 the paper al-Meshwar, whose publisher Nazih Khatatba has denied the Holocaust, published an article by Dr. Mustafa Yusuf al-Lidawi titled, “The Abuse of the Martyrs and the Manipulation of Their Bodies Are Jewish Commandments and Israeli Directives.”

Al-Lidawi represented Hamas in Syria and Lebanon and is currently a member of the terrorist group’s Department of Arab and Islamic Relations.

In the article, al-Lidawi claimed that Israel stole Palestinian prisoners’ organs due to “ancient malice, and Talmudic and Torah commandments.”

He also openly praised terrorists, saying, “Blessed is their martyrdom, and congratulations to them on their dwelling [in heaven], and hail to them in the highest Paradise.”

In 2018, al-Lidawi accused Jews of making Purim pastries out of non-Jews’ blood — the classic Medieval blood libel. He said this justified the periodic expulsions of Jews during the Middle Ages.

Al-Meshwar itself has a long history of anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist content, including calling Judaism a “terrorist religion.”

Michael Mostyn, chief executive officer of B’nai Brith Canada, said, “These relentless and baseless attacks on our community undermine inter-communal relations and increase the risk to our safety.”

The group has filed a complaint with the Toronto Police over the article.

thereligionofpeace.com30 minutes ago

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they are doing a good job to exonerate your scum of the devil: eye of lucifer allah, from Talmud AIPAC, B'nai Brith, Bilderberg, etc ..
but, everything will fail, because I came here to punish you all!
I am the King and Messiah of ISRAEL



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thereligionofpeace.com34 minutes ago

i am lorenzoJHWH kingdom ISRAEL ] Michael Mostyn, CEO of B'nai Brith Canada, said: "These relentless and unfounded attacks on our community undermine inter-municipal relationships and increase the risk to our security."
Why a Freemason Satanist: B'nai Brith Answers Another Satanist Sharia Jihad?
the time has come for all peoples to regain control of power ... in my Kingdom of ISRAEL
ie Bin SALMAN permitting



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Awraham Itschak Sholem2 days ago

If this does matter, all these phalustinians be they from PLO, PLFP, Fatah, Hamas, Muzslime Jihad or what ever rotten name they took for themselves are nothing more than dangerous brain dead challahu shnackbar shouting murderers and paid by the UN and Europe/ Western countries (minus the US) to do their filthy work. May the day come speedily in our days that humanity will and want to see through these lies and hold these stinking cadavres accountable for what they did.


Share › Awraham Itschak Sholem

of the Islamic terrorists Wahhabis ISIS al-Nusra Erdogan except the jihad brain which is full of sharia genocide demons?
then, everything else can be used! 3 minutes ago

aaah that sucks, you have really become an Erdogan Enlightened Rothschild, Bilderberg ILLUMINATI lucifer, Bin Salman of usury FED NWO Islamic Pharisee and slave trader dalit dhimmis goyims: "you are no longer my friend!"


If the inbred arabians' brains are any indicator, then the rest of their internal organs are as non functional. SAWolf26 minutes ago

eih, troll CIA venduto all'usuraio Rothschild!

per così poco: per un osso ti sei venduto!
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Tom Dicksona day ago

The so called Palestinians are really cursed filthy, non-human evil, Satanic beast, creatures direct from Lucifer's deepest hell. They are the two hundred thousand, thousand, demons as mentioned in the Holy Bible. Cursed evil Palestinians, evil demonic beasts they forever are and will forever will be!!! Tom Dickson16 minutes ago

and why you 80 CIA trolls: under Don Spilman's stables:
you all Rothschild suckers
you go around saying that everyone blocks me ..
and instead it is not true:
in fact, do you really never block me? then why!
you don't know how to answer me, keep silent like losers .. but don't stop/block me, because!

Sue Tom Dicksona day ago

I gather you don't like them much ?! But then, neither do I !

Tom Dickson Suea day ago


Norm Suea day ago • edited

They've ruined my country but atleast they brought us delicious shwarma !
1 1


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Menachema day ago

I mean, seriously, why would I want the organ of some lousy Hamas creep. I much prefer ice cream!


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Stanley Flamera day ago

Thank you B'nai Brith. Let's see what Toronto Police do with this...


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Matt Dellon Stanley Flamera day ago

No way they will do anything. Time to establish an underground Jewish brigade.


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David Ansbachera day ago

It's obvious that's why a bulldozer was used recently for the purpose.
Happy Purim to all.


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Efram Paul David Ansbacher15 hours ago

Gam lecha!


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Barry Burtona day ago • edited

It is articles like this that purely reassure me that peace is never possible with the like of these anywhere in Society. Having a homeland anywhere in the world for these Trouble Makers (Fakestinians) is simply assuring the world the Trouble will continue in somebody's back yard. It is so clear, the last thing in the world that they want is peace.


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Esther Schragera day ago

Need to sue them for libel. Shurat-ha-Din, take note!


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Efram Paul Esther Schrager15 hours ago

Yes, but are Canadian courts still independent enough to render a verdict?


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18_18a day ago

When Israel markets the vaccine for Coronavirus, Arabs should be made to kiss the shoes of the Jew's.


Share › 18_189 minutes ago

troll 1° CIA sukker
stop your scam bankink seigniorage regime bilderberg FED 666 IMF NWO
stop your satanism

T2000q 18_1820 hours ago

Just no vaccine to Arabs would suffice. Jews do not need their shoes be made filthy with Corvi19 (or any other disease) from their saliva. T2000q9 minutes ago

troll 2° CIA sukker: stop your esoteric agenda: cult ja-bull-on masonry

evangeline golding 18_182 hours ago

Only if we get to kick them in the head and tell them to bu**er off!!! evangeline golding10 minutes ago

troll 3° CIA sukker: stop your Rothschild satanism in the world

Davisuppa day ago

This paper should be shut down and the editor and writer of the article should be arrested and charged with racial abuse or something similar. If this was written about black people we would soon see some action. Put them in court and demand they provide proof of these nasty accusations. What is it with these people? They don't deserve to live amongst the rest of us and should be expelled from all decent societies.

Gay Griffith (Niskymom) Davisupp

Could you imagine if a Jewish Newspaper printed those lies about Arabs? There would be rioting int he streets. Such a double standard!

Norm • 

This is what we now live with as our lame govt does harm to us. They have infiltrated our once wonderful country & ruined our standard of life & liberty. Last month they staged a large event in a park & on the streets. They had signs & posters of bloody slaughtered Jews & there is no oversite- in fact, they would have been given a permit to do so.

Hawkeyea day ago

and gayboy Truedeau has welcomed these shitbags with open arms...... just like the Demicrats want to do!!!!!

mortymoozea day ago

The Israelis replaced the brain of a Hamas terrorist with the brain of a baboon.

The I.Q. of the Hamas terrorist went up by 100% !!!

Sue • 

I'm only surprised that the arabs haven't blamed the Jews for the coronavirus outbreak.! Do you have to be crazy as well as nasty to be a muslim, I wonder ?

evangeline golding Sue • 

I thought they did.

Charles Martell IIIa day ago

Canada is becoming a hot-bed of radical izzzzlamists . . . with the full support of Jihad Justin Trudope . . . Canada's clueless PM.
Mr. Dressup Trudope actually donned the garb in a Whabbi mossque and repeated the believers prayer . . . no thinking person does that! Justin's brother Alexander is married to an Iranian and has done Propaganda Videos for the Iranian Regime. Canada's FakeStream media ignore all of this as Canada stumbles towards irrelevance !

Norm Charles Martell IIIa day ago

We're done. His brother has helped him prefer Muslims. He's to blame for the deaths of all plane crash victims Canadian Iranians that have exploited our country. I like to think of G-d's will after he had just voted against Israel at the UN.

Pelorito19 hours ago

..."The group has filed a complaint with the Toronto Police over the article."

Complaint?? The canadian Jews would have to initiate a big trial against that people of poisonous tongue . And if they cannot demosntrate all what they say, a huge penalty fee should be applied due to slander and insult. A big penalty that hurts them too much !!

Ray17 hours ago

the typical lies of the Anti-Semitic groups.

It is pathetic of these so called leaders... they are the ones that have done just that of which they blame the Jewish people.

My hope is that with their stupidity, that they will be uncovered.. SOON.. Ray13 minutes ago

Erdogan in Syria stole a kidney from a Syrian girl and closed the meat with iron wire!

gs07aaa16 hours ago

These people deserve no concessions from Israel at all.

Efram Paul15 hours ago

Music to Trudeau's ears.

Norm Efram Paul11 hours ago

Soon he'll be hearing 'Call to Prayer ' 5 x a day.

Am Yisrael Chai • 12 hours ago

Canada needs to hunt this vermin down and deport it quickly!

Norm Am Yisrael Chai11 hours ago • edited

You have to be kidding. Canada does nothing to anyone. Why do you think they multiply & fester ? Our turncoat PM lets them all in with immediate benefits. They make more than poor Canadians as they abuse our system & keep attempting to overtake our Judeo Christian values.

Nichus Block9 hours ago

Misleading headline implies it's a Canadian newspaper, whereas it is only an arab paper that happens to be published within Canadian borders--big difference. Canada does not read or approve every minor rag so stop with the hysteria. Nichus Block20 minutes ago

LGBT sukkers and Islamic Masons GOLPE: the infected swamp coronavirus, of the Zingaretti Democratic Party, the Bilderberg regime: scam banking seigniorage have demonically infested the West: to dislike the Jewish-Christian civilization: and to exterminate all the Israelis ...
and you keep silent? Nichus Block

eih, Pimpino and secret agency CIA troll sold to the Rothschild usurer!
for so little: for a bone you sold yourself!
you so little, you have valued the value of your soul!


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