jewish question is at the top of all my worries

@ CHINA - I do not have a problem with people, but, SOME Jewish Pharisees, they are suffering a lot with me! because: they realize that God has chosen for them, me as the Messiah, but, 1. I'm a despised: hated goyim, and even Catholic, that is, the maximum for their endurance! 2. Furthermore, because, I love all the same way? then, they would wish, that, at least, I'd loved them more than the others .. but this is the truth, I can not love more or less, someone, because, besides being lorenzojhwh? I am also Unius REI! Certainly, the Jewish question is at the top of all my worries, and this I am sure, the Pharisees: will leave their selfish way of looking at things, because, they have become the blessing for all peoples .. here's why: Arab League: must lead by example and should give it to me: 400,000 sq. km. Of course, I could take that ground with violence, but for the world and for my feelings of love? would not be the same thing, and receive it, for the sake Saudi Arabia!