Italy Udine girls accused murder] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] Where Dhimmis raise their voice of protest by exposing the truth about our Dhimmification. under the tyranny of Islamic Aggression and Political Correctness. IT IS LONG PAST time to bring the world's attention to a global scandal. Dhimmitude is the status that Islamic law, the Sharia, mandates for non-Muslims, primarily Jews and Christians. Dhimmis, "protected people," are free to practice their religion in a Sharia regime, but are made subject to a number of humiliating regulations designed to enforce the Qur'an's command that they "feel themselves subdued" (Sura 9:29). This denial of equality of rights and dignity remains part of the Sharia, and, as such, are part of the legal superstructure that global jihadists are laboring to restore everywhere in the Islamic world, and wish ultimately to impose on the entire human race.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] If dhimmis complained about their inferior status, institutionalized humiliation, or poverty, their masters voided their contract and regarded them as enemies of Islam, fair game as objects of violence. Consequently, dhimmis were generally cowed into silence and worse. It was almost unheard-of to find dhimmis speaking out against their oppressors; to do so would have been suicide. For centuries dhimmi communities in the Islamic world learned to live in peace with their Muslim overlords by acquiescing to their subservience. Some even actively identified with the dominant class, and became strenuous advocates for it. Spearheaded by dhimmi academics and self-serving advocacy groups, that same attitude of chastened subservience has entered into Western academic study of Islam,

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] and from there into journalism, school textbooks, and the popular discourse. One must not point out the depredations of jihad and dhimmitude; to do so would offend the multiculturalist ethos that prevails everywhere today. To do so would endanger chances for peace and rapprochement between civilizations all too ready to clash. But in this era of global terrorism it must be said: this silence, this distortion, has become deadly. Before 9/11 it was easy to ignore and whitewash dhimmitude, but the atrocities changed the situation forever. In jihads throughout history, untold millions have died. Tens of millions have been uprooted from their homes. Tens of millions have been stripped of their cultural identity.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] To continue to gloss over the destruction wrought by jihad ideology and its attendant evil of dhimmitude is today to play into the hands of jihadists, who have repeatedly vowed to dhimmify the West and destroy any recalcitrant elements. While jihadist groups, even with their global diffusion, are not strong enough to realize this goal by themselves, they have a potent and destructive ally, a genuine fifth column, in the dhimmi academics and dhimmi journalists they have recruited in the West. They have succeeded in confusing millions in the West into mistaking honesty and truthfulness for bigotry, and self-defense for oppression. Before it's too late for Western Europe and the United States, which gave birth to the traditions of freedom and equality of rights for all that shine today as lights in the entire world, this must be stopped.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] Therefore Dhimmi Watch seeks to bring public attention to: The plight of the dhimmis, an immense but almost completely ignored ongoing scandal that continues in Muslim countries today; The plight of women under Sharia provisions, similar to conditions imposed on dhimmis, in the denial of equal rights and dignity; Slavery in Islamic lands, which continues today, justified by Sharia-'s dhimmi codes; the integral role of jihad and dhimmitude ideology in global terrorism today; The license that academic and journalistic whitewashes of dhimmitude gives to radical jihadist enemies of human rights for all. We join Dhimmi Watch in the fight to ensure that deeds done in the darkness for so long will not continue to be done.

[[] May the truth prevail. the Arab League, and his IMF NWO CIA 666, are worse than the Nazis]] The light of world attention is anathema to the proponents of jihad and dhimmitude: we have seen in recent years that women sentenced to stoning for adultery, often victims of rape unjustly accused thanks to Sharia laws disallowing rape victims' testimony, were freed following international outcry. Dhimmi Watch will seek to provoke similar, continuous and increasing outcry wherever and whenever the Sharia's institutionalized injustices threaten dhimmis and women. Benjamin Netanyahu -- have pity on all these monsters, religious maniacs, terrorists, monsters, criminals, liars, unthankful, slanderers, hypocrites, murderers, mass murderers, enemies of God and of all mankind? means spit on the blood of our children, that are become all martyrs, for our fault! So, what you need to do? do it soon!

[i am UNIUS REI] I have sworn upon the Throne of God, what one has chosen as its symbol, too: what should be: his fate. the evil that he wanted, against the other person, will fall on his body? is the same evil, that must be: in him, along with his children! this is the law of blood, in fact, I Unius REI, I am the law of retaliation! my jurisdiction is universal, is an jurisdiction eternal! io ho giurato sul Trono di Dio, quello che uno ha scelto come suo simbolo, anche: quello dovrà essere: il suo destino. il male che ha voluto agli altr? è lo stesso male che dovranno subire lui, insieme ai suoi figli! questa è la legge del sangue, infatti, io Unius REI, io sono la legge del taglione! la mia giurisdizione è una giurisdizione universale ed eterna!

@CINA -- quale è la differenza, tra, i farisei(la notte), e, me (il giorno)? è semplice! loro usano le leggi dello spirito: per ridurre in schiavitù, tutto il genere umano (e se, non: fosse sorto Unius REI? ci sarebbero riusciti!) Io come Mosé uso le leggi dello Spirito, per liberare tutti i popoli da loro, che, sono i nuovi faraoni di oggi! ma, mentre: il loro spirito, è quello di un ombra morta, e marcia, il mio Spirito, è lo Spirito Santo, ecco perché non esiste, la possibilità, per poter violare la mia fortezza! e se i farisei sono diventati i padroni del NWO-FMI, attraverso le leggi sataniche dello spirito (Cabala), poi, tu devi prendere lezioni di teologia immediatamente, dai vescovi e dai cristiani che, tu nascondi nelle tue carceri, come si nasconde una perla in uno scrigno! diventare: i paladini dei diritti umani significa per te: vincere la pace, mentre, invece al contrario: non c'è una guerra mondiale: che, può essere vinta da qualcuno!

@666 CIA IMF 187AUDIOHOSTEM -- eih, Dirigente, Direttore Generale di youtube! io non credo, che, questo tuo sito, durerà, più a lungo: di quanto: è durato: il tuo precedente sito: di: synnek1! tu stai facendo le figure di merda: come un troll qualsiasi! allDavidDuke ha pubblicato un commento 13 minuti fa @my JHWH -- there's a dirty job to do, and it must be done!

Libia: primo sì epurazione 'gheddafiani' (ANSA) - TRIPOLI, 6 MAG - L'Assemblea nazionale libica ha approvato con 115 voti su 157 il primo articolo di una controversa legge che esclude dalla vita politica tutti coloro che hanno opccupato un posto di responsabilità sotto il regime di Muammar Gheddafi. Il voto è stato trasmesso in diretta dalla tv libica. In contemporanea, gruppi di uomini armati che circondavano da qualche giorno i ministeri degli esteri e della Giustizia hanno annunciato la sospensione delle proteste. -- ANSWER -- sono simpatici questi nazisti di salafiti: portati dalle 666 bomme bildenberg NATO, con le mitagliatrili antiaeree, che, ottengono le epurazioni dei nemici politici. e che, ricattano il Governo, evviva il Califfato Mondiale di Rothschild per distruggere Israele

666 curricán yogabro: es decir, institucionales CIA satanismo internacional. dije: "Lo siento por ti", enviar a: UniusRei3 - RESPUESTA - ¿Y por qué NO sentimos, porque una vez más, he sido capaz de demostrar: por ejemplo: el sistema masónico: de señoreaje bancario, xyyzxyx, OBAMA 666, Bush, y Kerry 322, MERKEL corporaciones SpA, de: caníbal, por qué 200.000 sacrificios humanos, en altair de Satana, dios Baal búho Marduk en Bohemian Grove, todo el poder oculto: CIA FED BCE, FMI, OTAN Bildenberg, son satanistas, son todos los criminales de fariseos Rothschid, los verdaderos enemigos del pueblo norteamericano, y, los enemigos de todos los pueblos! penal culto Talmud, de la esclavitud universal para destruir a Israel, a través de, el califato mundial de la Liga Árabe .. pero, todos morirán, de la muerte a los traidores!
yogabro 666 troll, institutional CIA satanism international. said: "I'm sorry for you," Sent to: UniusRei3 - ANSWER - AND WHY, I DO NOT are sorry, BECAUSE, ONCE AGAIN, I have been Able to Demonstrate: such as: the Masonic system: of banking seigniorage, xyyzxyx , cannibal, for do 200.000 human sacrifice, on altair of satana, god owl Baal Marduk at Bohemian Grove, all occult power: CIA FED ECB IMF NATO Bildenberg, are Satanists, are all the criminals of Rothschid pharisees, the real enemies of the American people, and, the enemies of all peoples! criminal cult Talmud, for universal slavery: for destroy Israel, through, the Caliphate WorldWide.. but, all will die, of the death of traitors!

(ASCA) - Rome, May 4 -'' I'm not homophobic. I'd like to, for once, that, too, the gay associations, instead of self-ghettoized, and waste words: to offend, those: who: they do not know, maybe, condemn, the many Feminicide the last hours. Defend only their partisan interest.'' It may have been: this passage from the interview published: today: from 'the Republica' one of the reasons that: led to the withdrawal of powers to the Secretary for Equal Opportunities MichelaBiancofiore: operated by the President of the Council, Enrico Letta: and his govenicchio Masonic Bildenberg: for the destruction of the Jewish-Christian: civilization! and, of the witch trials, the maximalist intolerance: of the GAY. In fact, no one in Italy, challenges, to gay, all civil rights! while, marriage is a natural right, that they can not have, by nature!

(ASCA) - Roma, 4 mag - ''Non sono omofoba. Mi piacerebbe, per una volta, che, anche, le associazioni gay, invece di auto-ghettizzarsi e sprecare parole per offendere, chi non conoscono, magari condannassero, i tanti femminicidi delle ultime ore. Difendono solo il loro interesse di parte''. Potrebbe essere stato: questo passaggio dell'intervista pubblicata: oggi: da 'la Repubblica' uno dei motivi: che: hanno portato al ritiro delle deleghe alle Pari Opportunità al sottosegretario Micaela Biancofiore, operato dal presidente del Consiglio, Enrico Letta: e dal suo govenicchio massonico Bildenberg, per la distruzione della civiltà ebraico cristiana! e per il processo alle streghe, della intolleranza massimalista: dei GAY. infatti, nessuno in Italia, contesta ai gay i diritti civili! mentre, il matrimonio, è un diritto naturale, che loro non possono avere, per natura!

Iran has condemned the one, which defines the "aggression against Syria" of Israel, referring to the raid, by Israeli fighter jets to destroy a load of missiles. "The Zionist regime and its allies are trying to create: an ethnic strife: and: religious one: the Muslim countries," he declared in: a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Ramin Mehmanparast urged the countries of the region to be accompanied by: against Israel. The spokesman for Iran: Israel called the attacks as "calculated" attempts to create insecurity and instability in the region. - ANSWER - this is a real slander! you did not have to give: Fatah-110 missiles, Iran, aimed at Hezbollah! is: your Arab League, which wants you dead, because, your Sharia law, has to die in favor: of his. is a disgrace: great infamy, that the CIA, NATO, allowed themselves to be corrupt, to the point: in this dirty game: to do: WorldWide of the Caliphate, in favor of the Sunnis!

L'Iran ha condannato quella che definisce "l'aggressione contro la Siria" di Israele, riferendosi al raid condotto dai caccia israeliani per distruggere un carico di missili. "Il regime sionista ed i suoi alleati stanno cercando di creare una discordia etnica e religiosa tra i paesi musulmani", ha dichirato un portavoce del ministero degli Esteri, Ramin Mehmanparast, esortando i paesi della regione ad essere uniti contro Israele. Il portavoce iraniano ha definito gli attacchi israeliano come "calcolati" tentativi di creare insicurezza ed instabilità nella regione. --ANSWER-- questa è una vera calunnia! tu non dovevi dare: i missili Fatah-110, iraniani, destinati a hezbollah! è la tua Lega Araba, che, ti vuole morto, perché, la tua sharia, deve morire, in favore: della sua. è un disonore: grande infamia, che, la CIA, NATO, si siano lasciati corrompere, a tal punto: in questo sporco gioco!

[is a true miracle, that these news are able to escape the censorship Masonic!] [[Rothschild Obama, Lega Araba: rimuovere, la vostra ideologia del Califfato mondiale! [Nigeria, tra i cristiani martiri: perseguitati, e i terroristi: di: Boko Haram]]. È questo il cuore ferito della Nigeria dilaniata dagli scontri interreligiosi e dagli attacchi del gruppo terroristico Boko Haram. Jos al crocevia di mondi, culture, religioni diverse. Situata lungo quella linea di frattura dell'Africa, dove si incontrano e scontrano le popolazioni del nord - in gran parte pastori nomadi musulmani - e gli agricoltori e commercianti cristiani del sud. Jos, che ha pagato il prezzo più alto di vite umane e distruzione negli ultimi dieci anni. E che continua a vivere col fiato sospeso, tra divisioni che per molti versi sembrano insanabili. Cristiani da una parte, musulmani dall'altra, in quartieri oggi ben distinti gli uni dagli altri.

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[is a true miracle, that these news are able to escape the censorship Masonic!] [[Rothschild Obama, Arab League: Remove, your ideology of the Caliphate worldwide! [Nigeria, among Christians martyrs, persecuted, of the terrorists: Boko Haram]]. Una divisione fisica che è specchio di quella mancanza di fiducia che si è insinuata nei cuori della gente, che si nutre di paura e di propaganda, che diventa un humus fertile per ritorsioni e vendette da parte di chi non esita a usare e manipolare la religione per dividere e imperare. Fuori, è l'abbandono totale. Nei villaggi circostanti, continuano scontri e rappresaglie, con polizia e militari che arrivano sempre troppo tardi. Quando arrivano... c'è, quasi sempre, da fare i becchini dei cristiani sterminati! [is a true miracle, that these news are able to escape the censorship Masonic!]«Ma non è una questione religiosa - insiste mons Ignatius Ayau Kaigama,

[is a true miracle, that these news are able to escape the censorship Masonic!] [[Rothschild Obama, Arab League: Remove, your ideology of the Caliphate worldwide! [Nigeria, among Christians martyrs, persecuted, of the terrorists: Boko Haram]].arcivescovo di Jos e presidente della Conferenza episcopale della Nigeria -. Continuo a ripeterlo, ma alcuni non vogliono sentire. È più facile insistere sull'elemento religioso perché rappresenta un forte marchio identitario. Ma questo non fa che nascondere i veri problemi che ci sono dietro».Il suo ufficio, in una semplice palazzina spesso senza corrente elettrica, è appena protetto da una sbarra e due guardie. Anche se lui è chiaramente un target. E lo sa bene. «Quando esco di casa non so cosa potrebbe succedermi. So di essere un obiettivo. Boko Haram sarebbe molto felice di colpire un leader della Chiesa. Gli farebbe una grande pubblicità. Ma dobbiamo essere pronti a tutto e non avere paura».

[Open letter: to President Giorgio Napolitano] I hate, your Masonic system, of political parties, which have: robbed the banking seigniorage: against: Constitution, through, a silent coup, and now we are being blackmailed by IMF powers, of the Pharisees Bildenberg. that is why, the people have lost all confidence, in politicians! but, nevertheless! but, this maximalist your left, which despises Berlusconi (elected by the Italian people) (and everyone knows who does the "rules" of the game: democratic, can not make a speech partisan, interested) and despises, even democracy, and, the Italian people, the same! then, these are these: Renzi, who are fucking up: the government and the Italian people. After Matteo Renzi and Stefano Fassina yesterday: is: the new minister touched Andrea Orlando: that: he asked to Berlusconi, 'sense of proportion, "that is, get out in front of the foot. after that the highest offices of state were taken from your own left,as, handed!

[] lettera aperta al Presidente Giorgio Napolitano [] io odio, il tuo sistema massonico, dei partiti, che, hanno: scippato il signoraggio bancario: alla Costituzione, attraverso, un golpe silenzioso, ed ora siamo ricattati dai poteri bancari dei farisei Bildenberg, ecc... ecco perché, il popolo: ha perso ogni fiducia: nei politici! ma, tuttavia, io non odio le persone! ma, questa tua sinistra massimalista, che, disprezza Berlusconi (eletto dal popolo italiano) (e tutti sanno chi fa le "regole", del gioco: democratico, non può fare un discorso fazioso, interessato) e disprezza, anche la democrazia, ed il popolo italiano stesso! allora, sono questi questi: Renzi, che, stanno mandando a puttane: il governo ed il popolo italiano.. Dopo Matteo Renzi e Stefano Fassina ieri: è: toccato al neo ministro Andrea Orlando: che: ha chiesto a Berlusconi «senso della misura» cioè, togliti davanti ai piedi. dopo che le più alte cariche dello Stato sono state prese da una sinistra prepotente!

Somalia: Mogadiscio, 05-05-2013. Un'autobomba: è esplosa: in una via trafficata di Mogadiscio colpendo un convoglio di macchine con a bordo funzionari e provocando: la morte di almeno 8 persone. L'esplosione è avvenuta ad un centinaio di metri dall'Ambasciata turca. Nell'attentato, che aveva come obiettivo veicoli governativi, sono rimaste ferite anche cinque persone, riferisce il responsabile di un disretto locale, Abdi Mohamud. La polizia conferma: la presenza di numerose vittime, ma: non è: in grado ancora di precisare il numero. Un'autobomba è esplosa: in una via trafficata: di Mogadiscio colpendo: un convoglio di macchine: con a bordo funzionari e provocando la morte di almeno 8 persone. L'esplosione è avvenuta: ad un centinaio di metri: dall'Ambasciata turca --@Rothschild -- quando tu non dici chi è stato, noi dobbiamo capire che sono stati gli islamisti della tua Lega Araba?

[the agony of the Jewish-Christian civilization!] [what is the relationship, between, the Christian martyrs innocent, and, the destruction of Israel?] Nigeria, violence in the center, of the country: at least twenty dead (all Christians?) Between Christians and Muslims (al-Qaeda, Boko Haram: for worldwide caliphate, of Arab League), in the state of Taraba Abuja, May 4 (TMNews) - At least twenty people were killed in violent street clashes between Christians and Muslims (pathetic) in the state of Taraba, in the central zone of Nigeria. The authorities have declared, curfews twenty-four hours a day. "So far we have recovered twenty bodies," stated the source, speaking on condition, of anonymity (for censorship: from Masonic lobby, of a Pharisee: of IMF-NWO: Worldwide Caliphate, agenda talmud, for the Arab League). The riots: are occurring: in the city of Wukari, about 200 kilometers, from the state capital Jalingo.

[la agonia della civiltà ebraico-cristiana!] [che relazione c'è, tra i martiri cristiani innocenti e l distruzione di Israele?] Nigeria, Violenze nel centro del Paese: almeno venti morti(tutti cristiani?) Tra cristiani e musulmani (di Al Quaeda, Boko Haram: for caliphate worldwide, of Arab League), nello stato di Taraba Abuja, 4 mag. (TMNews) - Almeno venti persone sono rimaste uccise nei violenti: scontri: tra: cristiani e musulmani(patetico) nello stato di Taraba, nella zona centrale della Nigeria. Le autorità hanno proclamato il coprifuoco ventiquattro ore su ventiquattro. "Finora abbiamo recuperato venti corpi", ha indicato la fonte, parlando a condizione: dell'anonimato (per la censura imposta: dalle lobby massoniche di farisei: del FMI-NWO). I disordini: sono avvenuti: nella città di Wukari, a circa: 200 chilometri: dalla capitale dello stato Jalingo.

05/04/2013 TURKEY. [il satanAllah, il lupo, che, ha divorato, fatto il genocidio, della Nazione, degli armeni e poi ha detto: "non è vero!" ed ha sterminato tutti i cristiani, anche, ha tolto: finalmente, la sua maschera di agnello! i turchi sono i nazisti: islamisti, di ogni scorrettezza e di ogni genocidio: è famoso nella storia: il loro califfato mondiale!] Lipstick ban for hostesses of increasingly 'Islamic' Turkish Airlines. The decision is part of the airline's new aesthetic code. For months, the female flight attendants have been wearing a new uniform with either a veil or fez. Secular parties accuse Prime Minister Erdogan's ruling party of wanting silently Islamize society. Ankara (AsiaNews) - The Turkish Airlines lashes out against "make-up" and bans its hostess from wearing flashy lipsticks. The measure is part of the national airline's new aesthetic code.

TURKEY. [the satanAllah, wolf, who has devoured, made ​​the genocide of the nation, of: the Armenians, and then said: "it is not true!" and, have cut off all Christians, too, has taken off: at last, his mask of lamb! Turks are the Nazis: Islamists of every impropriety and any genocide is famous in history: their worldwide caliphate!] The decision has sparked controversy amongst the population, which accuses the government of wanting to silently Islamize society. In the past few days women have posted photos of themselves wearing bright red or pink lipstick on social networks. The "lipstick" ban is the latest in a series of precautionary measures taken by the airline. Gursel Tekin, vice-president of the Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi, CHP, the main opposition party, stated that "this measure is a perverse act."

TURKEY. [the satanAllah, wolf, who has devoured, made ​​the genocide of the nation, of: the Armenians, and then said: "it is not true!" and, have cut off all Christians, too, has taken off: at last, his mask of lamb! Turks are the Nazis: Islamists of every impropriety and any genocide is famous in history: their worldwide caliphate!] Turkish Airlines has responded to criticism of the secular world, claiming that the new aesthetic code serves to give more elegance to the hostess, using pastel colors for clothes and make-up. The change in the airline rules reflects the directives of the pro-Islamic Government of the Justice and Development Party of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan Tayyin, in power for over a decade. The State owns 49% of the company and in recent months has launched a series of restrictions to make its flights more "Islamic" through the prohibition of alcohol,

TURQUIE. [le satanAllah, le loup, qui a mangé, fait le génocide de la nation, de: les Arméniens, puis a dit: "ce n'est pas vrai" et ont coupé tous les chrétiens, aussi, a pris son envol: enfin, son masque d'agneau! Les Turcs sont les nazis: les islamistes de toute irrégularité et tout génocide est célèbre dans l'histoire: leur califat mondial] as well as the rule that hostesses must wear a headscarf or fez in Neo-Ottoman style, with skirts to there ankles. Since the rise to power of Erdogan, the country has begun a slow return to Islam and religion, after decades of Kemalist secularism. The number of women who choose to wear the veil, still banned in public offices, has increased, while the number of places the sale of alcohol is banned is multiplying.

05/04/2013 INDIA. Orissa: 7 innocent Christians still in prison, victims of sham trials. Phulbani Fast Track Court judge closes his court and assigns the case to a sessions court. It may take another year to conclude trial. The seven are charged with the murder of a Hindu leader, who launched the anti-Christian pogroms of 2008. The Maoists have always claimed responsibility for the assassination. 05/03/2013 INDIA. Karnataka: With Hindu fundamentalists in govt, violence will grow, Christian leader says. Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), talks about anti-Christian attacks perpetrated by Hindu nationalists. Under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Government of Karnataka supports extremist groups. Statewide elections are scheduled for this Sunday.

[la lobby omosessualista, come partito, della sinistra, del sistema: massonico: bancario internazionale: FMI-Bildenberg, all'assalto, per, la distruzione della civiltà: ebraico-cristiana] Dopo il Primo Maggio, il lavoro: non è più: una priorità: il Partito di Rifondazione comunista non avverte: nemmeno: i suoi dipendenti: in cassa integrazione: della risoluzione del contratto. I lavoratori inferociti chiamano: i carabinieri e accusano: "Non ci hanno ricevuti". Ferrero: "Colpa dei sindacati" Quel partito omosex: tra: business e poltrone. La ragnatela di interessi: dalla politica al mondo: dello spettacolo. Dall'Arcigay a Parks, ecco chi: muove i fili trovando sponda a sinistra. Stefano Zurlo - Dom, 05/05/2013, Più, che, una lobby è un partito. O meglio un'associazione collocata, nel recinto sicuro, della sinistra italiana: l'Arcigay.

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[the homosexual lobby, as a party of the left, of the system: the Masonic international banking:Illuminati, IMF-Bildenberg,to assault, for the destruction, of, civilization: the Jewish-Christian: is the agenda of the Talmud] L'Arcigay è stata ed è di fatto la grande casa: e l'indirizzo: della comunità omosessuale, e lesbica tricolore. Così, quando da destra si prova a scalare questi temi, più ripidi della Cima Coppi, al Giro d'Italia, ci s'imbatte in un muro: che è anche ideologico. Una complicazione: in più come, se, i gay fossero una corrente, una delle tante, nella galassia del Pd. O: qualcosa del genere. [...] L'altra metà del Paese, quella: che: non: frequenta: le Feste dell'Unità, ha provato a creare: un contraltare: ma: il peso specifico di GayLib, la creatura di Enrico Oliari, è quello di una piuma rispetto al colosso targato Arci.

[el lobby homosexual, como un partido de izquierda, del sistema: el Masonic banca internacional: Illuminati, el FMI Bildenberg, al asalto, por la destrucción de la civilización: la judeo-cristiana: es la agenda del Talmud] L'Arcigay, che, ha espresso un leader storico come Franco Grillini, organizza l'unico vero evento che fa tendenza sui giornali e in tv nel corso dell'anno: il Gay Pride. E così mette ancora una volta, il cappello, su un mondo, che, invece sfuggirebbe volentieri, alle logiche parlamentari. [...] «L'unica realtà di massa - conclude Cecchi Paone - è quella dello spettacolo, da intendere, non, come artisti, ma come contenuti di film, telefilm, cartoni animati». Su questo fronte la lobby gay friendly ha vinto, anzi ha stravinto. E ha cambiato le teste degli italiani.

[die Pharisäer Bildenberg Illuminati, IWF, EZB FED 322, der Freimaurer-System (Geheimgesellschaften, für okkulte Kraft) des Bankensystems seigniorage (gestohlen zu der Verfassung), die okkulten Kräfte, sie gewann: die "Vorwand" der Homosexuell Lobby: in der Tat bewegt Letta (Bildenberg IWF) theBiancofiore zum Völkermord an Jewis-christlichen Zivilisation und für die Zerstörung von Israel]. [the Pharisees Bildenberg Illuminati, IMF, ECB FED 322, the Masonic system (secret societies, for occult power) of the banking seigniorage (stolen to the Constitution), the occult powers, they won: the "pretext" of the gay lobby: in fact, Letta (Bildenberg IMF) moves theBiancofiore, for genocide of Jewis-christian civilization, and for the destruction of Israel].

[i farisei Illuminati Bildenberg, FMI, FED ECB 322, del sistema massonico(associazioni segrete) del signoraggio bancario(rubato alla Costituzione), i poteri occulti, fanno vince: la "pretestuosa" lobby dei gay: infatti, Letta(Bildenberg FMI) sposta la Biancofiore]. [articolo di: Andrea Cuomo - Dom, 05/05/2013]. Dopo le polemiche revocata la delega alle Pari opportunità. Omosessuali più potenti dei cattolici, che, si sono opposti invano alla Bonino ministro. La lobby dei gay: è più forte di quella dei cattolici, che: pure sono in Italia: certamente: più numerosi e più radicati. Ecco perché, alla Onorevole Ministro, la Biancofiore, è stato inibito: il diritto di replica: e di autodifesa. Dopo le polemiche, le è stata revocata: la delega alle Pari opportunità. gli Omosessuali, quindi, sono più potenti dei cattolici, che, si sono opposti invano, alla Bonino (Bildenberg FMI) quale ministro, del Governo Letta (Bildenberg FMI).

[the Pharisees Bildenberg Illuminati, IMF, ECB FED 322, the Masonic system (secret societies, for occult power) of the banking seigniorage (stolen to the Constitution), the occult powers, they won: the "pretext" of the gay lobby: in fact, Letta (Bildenberg IMF) moves theBiancofiore]. [Article by: Andrea Cuomo - Sun, 05/05/2013]. Il pretesto per squalificare: il nome della Biancofiore: alle Pari opportunità sono state le frasi riportate: ieri da diversi quotidiani: in cui l'esponente: del Pdl si difendeva: dalle accuse di omofobia. «Le associazioni gay sono una casta: che: si autodiscrimina: e che: fa una discriminazione preventiva: contro: di me», le sue parole. E poi: «Gay discriminati? Se è per questo: sono più discriminate: le donne. Perché: invece di fare queste sterili polemiche: le associazioni gay: non fanno comunicati: sugli omicidi delle donne?».

[Les pharisiens Bildenberg Illuminati, FMI, BCE FED 322, le système maçonnique (sociétés secrètes, pour pouvoir occulte) du seigneuriage bancaire (volé à la Constitution), les pouvoirs occultes, ils ont gagné: le «prétexte» du lobby gay: en fait, Letta (Bildenberg FMI) se déplace theBiancofiore]. E ancora: «Impareranno a conoscermi: e: capiranno: che: sono assai diversa: da come mi dipingono. E comunque: sappiano tutti che: non mi lascerò intimidire. Spiace davvero: che: questi attacchi siano arrivati dai campioni della tolleranza». [articolo di: Andrea Cuomo - Dom, 05/05/2013]. [los fariseos Bildenberg Illuminati, FMI, BCE, FED 322, el sistema masónico (sociedades secretas, para poder oculto) del señoreaje banca (robados a la Constitución), los poderes ocultos, ganaron: el "pretexto" del lobby gay: de hecho, Letta (Bildenberg FMI) se mueve theBiancofiore].

   UniusRei3 ha pubblicato un commento 3 giorni fa
@ OBAMA IMF-NWO CIA - because, Hundreds of families have tried, today, to escape from: Banias in the direction: of Tartus, to the south? I know! When Syrian soldiers, will regain: Banias, and they'll find that, their mothers, sisters, were: raped, tortured, raped all, and then slaughtered, their thing, do you believe that they will do?, When, before the eyes of the Syrian army: opens: the scene of horror, the tragedy of ethnic Cleansing, that the Salafists, al-Qaeda's, your: Arab League, because, thou hast taken to Syria, all your crimes, in "Banias "? that's why, those people are fleeing, because, all of them were silent, when, Shiites, and Christians, they were, their throats slit, cut off and suffered genocide!

[to the lobby of the Pharisees: the IMF-NWO, the owners of any monopoly, "because you speak (in your network) of the massacres of Assad, only, that he was 100 times better: of your Arab League, first of the war? where are the massacres and ethnic cleansing, of your, Al Queda? what happened: to the Christians: bishops, priests and: Shiites?.. you are horror the big!"] Intanto, dalla Siria continuano ad arrivare immagini raccapriccianti: dalla regione costiera siriana di Banias. dove, secondo testimonianze, non verificabili, in maniera indipendente, a causa della restrizione ai media imposte, dal regime siriano, le milizie fedeli, al presidente Bashar al Assad hanno compiuto l'ennesimo massacro, a sfondo confessionale. E mentre centinaia, di famiglie hanno tentato, oggi, di fuggire da Banias in direzione di Tartus, verso sud,

[le lobby des pharisiens: le FMI-NWO, les propriétaires de tout monopole, "parce que vous parlez (dans votre réseau) des massacres d'Assad, seul, qu'il était 100 fois mieux: de votre Ligue arabe, d'abord ? la guerre où sont les massacres et le nettoyage ethnique, de votre, Al-Qaida qui s'est passé: pour les chrétiens: évêques, prêtres et:? chiites .. vous êtes la grande horreur "] gli Stati Uniti si dicono "inorriditi"[ per avere riempito la Siria: di 20.000 islamisti ] e l'Italia, tramite la Farnesina, ha espresso: una condanna del crimine (che, lei ha voluto, per avere negato ad Assad il tavolo delle trattive, e per essere dalla parte dei fondamentalisti islamisti di Al Quaeda), giudicando "intollerabile" la spirale di violenza, in atto nel Paese. [Siria: nuovo blitz di Israele a Damasco. 05 maggio, colpito il centro, di ricerche militari, a Jamraya.

[a la recepción de los fariseos: el FMI-NWO, los propietarios de cualquier monopolio, "porque usted habla (en la red) de las masacres de Assad, solamente, que era 100 veces mejor: de la Liga Árabe, en primer ?? la guerra donde se encuentran las masacres y limpieza étnica, de su, Al Qaeda lo que sucedió: a los cristianos: obispos, sacerdotes y:! chiítas .. usted es el horror de la gran "] Il deposito colpito da Israele, ha detto, era sotto il controllo di miliziani Hezbollah e elementi della forza paramilitare iraniana al Quds. Fonti siriane a conoscenza di questioni militari e di sicurezza citate sempre dal NYT hanno dal canto loro confermato la spedizione di missili dall'Iran all'aeroporto di Damasco, da dove dovevano poi essere consegnati agli Hezbollah. Secondo fonti Usa, i missili Fateh-110, hanno un raggio d'azione che li rende in grado di colpire dal Sud del Libano Tel Aviv e gran Parte di Israele]

[[lettera aperta la Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, Italia] UFFICIO SCOLASTICO REGIONALE ****. direzione-*** @, ****@ postacert.istruzione . it... ]] UFFICIO *° - DIRIGENTI SCOLASTICI E PERSONALE DELLA SCUOLA Dott. C***** tel. ****. Oggetto: attivazione del servizio di prevenzione del Tribunale, come esplicitato nel corso di formazione, preghiera di un intervento della S.V. perché lo scrivente, nonostante gli interventi del consiglio di Classe, non è riuscito a fare rientrare nell'alveo di accettabile normalità la sua attività didattica nella Classe Prima Meccanici, e richiede alla S.V. il supporto di un totoraggio durante la sua ora di lezione.

[[lettera aperta la Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione, Italia] UFFICIO SCOLASTICO REGIONALE ****. direzione-*** @, ****@ postacert.istruzione . it... ]] al di la degli aspetti giuridici che vedono sanzionato come "incapace" il solo docente di Religione Prof. ******, sanzione che si profila come atto di benevolenza, ovvero come un atto dovuto per la sparizione del Registro di classe. permane una situazione didattica e disciplinare che con spirito eroico i docenti cercano di incanalare nell'alveo della normalità, stanti gravi e ripetute annotazioni disciplinari, di cui il registro di Classe scomparso era traboccante. e sia pure nella ferrea determinazione dei docenti di non apporre inutili inconcludenti ulteriori segnalazioni disciplinari. tuttavia, anche, il nuovo Registro di classe porta i segni dell'iter disordinato della classe in oggetto. ****, 04-05-2013 con OSSERVANZA prof. *****

[il Regno di Dio: in modalità terrestre (Unius REI): è la gioia di atei, e di agnostici, anche] 1. 1. PREMESSA: [ quante volte: ed è successo, che, gli alunni: possono essere: più istruiti e più intelligenti: del loro maestro? ok! proprio questo: del maestro Unius REI: è il caso! ovviamente, i satanisti non sono nella tipologia: di essere alunni, perché, loro hanno il culto del male, per avere deciso di essere intrinsecamente: dei criminali! ] 2. PREMESSA: [ecco perché, Unius REI, lui:" fa ", il docente, ma, lui, non è il docente, di nessuno, infatti, io non ritengo: di avere inventato qualcosa, perché, la sapienza: che, è una potenza della metafisica: sono Eterne, infatti, tanti: santi: filosofi, teologi, scienziati, profeti, hanno parlato di cose, che, erano state messe: in noi nel Paradiso Terrestre: a motivo: della scienza infusa, che, era in tutti noi, prima del peccato originale.]

[il Regno di Dio: in modalità terrestre (Unius REI): è la gioia di atei, e di agnostici, anche] 3. 3. RIFLESSIONE: ELABORAZIONE: [io raccolgo: tutti i capi di Stato del mondo, e tutti i rappresentanti: delle Religioni del mondo, ed indico la traccia, che deve essere elaborata: nei gruppi di studio: "tu puoi giudicare: alla luce della legge naturale (fai il bene(l'amore) ed evita il male) tutte le religioni, tutti i testi sacri, tutte le ideologie e tutti i sistemi politici: tutte le leggi. ] 4. CONCLUSIONE: [In questo modo, noi possiamo vedere, quante pagine, dalla Bibbia, Corano, Veda, Diritto Canonico, ecc.. noi dobbiamo strappare, oppure, noi dobbiamo imparare ad interpretare correttamente] 5. CONCLUSIONE, ECCO PERCHÉ, IN MODO COLLEGIALE, noi possiamo affrontare tutte le criticità e tutte le problematiche che sono nel mondo: "pacificamente", e senza, fare ricorso alla violenza.. e chi potrebbe sostenere la violenza verbale di Unius REI, che, avrebbe una eco planetaria?

[ the Kingdom of God in terrestrial mode (Unius REI) is the joy of atheists and agnostics also] 1. BACKGROUND: [how many times: and it happened, that pupils will be more educated and more intelligent of their master? ok! just that: of the master Unius REI, is the case! of course, the Satanists are not in the category: to be students, because, they have the worship: of evil, to have decided to be intrinsically: criminals! ] 2. BACKGROUND: ['s why, Unius REI, he said: "fa", the teacher, but he is not a teacher, for anyone, in fact, I do not think: that, I have invented something, because, the wisdom that is a power of metaphysics: eternal are, in fact, so many: saints, philosophers, theologians, scientists, prophets, that, they spoke of things, that, had been made: in us, by God, in the Garden of Eden: to reason: of infused knowledge, which was in all us, before, original sin.]

[ the Kingdom of God in terrestrial mode (Unius REI) is the joy of atheists and agnostics also] 3. REFLECTION: PROCESSING: [I collect: all the heads of State of the world, and, all representatives:of Religions, of the world, and, I point to the track, to be developed: in study groups: "you can judge: in the light of the law natural (do good (love) and avoid evil), all religions, all sacred texts, all ideologies and all political systems: all laws.] 4. CONCLUSION: [In this way, we can see , how many pages, from, the Bible, Koran, Vedas, Canon Law, Talmud, etc. .that. we have to rip, or, we must learn to correctly interpret] 5. CONCLUSION THAT IS WHY, in a collegial way, we can deal with all the problems and all issues that are in the world, "peacefully", and without, to resort to violence .. and who could support the verbal violence of Unius REI, which would have a planetary eco?

Abu Antar sharia jihad -- traditore! tu sei sempre l'amico dei satanisti: per spartire con loro, il sangue dei martiri cristiani! traitor! you're always the friend of Satanists: to share with them, the blood of Christian martyrs! خائن! كنت دائما صديق من عبدة الشيطان: لتقاسم معهم، دم الشهداء المسيحيين! traître! vous êtes toujours l'ami de satanistes: à partager avec eux, le sang des martyrs chrétiens! 叛徒!你總是撒旦崇拜者的朋友,與他們分享,基督教殉道者的血!배신자! 그들과 함께 공유 할 수있는 기독교 순교자의 피 : 당신은 항상 사탄 주의자의 친구 야! traidor! siempre eres el amigo de los satanistas: para compartir con ellos, la sangre de los mártires cristianos! Verräter! du bist immer der Freund von Satanisten: mit ihnen zu teilen, das Blut der christlichen Märtyrer! hain!

Abu Antar --- HellxDesPairTruction ha pubblicato un commento. 2 ore fa: "CIA IMF IIlIIlllI 666, masonic system has published a comment 4 days ago: "fuck your family horror, jhwh is burned" - ANSWER - MY FAMILY IS ALL HUMAN RACE. I have not look at The YNC, before, you go to sleep. and are not emotionally impressed! but my mind is metaphysics, and can reflect on a particular even after 50 years. Esegui l'upgrade al Canale unico di YouTube Il nuovo design del canale offre il branding tra dispositivi, un video di benvenuto per i nuovi visitatori e una migliore organizzazione. --- ANSWER -- NAZI YOUTUBE -- Tanto, dopo un certo periodo di tempo, insensibile a tutte le proteste del mondo, tu farai sempre quello che Rothschild ha detto! tutto, per ridurre: le capacità espressive: e: comunicative del server

[exposure macabre uterus of the woman, who was killed, is the threat of Rothschild to the whole human race] is the first time, that, I go to bed to sleep, and, I can not get to sleep, not only because, the server has prevented: the publication of my last article: "My family is the whole human race". but, I thought the site: "YNC" where the Satanists, to threaten politicians, and themselves: they have extracted from the corpse, a woman's uterus, and other macabre and cruel exposure of corpses, always with the same purpose ! how, they have become vulnerable, our political authorities under continuous blackmail of Satanism and lobbies of Jewish Masonic Pharisees of the IMF?

[ massacri e bestialità a danno di civili inermi e indifesi. in nome del Califfato Moniale, @ Lega ARABA -- eih, ragazzi, andate cercando un Califfo? "me... son chi!" ] Ieri, una fonte ufficiale ha confermato che gruppi terroristici di Jabhat an-Nusra ad Aleppo hanno compiuto una terrificante esecuzione di massa a danno di decine di uomini precedentemente rapiti e poi hanno gettato i loro corpi nel fiume Qweik, in località Bustan al Qasr, ad Aleppo. I famigliari dei giovani uccisi hanno avuto lo straziante compito di riconoscere chi i figli, chi i nipoti, chi i mariti e chi i padri, ribadendo che erano stati rapiti in precedenza da uomini appartenenti al gruppo di Jabhat an-Nusra per il solo motivo di essersi rifiutati di collaborare con la banda terroristica, rifiutandosi di abbandonare le loro abitazioni, come richiesto dai terroristi.

@ OBAMA - thing: they have become the USA, for guilty of pharisees IMF, if, they want to defend: the army, free of terrorists, jihadists, salafis, ecc.. of the Caliphate worldwide, for sharia dhimmi: of the murderers, who's got it: 80%: from external forces, send: from the Arab League? it's like, say, that the U.S. is doing: all for do everything to win: Al Qaeda "and then what: happened: to our priests: and: to our: bishops kidnapped and killed, And: if they did this: the Bishops, what are doing: for Christians? course: they're doing: the ethnic cleansing: for: the Worldwide Caliphate: because, it is precisely what Muslims have always done in 1400 years!

@OBAMA -- cosa: sono diventati gli USA, se, loro vogliono difendere: l'esercito, dei liberi terroristi, jihadisti del Califfato mondiale, per la sharia dei dhimmi assassini, che: è fatto: all'80%: da truppe esterne, mandate: dalla Lega ARABA? è come: dire: che, gli USA stanno facendo: di tutto per fare vincere: Al Quaeda!" e poi, cosa ne è: dei nostri preti: e: vescovi rapiti ed ammazzati? e se hanno fatto questo: ai Vescovi, cosa stanno facendo: ai cristiani? Certamente: stanno facendo: la pulizia etnica: per il Califfato Mondiale: perché è proprio quello che i musulmani hanno sempre fatto in 1400 anni!

Abu Antar - you never have: to wonder, if I have responded to you, so, in mode kind, because, your question was made: in the correct way, then: it deserved an answer kind! .. Also, those who: have been unfair: to me, as: you did, if: they formulate a question: in an appropriate manner, they will: always an answer, because: Unius REI, is: hope for the men of the world, and: can not close: his heart: in the grudge! to: Naples: there were: scuffles: very serious, just because: they did not do speak of the unemployed from the stage ... but this has been: a serious mistake, that, Rothschild would never have commit ... In fact, Rothschild continues to steal the world, and yet: he gives to me the privilege to speak on this page! because with the bank seigniorage? all is his." he is the true master of the world!

Abu Antar -- non ti devi meraviglire, se io ho risposto, a te, in modo gentile, perché, la tua domanda: è stata fatta: in modo corretto, quindi: essa meritava una risposta!.. anche, coloro che, sono stati scorretti con me, come tu hai fatto, se formulano, una domanda, in modo appropriato, loro avranno: sempre, una risposta, perché Unius REI, rappresenta: la speranza per gli uomini: del mondo, e non può chiudere: il suo cuore: nel rancore! a Napoli: ci sono stati: dei tafferugli: molto gravi, soltanto perché: non hanno fatto parlare: dei disoccupati dal palco... ma, questo è stato: un grave errore: che, Rothschild non avrebbe mai commesso... infatti, Rothschild: continua a rubare il mondo, eppure: lui concede a me: il privilegio di poter parlare su questa pagina! perché con il signoraggio bancario? lui è il vero padrone del mondo!

for: 666 CIA, ie, worldwide caliphate, of: Arab League: AND MASONIC SYSTEM: for, banking seigniorage [ANSA]? Army rebels, declares that, were released Orthodox Bishops [25 April, 17:45] .. and instead are all lies .. this is a crime of extermination,of Obama, and, Islamists, as it was: genocide of Armenians! - ANSWER --25/04/2013 SYRIA. The two bishops of Aleppo are still in the hands of the kidnappers. The "dictatorship of the false information." Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim, bishop of the diocese of Aleppo and Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Boulos Yaziji, were kidnapped on 22 April, 10 km from Aleppo, near the border turkish. Greek-Melkite Bishop: point your finger against: the false information on the alleged liberation of the prelates popular these days, from the Western media. "Here we are women: and: men: that: risk their lives, in order to assert, and to tell you the truth, nor negotiate for the rebels, or religious groups, either, no, for the regime."

for: 666 CIA, ie, worldwide caliphate, of: Arab League: AND MASONIC SYSTEM: for, banKING seigniorage [ANSA]? Esercito ribelli, dichiara, che, sono stati liberati vescovi ortodossi [25 aprile, 17:45].. ed invece sono tutte bugie.. questo è un crimine di sterminio, degli islamisti, come è stato: il genocidio degli Armeni! --ANSWER --25/04/2013 SIRIA. I due vescovi di Aleppo: sono ancora nella mani dei rapitori. La "dittatura della falsa informazione". Mons. Yohanna Ibrahim, vescovo della diocesi: siro-ortodosso di Aleppo e Mons. Boulos Yaziji, sono stati rapiti: lo scorso 22 aprile, a 10 km da Aleppo, vicino: al confine turco. Vescovo greco-melchita: punta il dito: contro: le false informazioni sulla presunta liberazione: dei prelati diffuse in questi giorni: dai media occidentali. "Qui vi sono donne: e: uomini: che: rischiano la propria vita, pur di affermare, e raccontare il vero, senza, patteggiare né per ribelli, o gruppi religiosi, né, per il regime".

322 Bush, Rothschild IMF conspirators of the bank seigniorage - of course, can not be: kill millions of criminals, like you, that's, what you deserve, so you will necessarily find: a political solution, however, everyone should know, that, you are the traitors, of the peoples, and their monetary sovereignty, then, you have spread all over the world, your Satanists, for the destruction of the Jewish-Christian civilization! Bush 322, Rothschild IMF cospiratori del signoraggio bancario -- ovviamente, non possono essere uccise milioni di criminali, come voi, che è quello che voi meritate, quindi, si andrà, necessariamente, a trovare: una soluzione politica, tuttavia, tutti devono sapere, che, voi siete i traditori dei popoli, e della loro sovranità monetaria, voi avete diffuso in tutto il mondo, il vostri satanisti, per la distruzione della civiltà ebraico-cristiana!

Obama, IMF, NWO, Bush, system Masonic: Bildenberg, Jewish lobbies - I will denounce, all you, as international criminals because, with Saddam Hussein in Iraq were: christians: 1,200,000, while today they are: less than 200.000, and this genocide, is realized: in all the member countries of the Arab League, your allies! you have conspired: against: the civilization: the Jewish-Christian! because, in any way destroy the Christian presence: in the Middle East means always cut the roots: to Israel -- io vi denuncio come criminali internazionali, perché, con Saddam Hussein: i cristiani in Iraq erano: 1.200.000, mentre, oggi sono: meno di: 200.000, e questo genocidio, viene realizzato: in tutti i paesi membri: della Lega Araba, i vostri alleati! voi avete cospirato: contro: la civiltà: ebraico-cristiana! perché, in ogni modo distruggere: la presenza cristiana: in Medio Oriente, significa sempre: tagliare le radici: ad ISraele
@Benjamin Netanyahu, @King Saudi Arabia -- perché, per il vostro satanista: 666, Rothschild Illuminati di merda, farisei, del: FMI FED BCE: NWO 322, poteri occulti Bildenberg, ecc.. che, 1. ha pianificato tutte le guerre, dalla Rivoluzione Francese, in poi, 2. che, ha rubato la vostra sovranità monetaria, e, che, 3. ha messo tutti voi: nella merda del satanismo e della massoneria internazionali, che, 4. ha corrotto tutte le religioni e tutte le istituzioni, 5. che, che vi sta portando tutti: velocemente, alla III guerra mondiale nucleare? perché, devo essere punito io, per voi? voi cercatevi un altro: Mahdì lorenzoAllah, di Palestina! un altro lorenzoJHWH, di Messia Ebraico, ed un altro mediatore: su tute le nazioni del mondo, cioè, un altro Unius REI! andate a fare in culo!

Bersani propone Prodi (ma, in realtà c'è già: un accordo sotto banco: con il PDL per eleggere MASSIMO DALEMA ), ok all'unanimità. Ministro dell'interno è il candidato di Scelta Civica. Marini rinuncia, M5S, INSISTE PER IL BRAVO: Rodotà. 19 aprile, 11:16, ma, per la Lega, "Prodi non è votabile: ha svenduto l'Italia, quando ha presieduto l'Iri". CRITICO IL PDL, PRODI è il CONTRARIO DI CIò, CHE, SERVE - -- ANSWER -- questo è tutto il disprezzo, che, [[ PD: e PDL (i complici di Rothschild, del FMI: nel sistema massonico: del signoraggio bancario, per l'avvilimento: totale della Costituzionale sovranità!)]] hanno verso il popolo italiano.

[stop justicialism Masonic, of pharisees IMF 666] Berlusconi: Musharraf? but, for the independence of constitutional powers. can judiciary, can inquisitiveness, can report: any politicians, but, may not pursue, with the law, during the election campaign, or during the political mandate, because there's: parliamentary immunity! In this way: the judiciary:destroy the constitutional sovereignty, of the people, and, it is higher: the same people, so we have, the more dangerous conditions: for a judicial coup, which can lead to disaster of the French revolution, which is the Civil War! per l'indipendenza dei poteri costituzionali. la magistratura può inquisire, denunciare: uomini politici, ma non li può perseguire, durante la campagna elettorale, o durante il mandato politico, perché esiste l'immunità parlamentare! In questo modo la magistratura distrugge la sovranità costituzionale del popolo, e si rende superiore al popolo stesso,

@Arab League --- my children, ----->. you have seen? also: "TheVArious7" ie, chief priests cannibals voodoo, ie, satanism international, institutional, supports my kingship, in order to preserve its survival! because, the rats are the first to abandon: the sinking ship? are not Satanists, those that better than anyone, know the evil? --- ANSWER -- if, in me: Unius REI, there was: hatred, aggression, rancor, revenge, greed, desire for power, etc. .. as my spirit could stand, permanently, in the presence of our God Holy Holy Holy Allah? That's why, I have extended, too, to China and Russia, the right to preemptive nuclear attack against, your World Caliphate, which you have shown! because self-defense by Rothschid 666, 322 Bush (who have underground cities to save 2 million people only), which, they decided, to purify, across the planet, with the atomic fire? no! is not a sin!

@Arab League --- my children, ----->. you have seen? also: "TheVArious7" ie, chief priests cannibals voodoo, ie, satanism international, institutional, supports my kingship, in order to preserve its survival! because, the rats are the first to abandon: the sinking ship? are not Satanists, those that better than anyone, know the evil? --- ANSWER -- if, in me: Unius REI, there was: hatred, aggression, rancor, revenge, greed, desire for power, etc. .. as my spirit could stand, permanently, in the presence of our God Holy Holy Holy Allah? That's why, I have extended, too, to China and Russia, the right to preemptive nuclear attack against, your World Caliphate, which you have shown! because self-defense by Rothschid 666, 322 Bush (who have underground cities to save 2 million people only), which, they decided, to purify, across the planet, with the atomic fire? no! is not a sin!

@ Arab League --- you saw in the picture(ANSA) loop: ie, in the eyes of Netanyahu, "we are prepared to defend ourselves" 18 April, 20:20, you saw her distress? in your international crime, OF ISLAMIST FOR SHARIA AND WORLDWIDE CALIPHATE, is no longer compatible with the security of the entire international community, it's because you're a dickhead: of a religious maniac crazy, idiot terrorist! that, Rothischild: Enlightened, god owl at bohemian grove FED ECB IMF-NWO: the Pharisees, you will be able to spread, after III world war, the Satanism and its micro chip on the entire planet, fro do his universal worldwide slavery !

@ Arab League --- Netanyahu, said: "We are prepared to defend ourselves. [18 April, 20:20] TEL AVIV, -'' We are not aggressive. We do not seek a military confrontation, but we are prepared to defend ourselves, if the need arises!, I think that the people know, that, that, that, I say, is measured and serious.'' - ANSWER ---> @ Arab League - guys, we should not forget, that you are the Nazi extermination TOTAL: because you are Satanists of sharia: for: worldwide Caliphate against all Peoples!, and if you have become, so, religious maniacs, to be crazy stoned? I'm not responsible! my evil against you? is a lesser evil : inevitable, because, the whole human race, has the right to survive, your evil and the wickedness of the Pharisees!, and unfortunately, this has been proven .. with religious maniacs, you can not think! therefore, ye are, from this time under, nuclear attack preventive: in mode constant!

[[you are bringing, all peoples, to the World War III]] Bersani criminal damn traitor of the Italian people: [throws the mask!]: 'New phase', you definitely ruin the Italian people slave, more and more!. was this, that you had in mind from the beginning, blasting: "Marini (ie, the Masonic system of banking seigniorage: ("from pan "), to bring the duel: Two Illuminati, the most dangerous of Rothschild: ie, Bildenberg cult: agenda: SpA slavery: corporations: IMF-NWO: Prodi and D'Alema ("the embers!") Bersani criminale maledetto traditore: del popolo italiano: [getta la maschera!]: 'Fase nuova', tu rovina definitivamente il popolo italiano schiavo!. era questo, che, tu avevi in mente: sin dal principio, fare saltare: "Marini (ie, sistema massonico del signoraggio bancario: ("la padella"), per portare al duello: due Illuminati, più pericolosi di Rothschild: cioè, Bildenberg cult: agenda corporations: FMI-NWO: Prodi-D'Alema ("la brace!")

08/feb/2013 - Beppe Grillo said: "I am for gay marriage, as we have said. It is a freedom. Absolutely, not even to discuss. - ANSWER - perhaps you were gay, too, as a boy? "Eih, the kecca!" why do you want, all of this: great evil to our society??.., all of this: great evil to our family? gays do not need: the wedding, and you are doing: evil only: that Christian civilization, which is fundamental human rights!, as he said the atheist: Benedetto Croce: "Why we can not call ourselves Christians," because this: is shown: "outside the family, and the secular Christian civilization" we have known??: only: the most aberrant crimes, against: human dignity, namely: the agenda of the Pharisees, and their Talmud cursed for: destroy Israel, the Jewish-Christian civilization, and to spread the Satanism on the world .. you're making, the biggest mistake of your life!

[gay Marriage] who are, all those who have placed themselves under the curse: for they have gone against the laws of God, the Bible, who was so heinous, to put himself: in this abomination: of: gay marriage? he will cry tears of blood, both: on his life, that, on the lives of his children, that he himself has cursed! begone satan, in Jesus's name! [Mariage gay] qui sont, tous ceux qui se sont placés sous la malédiction, car ils vont à l'encontre des lois de Dieu, la Bible, qui était si odieux, de se mettre: dans cette abomination: de: mariage homosexuel? il va pleurer des larmes de sang, à la fois: sur sa vie, sur la vie de ses enfants, qu'il a lui-même maudit! begone satan, au nom de Jésus!

[04/14/2013. VATICAN. for, so many Christian martyrs innocent, of: Sharia: for the worldwide caliphate]. May the many persecuted Christians feel the comfort of the Risen Jesus, pope says. Before the Regina Caeli, the Pope said, "In these times, there are many Christians who suffer persecution, a great many, in many countries! Let us pray for them with love from our hearts, that they may they feel the living and comforting presence of the Risen Lord!" Vatican City (AsiaNews) - To religious persecution, "we must respond as Jesus did in his passion, [using] love and the power of truth" against misunderstanding and adversity, said Pope Francis in his address to the faithful as he reflected before the recitation of the Regina Caeli on the passages of the Acts of the Apostles in the liturgy of the third Sunday of Easter. "Where did the first disciples find the strength to bear witness, despite obstacles and violence?

כך, קדושים נוצרי רבים מדי חפים מפשע, נהרגו שלרעה, כלומר, בעולם שלו? ח'ליפות - תשובה - השטן כלך לך! הללויה, אמן, הללויה, בשמו של ישו! oui, trop de martyrs chrétiens innocents, tués pour la charia, c'est son monde? Califat - RÉPONSE - begone satan! Alléluia, Amen, alléluia, au nom de Jésus! so, too many Christian martyrs innocent, killed for Sharia, ie, his Worldwide? Caliphate --ANSWER -- begone satan! alleluia, amen, alleluia, in Jesus's name! @Rothschild criminal FED ECB Bildenberg Trilateral, ecc.. ie, smasoic system: for banking seigniorage, IMF 666 NWO 322, for destroy Israel -- begone satan, amen, alleluia, in Jesus's name

NEW YORK - The members of the Security Council: UN believe: that the escalation of: violence in Syria reached unacceptable levels'''''' and must cease immediately.'' In a statement, the Fifteen: condemned: firmly: the widespread violations: human rights (which are non-existent in the Arab League): carried out: by the Syrian authorities, and armed groups, incidents of sexual violence, abuse against children, and their recruitment as soldiers. @ UN bastards! NATO CIA MOSSAD you, you have brought, there, salafis Al Qaeda, ie, worldwide caliphate, of Arab League! @ King Saudi Arabia - hypocritical criminal, because, you went to watch, the "speck" in the eye of Assad, and then, you do not have watch, the "beam", that is in thine own eye?

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[this is the truth!] only Unius REI, that is, only the Christians biblical fundamentalists, born again, are the loyal allies: today, of Israel! all the others? lie: hypocritically, shamelessly: knowing lie, and thus, they are ready to betray at the first difficulty! Israel today has no real allies, since it is precisely the Pharisees of the 666 IMF, World Bank, to dig: against him, the grave of a new Holocaust. @ IIlIIlllI, 666 Rothschild, 322 Bush Talmud sharia satan Zapatero Anticrist: make sex with animals, (Jezebel II, ie Elizabeth II) Emma Bonino Bildenberg, Dorothea Merkel - is: voodoo priest, ie, CIA MOSSAD, masonic system, of IMF FED ECB-NWO agenda for Talmud destroy Israel. 666 cannibal for IMF banking seigniorage occult power, for 200,000 do human sacrifice of altair of satan with her Dorothea Merkel -, ie, all occult masonic system and All His family horror pharisees Enlightened --- worm invertebrate skeletons sucker, amen, begone in Jesus's name

[questa è la verità!] soltanto Unius REI, cioè, soltanto i cristiani biblici fondamentalisti, nati di nuovo, sono i leali alleati di Israele! tutti gli altri? mentono: ipocritamente, spudoratamente: sapendo di mentire, e quindi, loro sono pronti a tradire alla prima difficoltà!! Israele oggi non ha veri alleati, perché sono proprio i farisei: del 666 FMI, Banca Mondiale, a scavare: contro di lui, la fossa di una nuova shoah. @IIlIIlllI,666 Rothschild, 322 Bush talmud sharia satan Zapatero anticrist: make sex with animals, (Jezebel II, ie Elizabeth II) Emma Bonino Bildenberg, Dorotea Merkel - is: priest voodoo, ie, CIA MOSSAD, masonic system, of IMF FED ECB-NWO, talmud agenda for destroy Israel. 666 cannibal for IMF banking seigniorage occult power, for do 200.000 human sacrifice of altair of satan with her Merkel Dorotea--, ie, all occult masonic system and all his horror family pharisees Enlightened --- worm invertebrate skeletons sucker, amen, begone in Jesus's name

@ Israel - The Arab League, to achieve: his Khilafat World, will not remove the Sharia, all over the world, which is why, the Islamists are not disabled! in this way, Arab League, have proven to be all of them: "the religious maniacs", and it is this, that will not give to Israel, and consequently, to the whole human race, no possibility of survival in essential: world War III, which will, sooner or later, which was inevitable, since, our money, with three scams (seigniorage banking, debt: public, fractional reserve banking), has a cost of 270%! That's why, your preemptive nuclear attack, against: all the "Arab League" (made: by agreement secret with China and Russia). is the only possibility, that we have to be able to prevent World War III. But, no World War, the IMF will collapse, proving: the crime of Satanism: and high treason (scientist Giacinto Auriti) I want to see, all Masons, in front of a firing squad!

SYRIA, April 17 - In Syria is being'' a'' war of aggression, and the regime has no choice, that come out victorious, because otherwise it would be the''end'' of the country (the''end''of Israel and of world). This was stated by President Bashar al-Assad, in an interview with the official TV: Al Ikhbariya:'' I repeat, no surrender and no submission.'' Assad has also accused the West of supporting terrorists: al Qaeda in Syria, warning that:'''' pay dearly this policy (World War III), as has already happened in the past (World War II). - - ANSWER - the religious maniacs of the Arab League, and their accomplices Pharisees: the IMF, the World Bank? Their hope:is to make the "coup" against all peoples. These are doing the World War for the agenda: of their respective imperialisms

@ Israel - lol. when I, at the beginning of the school year, I played, sounded swing my shofar, in the classes of my students? then, the Headmaster: It was so bad, that, he has denounced me, to Education Office of the Diocese ... he said, "the professor Unius REI, lol. sounded the "horn"!" - ANSWER - IS CULT MASONIC god Baal [IMF Demo Pluto Jewish Freemason 666] god owl, micro-chip, aliens abductions. Appeal of Beppe Grillo, to Bersani: you Vote Gabanelli! - ANSWER - BUT, ALL political parties are the system massonic, for banking seigniorage IMF-NWO 666 322, the traitors of the people .. because, you have become too naive? In fact, the crab of 322: John Forbes Kerry, said: "North Korea has failed to put the bomb atomic: in the nuclear missile, then let's give them the necessary time". @Israel -- I hereby assume full responsibility for your preemptive nuclear attack, today, against the Arab League

though, no one can accuse me, in a formal way, of an my negligence, against, morality, or misconduct bad, however, I can always blame, at myself, in my conscience, that is, in my awareness of my relationship with God, with this story, which is like a thread, that, binds us to the love of God, but, this, thread, it breaks, any time, that, we offend God, however, because, every disease, sin, infestation, oppression, death, slavery, Bildenberg, freemasonry, ecc.. were all killed on the cross of Christ, then, every time that we in agreement with the Bible, we ask God's forgiveness? Then, God makes a knot, to the thread, that, has been broken, and, because, God had to do: to my: sins: knots on knots?, lol. here is that, my thread, has become, so, short, that, an idiot like me, now, is sitting: on the Throne of God [lol. the hiss, I feel, now, in my left ear?, it shows me the happiness of Satan at this time. lol.]

@Emma Bonino: Bildenberg; @322 Bush NWO, Rothschild Pharisee @666 IMF, and all the Masonic system:of false democracies of the bank seigniorage, with all its hidden powers.-- was your: Zapatero, who, abusing the law: has constrained our children: of 9 years, to hear at school: "Nature gave us sex" (but, then, does not say who gave us the nature) "and we can use the our sex with a girl, a boy, or an animal! "it's all your fault, if the: Boko Haram: armed with missiles: from Arab League, they say: "Western culture is a sin! then, they kill many: innocent Christians in Nigeria!, and: you can not say that there is free will, if raping the Constitution, you have deprived: all Peoples: to the point: to steal: monetary sovereignty, every monopoly, Net Work, politics, therefore, the freedom of conscience: has been canceled by you .. here's why: for have repentance, God is compelled to allow, world War III,

international institutional satanist, CIA IMF-NWO, of masonic system, for agenda Talmud Kabbalah, of: Rothschild: pharisees, Banking Seigniorage, Bildenberg, and all his: occult power, ie, German cannibal, of: Merkel: ie, "" IIlIIlllI "" said: "YHWH alien abduction", but, he the coward, has erased his comment, indeed, lorenzoALLAH published comment: response to him, 18 hours ago .. " Alies abductions is your GMOs:: 666, demonic Pharisees kabbalah agenda, IMF-NWO. " -- ANSWER -- @ lobby, Jewish - Masonic Illuminati Pharisees - 1. you have concealed, HIDDEN the presence of God to all peoples! 2. you have profaned the innocence of our teenagers! 3. you have pulled billions of souls in hell, along with you, I swear: AGAINST YOU, on Throne of JHWH,: "I​​'ll get: despair and destruction, for you all you!"

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@Emma Bonino: Bildenberg; @Bush NWO, Rothschild Pharisee @ FED ECB: IMF, ie, all the Masonic system: of false democracies of the banking seigniorage, with: all its hidden powers. - Three nights ago, turning, for pornographic sites, and without, I had done nothing to require a sexual encounter, the site itself: on his own initiative, he said, "you want to have a sexual encounter: with: a girl in your area?, so, also came out, the photo: of this girl, who, of course, is my girl student: a minor, of class fourth higher, then, she is, also, one of the best: good girls of my Institute ".. then, I has note, not only the supernatural: artificial intelligence (AI) alien: of this porno site, but, also, the supernatural awareness of this girl student, who, for the fraction of a second, that, I am past quickly, along the corridors, She showed an supervision aware .. you have demonized, in supernatural mode, institutions and technologies!

I do not like the bullying: of: officialpsy [PSY - GENTLEMAN M / V] and it is no coincidence, that, under: his video does advertising to Scientology, I would not be surprised if he was synnek1 666 (today is: 187AUDIOHOSTEM ), ie, one of the Master, more important than youtube, but Jesus said, "even if you earn the whole world? then, what can never give in exchange for your soul?" This is why, your soul, you've got: to the devil, but, your soul it is worth much more, than, all whole material universe.. --ANSWER -- but, how many enemies criminals I feel, that they speak against me, yet, but are silly, because: not much time left, again, before he died: IN III WORLD WAR

(ANSAmed) - ROME, APRIL 14 - Assad's forces "used chemical weapons in the area, in square Abbasids in Damascus and the suburb of Jawbar: refer said: to the activists of the local committees against the regime, Lcc. Financial statements, they say, and '"at least one dead and 30 wounded documented." (Reuters). - and, where is, the documentation, of chemical weapons? idiots! did not even know telling lies! if they used chemical weapons? deaths were been to hundreds, the which is, very rather well documented is the invasion of Syria, by the Arab League, and, I will toss that chemical weapons, against, Saudi Arabia: of course!

[ inbox?feature=mhee&folder=messages#messages/1 ]@ Rothschld masonic system Emma Bonino Bildenberg ---- this your 666 cannibal, "IIlIIlllI" is three hours, which, he breaks cock, "unius rei send me message" and then, all he said was: IIlIIlllI said: "hi" Posted in: UniusRei3 - ANSWER - WITH ALL THESE, YOUR CRIMINAL of Satanists, who have been raped, and they are SCARED continually, for BIN, of: SULFURIC ACID FROM ? YOU HAVE RUINED all THE HUMAN RACE.. @Abu Cain Antar -- I have always a sense of humor! but, I hate people like you, that are playing on this page! you to me are like a fly dirty .. In fact, you do not aid the Christian martyrs and all the innocent people of the world! but, it is never too late, to be helpful, to all world, please: World Watch List: Christian Persecution Rankings, Where Christian are killed ... [[Worldwatchlist. us]]]

[Chaplet of Divine Mercy]. drawpicturevideo · 25 video. Posted on 03/nov/2012. Chaplet of Divine Mercy, dictated by Jesus to Sister Faustina Kowalska. Our Father. Hail Mary. I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth; ... Using the Rosary each decade: it says: "Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our: sins and than: of the world. E continues reciting: ten times: For His sorrowful Passion: Have mercy on us and the whole world. Eventually, he says three times: "Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal: have mercy on us and on the whole world. " [The Message of Divine Mercy]. On February 22, 1931. Jesus appeared in Poland in the convent of St. Faustina Kowalska Plok and entrusted: the message of Devotion: the Divine Mercy. She described the appearance as well: "I was, in my cell, I saw the Lord dress: the white robe.

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Had a hand in the air: in the act of blessing, with the other: it was the white robe on his chest, from which emerged: two rays: one red and one white. " After a while, Jesus said: "Paint a picture according, to the model: that: you see, and write under: Jesus, I trust in you I also wish, that, this picture: to be venerated, in your chapel: and in the world". The rays represent the Blood and water: what: gushed: when my heart was pierced, from lance, on the Cross. [The Message of Divine Mercy] The white ray: is the Water, that, purifies souls, and the red for the blood that is: the life of Souls. "In another appearance: Jesus said to her, the establishment, of Feast: Divine Mercy, He says: "I want the first Sunday, after, Easter is the Feast of My Mercy. The Soul, which, on that day, you will confess, and communicate, get, full remission of sins, and penalties. I wish, that this feast be celebrated solemnly, in the whole Church.

"Promises of the Merciful Jesus. the soul that will venerate, this image will not perish. Promise, still on earth, victory over enemies, but especially at the point of death. I, the Lord, will protect, as my glory. rays of my Heart mean: Blood and Water, and repair Anime: from the wrath of My Father. Blessed is he who, is alive in their shadow, because: not reach: the hand of Divine Justice. [The Message of Divine Mercy (unius REI, in the Jewish Temple)] will protect, as a mother protects her child, the souls that: they spread, the devotion, to My mercy, for their entire life in the hour of their death I will not be for them: Judge: but: Savior. "When larger: it is human misery, so much more right: they have at my mercy, because: I want to save them all. You write that: before it: as a Judge, I open up the whole: the great doors, of My mercy

(unius REI, in the Jewish Temple.) who does not pass this door, will have to go: for that of my Justice. Source of My mercy was opened by lance shot, on the Cross, for all souls. except I do not, no. Mankind will not have, nor peace, nor peace until it turns with full confidence, my Mercy. Tell aching mankind, who took refuge in my Merciful Heart , and I will enrich, of peace. " [The Message of Divine Mercy (unius REI, in the Jewish Temple)] "I give to humanity: a vessel with which you can go to draw the graces to the fountain of mercy: this vessel is the image: this inscription: "Jesus, I trust in You." This image: it must constantly remember: the poor humanity: the infinite mercy of God. " "O blood and water: that: arise, from the Heart of Jesus as a source of Mercy for us, I trust in You."

[CRAZY NEWS] TOKYO, April 12 - North Korea (the monkey Rothschild) returns to threaten Japan(naive), of: a nuclear retaliation: in the event of the outbreak of a conflict on the Korean peninsula. This was reported by the official news agency, the KCNA. Immediate response: of Tokyo, who: said, was ready to respond to "any scenario." but,the tourist: 322 satanist: Kerry, arrived in Seoul, U.S. State Secretary: in his tour TOURIST's , begins: in the middle: North Korea OF threats. Kerry Bush 322, 666 Rothschild: They said that Kim Jong-un: he does not have the technology to make a nuclear bomb on a missile -- ANSWER -- NOW, I understand what is the real objective: of Pharisee Enlightened: U.S. FED IMF NWO, that is, to allow: all the time, which is NECESSARY for: Kim Jong-un: to be able, to put a nuclear bomb in its missile, of course, finally

[crazy news. lol. ] Poll: SWG (it will be a new satanic symbol), like Bonino, Italians (lol. really?). The radical, is: first index of satisfaction. Follow: Gianni Letta: and tied Berlusconi, Prodi and Rodotà. '- ANSWER - in fact Bonino.Monti? they are the Masonic conspiracy of Bildenberg! [VERY IMPORTANT NEWS] @King Saudi Arabia my friend -- oggi da un tuo inutile deserto? tu ci puoi anche guadagnare qualcosa, come, quell'abile commerciante: che tu sei, ma, quando, noi saremo tutti i morti, saranno: i satanisti farisei del FMI-NWO, a ridere contro tutti noi: soltanto!

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@China and Russia - perhaps your sins, are not yet sufficient for you, you want to make, of yourself, the responsible, also, for the sins of the North Korea? if you participate, in this war against, the North Cora, you can have territorial concessions! @Cina e Russia -- forse i vostri peccati, non sono ancora sufficienti, per voi, che voi volete rendere responsabili voi stessi, circa, i peccati della Corea del Nord? se partecipate a questa guerra, contro la Cora del Nord, voi potete avere delle concessioni territoriali!

@ China and Russia - but just this particular (he thinks he's invincible), it reveals that he is in a cynical, ruthless and deranged dictator .. if North Korea will survived, again, it would be a cancer, that, will lead, to death in two ways, both politically, that: spiritually, so that the blood of Christian martyrs: would rise: against you: also! you can not watch the suffering of the innocent, without being accomplices of this! if there is an intelligence in the sky? you will all be punished!

Kim Jong-un, he does not know that the war, in Korea, make in earlier: it was just: a scam of IMF-NWO, which is why, that, he thinks he's invincible, 金正云,他不知道那場戰爭,在韓國,做在前面:這只是一個騙局IMF-NWO,這是什麼原因,他認為他是不可戰勝的,김정일 취소, 그는 전쟁이 한국에 이전에 만들어 알고하지 않습니다 그것은 단지 : 그는 천하무적이라고 생각하고 왜 IMF-NWO,의 사기, Kim Jong-un, lui non sa, che la guerra di Korea precedente: è stata soltanto, una truffa del FMI-NWO, ecco perché, lui crede di essere invincibile.

[4월 10일] 북한이 한국의 외국인 경고! 정말?범죄 정권과 악마 : 김정일 취소 : 중지 해! @ 김정일 - 운 때문에, 당신은 말할 것이다 : 나에게? 지금, 당신은 스마트 폭탄 얘기를해야 겠어! 그리고 학생 정직하고 도덕적 인 대신 더 어리 석, 그리고 무지의라면 : 엉덩이? 그런 다음, 당신이 배울 필요하지 않았을 당신의 수업, 스마트 폭탄에서! [10]朝鮮警告韓國的外國人!真的嗎?刑事檢控制度和魔鬼:金正云:必須停止! @金正云,因為,你不說:給我嗎?現在,你必須跟智能炸彈!如果你是一名學生誠實和善良的,而不是,更多的白痴,無知的屁股?然後,你會不會需要學習,你的經驗教訓,從智能炸彈!

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[April 10] The North Korea warned foreigners in South Korea! really? the criminal regime and satanic: Kim Jong-un: has to stop! @ Kim Jong-un, because, you would not talk: to me? now, you'll have to talk with smart bombs! and if you were a student honest and virtuous?, instead of being, more idiot, and ignorant: of an ass? then, you would not have needed to learn, your lessons, from smart bombs! La Corea del Nord: ha ammonito gli stranieri nella Corea del Sud! really? il regime criminale e satanico: di Kim Jong-un: deve finire! @Kim Jong-un, perché tu non hai voluto parlare con me? ora, tu dovrai parlare, con le bombe intelligenti! e se, tu eri uno studente onesto e virtuoso?, invece di essere, più ignorante di un asino ? poi, tu non avresti avuto bisogno di imparare la lezione, dalle bombe intelligenti!

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SEOUL - North Korea warns foreigners, in South Korea to prepare to evacuate the country. This was reported by the official news agency KCNA. "I do not want to hurt foreigners in South Korea, in case, there was a war," the statement said the KCNA, quoting a spokesman for the North Korean Committee for Peace in the Asia-Pacific region. The Committee "urges all foreign organizations, businesses and tourists, to devise measures for the evacuation." - Answer - It is NECESSARY to Write, right, THE WORD "END" against: all this crime, which is worse than Nazism same.. and if he wants war, it is right that must be satisfied!

April 9 Kerry, Iran will not have nuclear weapons .. Meeting between U.S. Secretary of Prime Minister and Israel - ANSWER - are ALL LIES, if Iran wants to manage nuclear energy, he must has to give up, to the sharia, in every way! 09 apr. Kerry, Iran non avrà arma nucleare.. Incontro, tra segretario Usa e premier Israele -- ANSWER -- TUTTE MENZOGNE, se l'Iran vuole gestire l'energia nucleare, deve rinunciare alla sharia, in ogni modo!

(ANSA) - MOSCOW, April 9 - Angels and demons are for real, but, are often mistaken, for aliens from who meets them. And 'This is the original theory, sustained in an interview to RIA Novosti by an influential dignitary of the Russian Orthodox Church, Father Vsevolod Chaplin, who looks after the public relations of the Moscow Patriarchate. For the high priest, angels and demons are real creatures'''' and'' human beings come into contact with them 'cause they sometimes, want to be.'' --ANSWER -- NO! ALIENS ARE,always, ALL DEMONS GMOs, ONLY, even if they look good and peaceful?, demons are always, but, angels and demons are real, but, an evolved man, like me deified, and spiritually?, will never can see, them!

Italy: Udine: girls accused murder (Reuters) - Udine, April 9 - Voluntary manslaughter or manslaughter is the charge, after a long interrogation, the two of Udine: olds, self-blame yourself accusare, of killing of a: sixty years old: man family friend. "It 'a big jigsaw puzzle, we have to put all the pieces in place," he told the prosecutor of Trieste, Dario Grohmann. The two girls said they had been assaulted. To experience the statements investigators may carry out, too, a test drive: the steering wheel would have been an hour and a half. - ANSWER - they should NOT be ruled out, the track, of Satanists, girls satanists, already, have killed innocent people in that area

France: new trouble for 'rabbi script' (ANSAmed) - PARIS, April 9 - New troubles for the chief rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, under fire again for a story of plagiarism. This time the object of scandal: a pamphlet against gay marriage, which was published in the fall: and that he had been quoted: Also by Benedict XVI. According to the university professor Jean-Noel Darde, the text takes whole passages, of a book, of the priest Joseph-Marie Verlinde. The rabbi had already been forced: to admit that he had copied: parts of his book 'Forty meditations Jewish'. - ANSWER - maybe it's a revenge of the gay? ok! he recognize the copyright, to the claimants, and leave him alone, it is always a minister of God.

Abu Antar has posted a comment, 15 minutes ago, "Do you hate Hmong people?" -- ANSWER -- WHY, you doubt me? Unius REI: has no hatred in his heart for anyone! I am the mercy for all the criminals, who have committed their conversion, ... I can not kill, repentant sinners, but, I can only kill, only, to defend the innocent people, and Peoples [Unius REI, is UNIVERSAL LOVE ] The Hmong are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Hmong are also one of the sub-groups of the Miao .. -- ANSWER -- because you want me to slander yet, AGAIN? @Abu Antar -- I prefer: 666, Ihatenewlayout (he wants me, always, stab: all time!): to you, 1000 times! go away, idiot scam fool crazy! Ihatenewlayout at least, he is not a liar and a hypocrite like you!