Satanists of the bank seigniorage

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@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 - when the Catholic Church has said that: human nature is positive? is this mode: that: he spat against the sacrifice of the cross ... Christians are all to groping in the dark about: the meaning of Sacred Scripture: completely ignore what does it mean for them: the fact that: they have received a divine nature and who are children of God ... in this way? is better to be Jewish or anything else, that being a Christian hypocrites! The Catechism of St. Pius X, or the "imitation of Christ" for the seminarians? is 100 times better: of this psychologism: or pedagogy: of Today: what else is not: that: an advertisement for atheism! and what I'm saying? is shown by the statistics! that thing could be imported to the Jews: for the welfare of Christianity, or vice versa? In reality, the Kingdom of God is a single organism: so: all we have to work: hard: for the spiritual improvement: of everyone! to each: then: must be of great work: for the happiness of all! only: if all religions are properly understood, we can build: a new civilization and a new wellness .. otherwise, everything will be broken: by the nuclear world war, that is about to rise. it is important: for example, that all must indicate at the Hindus: as is just, and perfect to be Hindus .. etc. .. because: if the ministers do not fosserro were: all of the assholes? they would have reported: the banking seigniorage: and would not have become: the prey of any form of racism(for go in the Hell) that still today: port hundreds of innocent people to die: for this intolerance: every day! - Revelations 2 9 I know your works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them who say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Revelations 3 9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. - When: I saw the assembly: "sheol or Hades" wait outside: Outside of the Atrium of the Temple of Heaven: they were billions of people: all pray to God: "Help him! you give the force to him." I could not know: what would be my job! No one shall be saved: through: his religious bullshit: if your heart does not become pure as the heart of a child? it is impossible to enter the kingdom of God! In truth, those people wore: again, the weight of their sins, though: their have pure heart! since: in fact, they were not descended into hell! ["LORD, help it grow! LORD give him THE POWER!"] My ministry has become so heavy that, I would not get out of bed in the morning! But, is this: that I am safe: if the whole human race will not come from me, in obedience to my instructions? no survives to himself, to his evil: this time: for the 3 rd WWnuclear! Because: you just keep quiet about: the banking seigniorage: to go to hell: that is, you have become accomplice: of crimes: immense! or simply to be a rich man: inside: of a system that crushes the peoples and the poor: there is no future for you: in the Kingdom of God: to all those who supports: the Talmud: the Sharia or any: other form of racism .. in return? no oath to Satan (masonry, etc. ..): can be a legal document! Why is only God and His Unius Rei: that have an jurisdiction eternal! the rebels will be wiped out!- I am a Zionist for the Kingdom of Israel: and no one: do not want be vulgar to think that: I have interest in doing the King! Since, this throne of Israel and Palestine is crucial: for the whole destiny of mankind? I would be proud: happy only if: I had given: only: a contribution: "cultural" because: if you are not unconscious? This is a task of tremendous responsibility! .. and perhaps you should think of someone who is better than me (God willing). you do not believe that it is quite bad: the fact that: I hope to defend Israel and our Patriarchs: but, I have to fight: also: against you? Because you too: are most importantly: you are the Satanists of the bank seigniorage! In my fight against: you: that you are the Satanists of the bank seigniorage! In my fight against: importantly: you are the Satanists of the bank seigniorage! In my fight against: the Zionism satanism of Rothschild IMF NWO? In this mode: I am doing something dangerous as well: for future generations of innocent Jews (this has made ​​it clear to me: the Metaphysics), but: my: is a side effect: inevitable .. to do understand: something: at a mule? is easier than to figure doing it out of you!
1. il sangue cristiano.pdf
2. Grande rabbino Neofito - Il sangue cristiano nei riti erraci della moderna Sinagona.pdf
3. Talmud e cristiani - Pranaitis.pdf

ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342
@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 - somewhere? there is ARK OF THE COVENANT there is: the splendor of majesty, the beauty of the glory: Holy, Holy, Holy ...
she calls me constantly;
she looks for me;
through: I perceive ultrasound, in particular: in the right lobe of my brain ..
this utra-sounds have of the these breaks: and then, the peak intensity in relation to the publication of my articles
In no way are annoying
@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 - Jews - [rebellion of Korah's cousin Aaron. The earth opened and swallowed: Numbers 16:25-35: Core of the tribe of Levi, and Dathan and Abiram, of the tribe of Reuben. Since, they had collected 250: other rebels to challenge the authority of Moses. Moses cried unto the Lord and immediately: indeed, for the condemnation: of the Core, Abiram: their families, tents and animals: all sank underground, to go down alive into hell. Also: A fire from heaven has consumed: the other 250 rebels that men who: were offering the incense. Nevertheless: the people remained: always: stubbornly rebellious. So the Lord said to Moses, he would instantly consumed the whole community. and in fact: despite the atoning act committed by Aaron, were shot dead by an angel: other: 14,700 people
[Moses cried to the Lord's Judgement] @ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 - I know the hardness of your heart and all your wickedness! That I know, you will not came to me: spontaneously: if first: before the Lord God has not stretched out His hand: Against you! Because: you are the servants of: 666 Rothschild of the synagogue of Satan, the Illuminat kakam: Murderers: and ye know not the ways of the Lord, that's him: has driven you: away from him! .. If You Knew the ways of God? Would you have not made ​​of yourself (like everyone else) "accomplices of the banking seigniorage: debt public: fractional reserve, talmud ecc.. ! However, without your complicity? this Masonic and banking system: the IMF, would never have set-up: as, His true strength: even today: is in The Jewish religion now Completely altered: for the Talmud and Kabbalah! 's why it was possible to kill: also: Jesus of Bethlehem .. but, for this just an ignorant person to you Could give the guilt: why, as the Lamb of God he is came for the redemption as of All
[Unius Rei: calls: Judgement of YHWH against the Jews: lit] [Exodus 22] Crimes and compensation: [1] If a thief is caught while doing a breakthrough: in a wall is hit and dies, there is no revenge of blood. [3] If it is still alive: and in his possession: what has been stolen, whether it be ox, or ass, or sheep, shall pay double. You are the predators of the bank seigniorage: you are the principal accomplices of all this hatred against the Christian peoples: that you have started: against christian: an unstoppable cultural decline: They are the enlightened Kakam: who spread: atheism: evolution: satanism: communism : sexual perversion: Freemasonry: etc. .. I condemn you all for this in the presence of the Lord my God: YHWH!
@poopmcgee555 -- Of The "darkness" you can never get used in to the depths of hell!
and if Ron Paul will walk with my Holy Spirit? he will be President!
of The "darkness" non potrai mai abituarti nelle profondità dell'inferno!
e se Ron Paul camminerà con il mio spirito? lui sarà Presidente!

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are you homo?
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Many long years ago, there was a son named Joseph and dreams he foretold, and his brothers heard him when he cried, and the dreams of God they denied. In slavery he was sold. Lies to their father Jacob were told. T...

il sangue cristiano.pdf
@devronjackson --All good men and peaceful? That not have racism about their religion? will all go to heaven! why: we become Christians? to be superior to the angels to be children of God, of course! that is, to have: his own divine nature!
Tous les hommes bons et pacifiques? C'est pas du racisme sur leur religion? irons tous au paradis! pourquoi: nous devenons chrétiens? d'être supérieur aux anges d'être enfants de Dieu, bien sûr! qui est, pour avoir: sa propre nature divine!
Tutti gli uomini buoni e pacifici? che non fanno il razzismo per la religione? andranno tutti in paradiso! perché: si diventa cristiani? per essere superiori agli angeli: per essere figli di Dio: ovviamente! cioè per avere la sua stessa natura divina!
Todos los hombres de bien y en paz? Que no tienen el racismo de su religión? se van todos al cielo! por qué: nos convertimos en cristianos? ser superior a los ángeles para ser hijos de Dios, por supuesto! es decir, a tener: su propia naturaleza divina!
@comunitaebraicaroma -- Leviticus: 3.17 and 7.26: prohibits: categorically, under pain of death "will be eliminated by his people!": 1. to eat the blood of animals (ie: this is also true: for us? the GOIM? that: your Talmud says that: we are: animals in human form created by God only to be exploited by the Jews) 2 . in all places: where you live (already: the book of Leviticus, he knew that: you would not have been worthy: to preserve your nation?). I am outraged because after: (your silence of accomplice: towards your rabbis Kakam or Illuminati) for have stole our banking seigniorage? Even our government is, that, instead of banning the Talmud has decided to invest a large sum: for its disclosure .. I say this, because someone is saying: "the blood cristiano.pdf": that: you do eat (unconsciously) boiled egg: seasoned with ash: for the couple in: more happier days: of their marriage: and: the ashes: other would not: that: a compound: containing: the blood of a Christian child: in solid form .. all things of this world for me, of course: starting with the banking seigniorage are things crazy
@ ILLUMINATED, ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 - Mary is only a Jewish girl .. and if she: is a prostitute? Then, they are prostitutes as well: all the Jewish girls .. therefore, must be destroyed this abomination of the Talmud that has so powerfully cursed the people of God! The law (Torah and the Prophets? Are more than enough for us). Because, God destroyed the old order? I have determined that every jew can become priests (to accommodate all the people in our Temple) because our job is to bless all the world (also: economically) that: I will govern: as: REI unius: all the world: for to call in Palestine: and in all the neighboring nations: all the Jews of the world: because one day God will destroy the U.S.: with a meteor / asteroid because of Satanism and Freemasonry: that: have become ineradicable!
1. il sangue cristiano.pdf
2. Grande rabbino Neofito - Il sangue cristiano nei riti erraci della moderna Sinagona.pdf
3. Talmud e cristiani - Pranaitis.pdf
Levitico 3,17 e 7,26: proibisce: categoricamente: sotto pena di morte: "sarà eliminato dalla sua gente!": 1. di mangiare il sangue di animali (quindi: questo vale anche: nei nostri confronti? i GOIM? che: il vostro Talmud: dice: che: noi siamo: animali in forma umana: creati da Dio: unicamente per essere sfruttati dagli ebrei)2. in tutti i luoghi: dove voi abiterete(già: il libro del Levitico: sapeva che: voi non sareste stati degni: di conservare la vostra Nazione?). Io sono indignato perché dopo:(il vostro silenzio di omertà: nei confronti dei vostri rabbini Kakam o ILLUMINATI) per averci rubato il nostro signoraggio bancario? Addirittura è il nostro Governo: che: invece di bandire il Talmud: ha stabilito di investire una somma ingente: per la sua divulgazione.. dico questo: perché qualcuno va dicendo: "il sangue cristiano.pdf": che: voi fate mangiare(incosapevolmente) dell'uovo sodo: condito con cenere: agli sposi nel giorno felice: del loro matrinio: e che: quella cenere: altro non sarebbe: che: un composto: contienente: il sangue: di un bambino cristiano: in forma solida.. tutte cose per me dell'altro mondo, ovviamente: ad iniziare dal signoraggio bancario

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كويتي بحق ! الله يحفظ من في قلوبهم خير من امثالكم لانه الخير في كل مجتمع ودين رجال صالحون يحبون الخير للجميع هم نور ورحمه للمجتمع وهم السلام الحقيقي
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MY DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER OF KUWAIT: كويتي بحق! he works in the secret service of his country! and because of the war that his country is doing against Syria using terrorism? then, he is very embarrassed to write to me!



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    666 is best cannibal horror: ie the beasts: not more human. 666 is criminal too. 666 burn in the hell: forever
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    UniusRei3 posted a comment 1 hour ago but, it is a relative truth: that kills people! That's why no one must come out from the horizon of the natural law: "do good and avoid evil!" @ SPAMMERS -> slave of satanism institutional and international: demons cursed by Satan ROTHSCHILD, AND CIA, IMF ROCHEFELLER 322: BUSH: 666: to be prisoners of this page for the destruction of the whole human race: "SHAME!": "SHAME!" - ANSWER-> I defend a lot of people innocent that dies because of your banking regime: IMF 666, 322, say that even I am a spammer? This is a crime! criticizes you all the Holy Spirit, amen alleluia
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    UniusRei3  said: @ but, you are my Israel?? -----> You prefer: that: I build the Jewish Temple: in a system: of monetary sovereignty? or: you prefer: a Nuclear World War 3: where Rothschild: could not tolerate ever: the existence of: a state of the Jews: that would be an impediment to the spread of Satanism: ie, a perspective of New World Order for the total enslavement: of all mankind. Against autonomy of each national politics .. In fact, his ambition for power and glory: he could never dissociated from Satanism!