Rothschild did not intend:

@ mistafied187 ->
@ Mistafied187 -> If Rothschild did not intend: to do, even: in the Jewish Temple: what the enlightened: to go to do at the: Bohemian Grove? that is of make of human sacrifice for satan: ie, for the god Marduk .. then: Rothschilds would not put: his star esoteric: sum blasphemy: on the flag of Israel. These Satanists are building: for Satan and for the Antichrist: The 3°:Jewish Temple: because:Jewish Temple can not arise: in the Masonic scheme: of the banking seigniorage: that is satanism of IMF-NWO, the greatest: crime Hebrew: of the story, of all time ..

@Mistafied187 -> because the Jews, they do not talk to me of seigniorage banking? You see? I am committed to make you die tonight, because you are not an immortal like me! But, rich Jews, are very satanists and racist too: perpetrators and accomplices,for not to speak with someone, about of banking seigniorage. How old is that, the queen priestess: Jezebel (Elizabeth II, for us) it took to make, of all Jews to become satanists: worshipers of Baal? Well .. well .. But, however, the Illuminati have had more:of 700 years, if Dante Alighieri: a real saint Catholic: is fail for warned all mankind, of the danger that represented: the jew banker. Well .. well .. but: since of the Satanism? has no way out: unless you make a killing of all their! as Eliah prophet has done

@ mistafied187 -> what can do: all your ex-Presidents: at the: Bohemian Grove. If you've seen the Cremation of Care, but, who is? what is the Ritual at the Bohemian Grove? you tonight: do you become your wife a widow, and your children orphans: but thou will die: as eroe: for a country fake, or Nation fake, that Freemasons have betrayed, in fact, is existed only an democracy fake: that is an invention of the enlightened: and so: The Constitution has been betrayed, by his principle of born, this means: 3°WWnuclear: for be guilty: all Freemasons. Indeed, all the peoples have become slaves of banking seigniorage

against: "lobost12"
and "TektonikEdits" -> What is the bank seigniorage of: 666Rothschild and 322Bush? What is the NWO? Do not you know, that whoever has the monopoly of money? it is he who has in his hands: the real power: against all the nations: Who said that the Queen of England and patron of Freemasonry? (which received more than 600: excommunication from the Catholic Church (! is him that is responsible, of the my conclusion: "because I said," is Elizabeth II: the new Jezebel. "Since, our money is an absolute crime? then: the rich are all complicit in this crime: of top treason against the Constitution! for the false Masonic governments: of bank seigniorage: and in the that all Governments: are all dominated: by the "synagogue of Satan" , who won against: everyone and everything: to have designed: every holocaust against my people Israel? here's why: very soon all die like animals

on youtube/youtube page Commenti sul canale (330152)
on youtube/youtube page Commenti sul canale (330152) mrUniversalMetaphysc said: In Tunisia, the West, which praises Islamist chose suicide - 25/10/2011 Magdi Cristiano of"ioamolitaliavideo" [/watch?v=DicFmaqK1s8]If there was a moderate Islam? Then there is also freedom of religion and equality of all citizens before the law! but, there is not the concept of political alternation, because they have the absolute truth and therefore can not let to Satan: ie, (blasphemy apostasy: to Christians idolaters) a perspective of political alternation .. the Satanism of this Qur'anic Islam? is worse than the Nazis! (this is the conclusion who want make to reach to us, the enlightened: to justify the 3 rd WWnuclear, in fact, 1. the victory of the Muslim brothers: 2. make many Christian martyrs? this belongs: at the Masonic Jewish calendar seigniorage bank: IMF-world Order, to impose their religion of Lucifer(666+322) as a world religion
@aspiaino --> I have never lied in all my life .. so I have not lied to you! if you're worthy? If you're all for the heart of God? you could do the King of Israel: for me. I am not ambitious! I just want the glory of God, that is the happiness of men!

---> you are not curious to know, like, I did not understand, why, you belong to the intelligence services of Kuwait? - ANSWER -> WHY YOUR ICON CHANNEL: YOUR precedent chANNEL, that google has closed to you: for reasons of copyrail? has not disappeared! at the normal channels? ICON  disappears!

tu non sei curioso: di sapere, come, io ho fatto a capire, che, tu appartieni ai servizi segreti del Kuwait? --ANSWER--> PERCHé LA TUA ICONA DEL CANALE: precedente: che google ha chiuso a te: per motivazioni di copyrail? non è scomparsa! ai canali normali? essa scompare!

@ Israel ->
@ Israel -> the "Illuminati"? already, they had: all occult powers: of the Freemasons, and the banking system, when they made ​​the "French Revolution", and they have stifled, finally, all metaphysical and humanistic Christian civilization. enlightened were already, large hidden puppeteers and great directors, when, in mode unnecessary, Dante Alighieri, warned the people from mortal danger: of IMF-New World Order: in the Divine Comedy, that is, the danger of the "synagogue of Satan," to have their own them, planned and executed: the killing of all Jews to Auswitz: morally, as principals masters! You could never build the Jewish Temple in this situation: of Talmud, Satanism and Freemasonry! YHWH will to overwhelm, you, too, in his anger: this time!
@ Israel -> my love! run away with me: this is for our elopement of love.. "Come from Lebanon, my bride, come from Lebanon: come to me because I am enamored of your delight: the bdellium and the lilies, are spread the fragrance in my garden, is the glory of the Lord God of Abraham and Moses, O my beloved. "since there is no violence or coercion in love: you do not be afraid of me!
@ Israel -> faster: you withdraw the "grain" (bonds, stocks, obligation, money, all) and run go! before that IMF: collapse on you! it is true that 666Rothschild has founded the State of Israel, but the satanists enlightened, are to take advantage of you: for their own purposes: super-criminals, who are all against you, for your bad doom! if, Rothschild loved you? He did not put his own star of Satan with six points on your flag.

[[Why I am Messiah & Mahdi]]
[[Why I am Messiah & Mahdi]] Noah cursed his son CAM :forever with all its descendants: ie: blacks, Muslims, all peoples). making:forever, their, slaves of (SEM: ie: Jews) also has cursed Japheth (all Christians) without any guilt in him, making it: forever, the servants of SEM (ie: Jews). Now, if Noah was so bad? Certainly, God would have drowned also him in the flood! They are right, in part, the Muslims when they say, that the Bible has been corrupted: but, they do not know, that the Torah was corrupted: (only) at the time: its composition: its own: by priests of the Temple of Gerusalemme. that not have doing a spiritual discernment of all the fragments that have collected

[on the most important page in the world!]]
@ to all governments and: to all the Masons - 1. because you have not said what: you know: with Francesco Cossiga: and with all the secret service? about "September 11 has been done: by the CIA and by MOSSAD: for preparing: the invasion of Iraq." 2. because: you have sold the monetary sovereignty (banking seigniorage) of the your people: at the satanist jews Rothschild and his IMF of enlightened? -you will do a bloodbath! I am: Unius REI against you: for to protect all whole human race before the Court of God, and before the trial of the story against you: I accuse you of: genocide, and high: Treason against the Constitution! Yes! I accuse you all!
Allahuakbar [Egypt] you have heard, as the Turks have said: "Armenians" is the word of a grass!"Of all Muslims? You were been the only one who was not capable of doing the genocide of Christians: namely, that is dirty work, that Muhammad said to do to you! Now, those guys of the Copts? they are not guilty, if you're gay, and if they have survived: to 1400 years of: massacres: rapes, kidnappings, robberies: abuse: violence: and all atrocities! now? or you take:to kick ass all the men of religion from politics and hunted them? this way: you give up sharia: immediately and forever! or: we will do this: nuclear world war: where At last: this damn Koran will be abolished for ever! Because, where Christians have failed? Satanists Jews of enlightened IMF_NWO? they do not fail! Allahuakbar: also, You speak of the Christian martyrs?
@ YourtubeTerminated: the Satanist mistafield: ie: the employee of the CIA-MOSSAD? He Is A Traitor to His people, like every other Satanist! Traitor with enlightened: its monetary Sovereignty: stolen from the all peoples: that is, the accomplice of the Banks of enlightened Jews lobby: of NetWork: 666 Rothschilds: the seigniorage banking: ie, the criminal 11-09: Bush and His 322 as New World Order? h Defends now, Also, the killers of Muslim sharia law! .. Because: there is only one truth! Satan is: one big family! In fact, the beasts are Killed Among Them, but then are Part: One of only jungle! I as a Christian? I am happy to live: for faith in the Kingdom of God and not to be: with my heart in this: the world of shit: of: Satanists masonry and Share! You have Christ Betrayed? Keep up this hour: 3 ° nuclear WW: In your asssssss!
@ tanakadesuyo48 - Jewish bankers are they against all the peoples! we are puppets in their hands: is through: bank seigniorage: they have the NWO
@Iraqikurd4ever-- Rothschild and Bush: pretend to be Christians or jew, but one is 666, while the other: it is 322! the world is already: in the hands of Satanists! you: all the Muslims? you you're having too much: fun: in Iraq against innocent Christians, as if they were guilty of something? then would not: have to be passed: of the 1,200,000 to only 200,000 survivors: only you are all full of the Satanism of Muhammad!
[[he blocked me]] @ Iraqikurd4ever - .. Come out: Coward! excrement of a Muslim that: is the child of the relationship monstrous Between Mohammed and the devil! Do not hide: yourself behind your computer! evil coward of a Muslim: the servant of the Donkey Muhammad criminal: the full of demons! In fact, you can not be a servant of Allah! how can you ask for your compassion for people? If you do not know to have compassion for other people? How, think you have the freedom to be a Muslim, though: then you choke the freedom to to Christian, That Can not Be So? Hell is the place of Muslims criminals like you!
@ sonofpikaia - no! has never existed Precambrian time. for the calculation of the ages? the traitors have only: 2 values on seven: so arbitrarily are been equate to zero: the missing values ​​.. because all the fossils are only found in sedimentary rocks? Then, all the fossils are of: about 3000 years because the water: of the "Flood: Universal!" has washed away part of the material radioattivo: thus, the whole system of evolution? is a gigantic hoax! is in fact the Crime ideological of Bankers Jews: enlightened: why they are anti Christian because: they are the synagogue of Satan

@at 40%: of all the good men of the human race, of every people and every religion -- true: men criminals, who are abominable? they are 60%​​: that is, all those who are predestined to go to hell. but they do not have the anointing, that is the benevolence of God, and not have the protection of their Unius Rei .. are only dust all them, who were destined to die in this war: "However, in every way: thou shalt not be afraid because God is in control!"

thecopticmartyrs2 (34 minuti fa)
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[Egypt] you have heard, as the Turks have said: "Armenians" is the word of a grass!"Of all Muslims? You were been the only one who was not capable of doing the genocide of Christians: namely, that is dirty work, that Muhammad said to do to you! Now, those guys of the Copts? they are not guilty, if you're gay, and if they have survived: to 1400 years of: massacres: rapes, kidnappings, robberies: abuse: violence: and all atrocities! now? or you take:to kick ass all the men of religion from politics and hunted them? this way: you give up sharia: immediately and forever! or: we will do this: nuclear world war: where At last: this damn Koran will be abolished for ever! Because, where Christians have failed? Satanists Jews of enlightened IMF_NWO? they do not fail!

[the infamous pact]
between Saudi Arabia and enlightened: for the destruction of Christian civilization(democracy) and the destruction of Palestine, in this way through Freemasonry, Satanism, multinational, corporations, bank seigniorage: the enlightened jews: take control of the West, while the Saudis take control of all Muslim Nations.

[il patto scellerato] tra Arabia Saudita e enlightened: per la distruzione della civiltà cristiana e per la distruzione della Palestina, in questo modo attraverso la massoneria, satanismo, corporations multinazionali, signoraggio bancario: gli enlightened jews: prendono il controllo dell'Occidente, mentre i sauditi prendono il controllo di tutte Nazioni musulmane



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    666 is best cannibal horror: ie the beasts: not more human. 666 is criminal too. 666 burn in the hell: forever
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    UniusRei3 posted a comment 1 hour ago but, it is a relative truth: that kills people! That's why no one must come out from the horizon of the natural law: "do good and avoid evil!" @ SPAMMERS -> slave of satanism institutional and international: demons cursed by Satan ROTHSCHILD, AND CIA, IMF ROCHEFELLER 322: BUSH: 666: to be prisoners of this page for the destruction of the whole human race: "SHAME!": "SHAME!" - ANSWER-> I defend a lot of people innocent that dies because of your banking regime: IMF 666, 322, say that even I am a spammer? This is a crime! criticizes you all the Holy Spirit, amen alleluia
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    UniusRei3  said: @ but, you are my Israel?? -----> You prefer: that: I build the Jewish Temple: in a system: of monetary sovereignty? or: you prefer: a Nuclear World War 3: where Rothschild: could not tolerate ever: the existence of: a state of the Jews: that would be an impediment to the spread of Satanism: ie, a perspective of New World Order for the total enslavement: of all mankind. Against autonomy of each national politics .. In fact, his ambition for power and glory: he could never dissociated from Satanism!
    @ YeshuaEstYhwh -> You are a very brave jew! In fact, you are a true Christian! because only men, that they are in the presence of a living God: only they are living ! That's why Jesus: in Bethlehem said: "the truth will make you free people!" my brother jew: where do you live? you're not afraid to become the prey of the Illuminati? lol. CHRISTIANISME Next JUDAÏSME! GALATES 1:13-24... Rév 11:15. -Je suis chrétien né de nouveau en Jésus christ. Je suis là pour témoigner ma foi chrétienne. *A l'intention de vous tous: -Je ne suis pas un juif, pas convertis à aucune religion, ni évangélique, aucune secte!!! Mais à Jésus-christ lui SEUL, Le véritable Dieu et la vie éternel. 1Jn 5:20. Il déclare: Je suis le Chemin, la Vérité et la Vie. Le Dieu de paix d'amour et de grâce, réconciliation et vérité qui éclate le jour au lendemain, Dieu de l'univers. «J'oriente ma foi vers la foi juif!». Ventum ad consummationem saeculi.

    gereorth666 Re:R:Re:you can say this: to all Satanists: family from me! why I am UNIUS REI! Satanism isn't good for me! There isn't a single religion that's important to me. NONE Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica ---answer -- idiota: tu non devi cercare una religione! tu devi cercare Dio! idiot: you do not have to look for a religion! you have to seek God! 666GiudaicoMassonica ha pubblicato un commento 11 minuti fa VykloSS Re: you can say this: to all Satanists: family from me! why I am UNIUS REI! i hope you bleed as much as your write human. 3384 [kg9] Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica ---ANSWER--> LOL. ALLELUIA
    az99920 رد:theSynagogueofSatan (14 minuti fa) Spam كويتي بحق ! الله يحفظ من في قلوبهم خير من امثالكم لانه الخير في كل مجتمع ودين رجال صالحون يحبون الخير للجميع هم نور ورحمه للمجتمع وهم السلام الحقيقي Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica il 27/11/11. --ANSWER-- MY DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER OF KUWAIT: كويتي بحق! he works in the secret service of his country! and because of the war that his country is doing against Syria using terrorism? then, he is very embarrassed to write to me!

Commento al tuo video:
Commento al tuo video: destruction of Islam Quran and victory enlightened Satanism ritchloui sad: More desperate Muslim propaganda and lies. I made up my mind about Islam by listening to what they themselves had to say and by reading their own scriptures. A major part of what they say is what they say about others, and it is just one long vile slanderous incitement to hatred and violence against them. Just like this absurd video. No wonder every Islamic country is a madhouse of forehead burning zombies. --ANSWER-> BECAUSE they are ashamed: of Christian martyrs of the innocen, that they kill, but they can not admit, then, invent the calumnies about the Christians! of killed 500 innocent people, that they have killed in Nigeria? .[watch?v=oHfBbB7LcCM]. Then, they say, which are bodies of Muslims killed by Christians