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rabby are enlightened

@ az99920 - my brother:
- rabby are enlightened! These days, I have worked with: very hard: about: a secret document, that is in the comments: of my "mrUniversalMetaphysc" because: for Rabbis? Talmud is more important: that Torah(blasphemy apostasy)! is why, all mankind is in danger of imminent destruction, as the Talmud says that God created all men, like animals in human form to be exploited by the Jews: IMF-World Order! Unfortunately, the silence of: "aspiaino: ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342"? plead guilty all the rabbis: for to be accomplices: of this murderous agenda against all the Nations! is why, have decided to destroy completely: even the State of Israel. this will be evident if you want to study this document: in:
do not be afraid of malware: or viruses, why, there is no: it is just a red herring: of our system: the banking system of Jewish and Masonic of seigniorage banking transfert, which dominates against all us

♔* halleluija! Gloria a Dio per sempre!
♔* halleluija! Glory to God forever!

No one can be the my friend: on the:
"lorenzojhwh: channel" that is: the King of Israel and UNUIS REI: ie, the only hope for survival of human races: before this imminent 3rd WW nuclear and against NWO-IMF: and his occult powers of Satanism and Freemasonry and banking seigniorage, that, in this server of YouTube, definitely, were and are been defeated: if, he not says: of to recognize my authority: political and theological on all all mankind my kingdom
My kingdom does not tolerate any violence, as a crime whatever, that, does any violence against an innocent whatever? he will fall under my opinion: immediately! is why, in the world any violence and any poverty will disappear very soon: Throughout the world, for I have faith to do all this: that is, my universal brotherhood, why I am UniusREI!
many believe that it is the sinfulness of a person to make of him a satanist .. in a very wily: Satanists say "you've gone too far to turn back to God!" .. but the opposite is true .. God has no problem with your sin .. so, you do not let Satan drag also you too: in its destruction! Satan knew that I would struggle on behalf of all my children: and all my children Muslims to liberate them from the violence of Sharia! thus, the Satanists: have converged en masse: to ask for my friendship with the intention of trying to prevent: my ability to send messages .. lol. but the Spirit Holy? has already prepared: an appropriate response against them, so, once again can enjoy the taste of defeat.
ritchloui said: Muhammad produced no miracles and when pressed he claimed that his miracle is the Quran. Yet a cursory look at the Quran reveals that this book is full of errors. Quran is replete with scientific heresies, historic blunders, mathematical mistakes, logical absurdities, grammatical errors and ethical fallacies. It is badly compiled and it contradicts itself. There is nothing intelligent in this book let alone miraculous. Muhammad challenged people to produce a "Surah like it" or find an error therein, yet Muslims would kill anyone who dares to criticize it. In such a climate of hypocrisy and violence? truth is the first casualty.­m/ The hijab has now become a brand. The brand of Islam and of Islamic imperialism and the use and abuse of women as a human shield for evil domineering men. Domestic violence against Muslimas by their families is SO widespread that they are ALL required to dress in such a way that no-one can see the extent of their injuries; the clipped ears, smashed bodies and, where it's really bad, smashed faces. The Muslim Qur'an (Koran) and Muslim Hadith are unique among all the sacred writings in the entire world -- because they alone counsel its followers to make war on unbelievers. Any thoughtful reader will be forced to admit that evil literally "drips" from their pages. One in every 55 verses in the Muslim Qur'an consists of this fake god Allah insisting that Muslims make war on unbelievers: Muslims have got their work all ahead of them in their desire to defend Islam against 'slander'. Are these men Islam's enemies or spokesmen? Abu Hamza: "In an Islamic land if you find a kuffir you can either sell him in the market or just kill him. It's ok" Hassan Nasrallh, Muhajadin Secretary General "The most honorable killing and the most glorious martyrdom is when a man is killed for the sake of Allah". If Musims can't take on and defeat these men then they are going to have to rely on non-Muslims to do it for them. In such a case, it will be difficult for non-Muslims to distinguish between the supposedly different kinds of Muslim. Especially as both types of Muslim still regard the spread of Islam and its doctrines to be their duty as Muslims
Aisha narrated that the Prophet was betrothed (zawaj) to her when she was six years old and he consummated (nikah) his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years" Saheeh al-Bukhari, Vol 7 Bk 62 No 64. The video link watch?v=TYpH3QL0i9w is basically an attempt at excusing this child molestation by a 54 year old man on a 9 year old girl by comparing it to the laws of Dark Age England. We call them the Dark Ages for a reason. Another Muslim FAIL. [[Non-Muslim inventions]]ot one, I repeat, NOT ONE, scientific contribution was made in Arabia itself, the home of Islam. ALL the progress was made in the already advanced civilisations of Assyria (Iraq), Persia (Iran) because these civilisations had collected and valued the works of the Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Chinese and Indians. They continued their work for a while under their new ignorant masters, but eventually the Imams and their bandit enforcers reduced these civilisations to their own level of barbarity and stupidity. So now they religiously set about burning their foreheads on carpets in subjection as though this will make them 'worthy' of Mo the Molester's alter-ego Allah. Hadiths, particularly Bukhari, is a one-dimensional take on Mohammed and turned his message into a clearly evil doctrine. It seems that some very cruel and ambitious men got together and spun everything into a ghastly justification of their greed, perversity and longing for slaughter. They simply see Islam as validating their vicious desire to bully and kill people. This seems to go right to the top, with thousands of Sheiks and Imams literally glorifying killing and saying it is far better than living and in fact, is the only guaranteed way into paradise. It's just too crazy. It is going to be very difficult to protect innocent, good people from the bloodshed these awful men are provoking. The problem with this is that Mohammed himself was committed to attacking, converting, enslaving or killing anyone who did not adhere to his new religion. This is called imperialism. Furthermore, over 70% of the land currently regarded as Islamic were originally Christian.
@ QuranVsHadith - I do not know the English spoken, but is not the first time, that: Muslims important in youtube: (particolrmente this is despicable) have made slander against Copts, etc. .. This behavior is despicable .. [watchv=oHfBbB7LcCM] In fact, I have recognized in this video: scenes of "corpses" of Christian martyrs: that: have been passed (interpreted) as the corpses of Muslims .. and that, moreover, have been blamed: for have tried to get a legitimate reaction: that is, self-defense: this is putting goats on the same plane with the sheep! indeed, there are no Christian terrorists in the world
[[I am lorenzojhwh or lorenzoAllah]] there is not a culture of aggression of the Christians, as, unfortunately, there is a culture of aggression for Muslims: so: they were been all extinct Christians in all Muslim countries .. so, it is difficult to find a Muslim who condemns the sharia: to affirm the right to freedom of religion, namely, the ability to live peacefully and in prosperity

ILLUMINATI? are all Luciferian! Yes, they have planned every Holocaust: from after the reign of King Solomon! have designed: even the total destruction of Israel in this imminent: 3 ° WW nuclear! with Atrocities endless, because the people feel betrayed by the Jews: they will do their killing: new shoah. and that is: that: they want the enlightened: that is, to convince all Jews: that is inevitable to be enemies of the all peoples: ie, racism of talmud! how all peoples are your enemies! that all peoples must necessarily be: your enemies: while: it is inevitable that all Jews to be enemies of all the other peoples! but this is not true! are all lies! In fact, it is hatred and Satanism: the foundation of the power of this enlightened:ie, Masonic system: of the bank seigniorage: NWO-IMF.

Talmud on my channel
[[ /watch?v=3pFHNbaywUE ]] The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy 1863 aaaa.wmv
@aspiaino,ComunitaEbraicaRoma,2628342,--I have seen, as in this video you said that John F. Kennedy deserved to die because he was an adulterer? But, you do not approve the killing of all adulterers .. but only, of one who did: the order: 11110: because, that way, he prevented at your enlightened: to predation: destruction against all the peoples? (as the Talmud says to do?), that is, exterminate all the peoples and also my people Israel, ie: through seigniorage bank of the IMF-World Order and all occult power of freemasonry, ecc.. -When Moses went up only: Mount "Sinai" alone? to none of the people were allowed, not even to touch the feet of the mountain! and none (of all people) would have tried: the great terror of these moment! Now, who has not lost: the simplicity of a child, he would know: easily: as, God: YHWH has intended only and solely entrust the word of God to Moses and not at the Talmud satanic .. and in fact, YHWH has sent many prophets to say: stop ! to making money at interest, it is something: of objectively: an abomination .. as if to say that, the verse in the Torah: to make money at interest against GOIM? I do not have dictated, but it was an operation of the racism of the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem! . because Christianity is the truth, while everything else is a lie? Why: only Christianity knows: why: Some angels have made ​​a rebellion to be become demons .. all the others? make a detestable crime: blasfemy and apostasy: since. for thinking, that God has created also: even the evil or impure things, or animals in human form as GOIM (cf:. talmud) now I understand: 1. because you do not want to talk with me and 2. because you are the curse of Israel for its destruction! is the satanic Talmud, which has made ​​you: satanists! So, you forget, that God made only: terrestrial paradise: and only a part of it is deteriorated, because of the treachery of men .. But God did not want the current state of our planet!
Talmud on my channel

[[Unius Rei]]
I must reveal a big secret .. also if, "enlightened Jews": are for their Luciferian religion? therefore, they have faith in God, is why, before of a massacre, or before to do start a war(indispensable for their IMF), before: of do exterminated the peoples? they do become guilty the peoples, before at the eyes of God. so ignorant people like Hitler, Mussolini, racist sharia, Ahmadinejad, ecc.. who replicate their own racism? or persons "wretched" as the Jewish rabbis(insensitive to the pain of the peoples for crime of the bank seigniorage) all this represent a real resource for the enlightened. In fact, only Gandhi succeeded in defeating the Illuminati! how the Illuminati, have doing become guilty also the Jews, before of do exterminated them by Hitler, ecc..? for through their silence of complicity.. the silence of yesterday? is also the same silence of omerta, of today! is this, which strangles all peoples, in favor of their bank seigniorage: IMF, as well: are guilty for the conspiracy of their silence against the Christian martyrs! This is what makes accomplices Jewish communities! [I do not need to prove my statements] but it was not his fault, if my metaphysics, forced him (a minister of Saudi Arabia) to make this statement: "the martyrs Christians that we kill? it was like for Jesus when the Jews did kill him, through the Romans. "This is the content of his message published by him for my videos, that also has been reported by me on an of the my page! it is clear to me that is the synagogue of Satan, after taking full control of the West, to encourage the "Muslim brothers" to be violent, against Christians: in the hope of exterminating all muslims, ecc.. in this almost inevitable: 3° WW nuclear against Islamic sharia that is become guilty against innocent martyrs, and so, to introduce their era of Lucifer! @SOAPBOX1965- you are gay my brother? the Ministry of Health has said that homosexuals are a kind! lol. but, he has forgotten, for the much of his science, that a species can not exist, without having their children! However I believe that the sick (we all are: in some way: all sick), then: we wold not to be accused or persecuted or marginalized by no one .. but , gay still remain of the sick! [why people is in fall easy in the hell?] if we look at the enormous suffering of the poor, of martyrs, innocent victims? Then, it is easy to understand: if you hide the truth of history (for ideological or religious reasons) as the genocide of the Armenians, the Karst sinkholes, the shameful history of the Italian Risorgimento, etc? indignation can not disappear for God! Then, this means becoming an accomplice to those crimes, namely, the suppression of innocent people, even if they were murdered hundreds of years ago.
[[Unius Rei]] many people think, that if, Unius Rei could save: the whole human race: ie, this imminent massacre, genocide collective of 3° WW nuclear: ie, this agenda of enlightened: made few centuries ago: ie, agenda of "Illuminati", indeed, are Luciferian, this Jewish bankers: of IMF-NWO) this can be: something remarkable for me? ... but it is not so! The metaphysic of Unius Rei has jurisdiction: on the whole history of mankind and his real task is to be able to give, again, a last chance to all people: that: have fallen into an abyss of the hell: ie, infinite destruction and despair! This? is a tremendous punishment: for me: in fact, I, like, Jonah did not want to forgive: to no one ..
[[Unius Rei]] but it is God that compels me, punish, force me at forgive, even all the souls damned: after that, they have shown loyalty to my kingdom! Yes! will be forgiven .. although, I feel, that a number of these entities remains stubbornly hostile, stubborn: rebel: However, most of them: ie, demons and damned souls, they have sworn allegiance to the my kingdom for to be already incorporated in image holographic of the Holy Shroud multidimensional: that is kept in Turin! so, Satan, will yet still further humiliated!
2008Sameoldfitup said: Jesus is Lord--ANSWER-TODAY'S OWN: my METAPHYSICAL has hinted to me, such as that coward of youtube: not has close my "uniusREI2": for, have translated me: the book biblical of Wisdom: on his page (youtube/YouTube), but for have made ​​me, a series of videos, like this: ie, "the Pharisees Scribes Talmud Satanic Illuminati" .. but, this is really serious! because all religions have to fight against hypocrisy: in every time!
@youtube - you do not do retry: even against this channel: all your evil against me! because someone can get to the hell: quickly.. Indeed, you'd do well to return to me my "uniusrei2": that thou hast hid me (illegally) without providing any explanation or motivation never .. because many scribes and Pharisees were friends of Jesus, so Jesus did not intend to criticize the whole class of scribes and Pharisees collectively



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    666 is best cannibal horror: ie the beasts: not more human. 666 is criminal too. 666 burn in the hell: forever
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    UniusRei3 posted a comment 1 hour ago but, it is a relative truth: that kills people! That's why no one must come out from the horizon of the natural law: "do good and avoid evil!" @ SPAMMERS -> slave of satanism institutional and international: demons cursed by Satan ROTHSCHILD, AND CIA, IMF ROCHEFELLER 322: BUSH: 666: to be prisoners of this page for the destruction of the whole human race: "SHAME!": "SHAME!" - ANSWER-> I defend a lot of people innocent that dies because of your banking regime: IMF 666, 322, say that even I am a spammer? This is a crime! criticizes you all the Holy Spirit, amen alleluia
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    UniusRei3  said: @ but, you are my Israel?? -----> You prefer: that: I build the Jewish Temple: in a system: of monetary sovereignty? or: you prefer: a Nuclear World War 3: where Rothschild: could not tolerate ever: the existence of: a state of the Jews: that would be an impediment to the spread of Satanism: ie, a perspective of New World Order for the total enslavement: of all mankind. Against autonomy of each national politics .. In fact, his ambition for power and glory: he could never dissociated from Satanism!
    @ YeshuaEstYhwh -> You are a very brave jew! In fact, you are a true Christian! because only men, that they are in the presence of a living God: only they are living ! That's why Jesus: in Bethlehem said: "the truth will make you free people!" my brother jew: where do you live? you're not afraid to become the prey of the Illuminati? lol. CHRISTIANISME Next JUDAÏSME! GALATES 1:13-24... Rév 11:15. -Je suis chrétien né de nouveau en Jésus christ. Je suis là pour témoigner ma foi chrétienne. *A l'intention de vous tous: -Je ne suis pas un juif, pas convertis à aucune religion, ni évangélique, aucune secte!!! Mais à Jésus-christ lui SEUL, Le véritable Dieu et la vie éternel. 1Jn 5:20. Il déclare: Je suis le Chemin, la Vérité et la Vie. Le Dieu de paix d'amour et de grâce, réconciliation et vérité qui éclate le jour au lendemain, Dieu de l'univers. «J'oriente ma foi vers la foi juif!». Ventum ad consummationem saeculi.
    az99920 رد:theSynagogueofSatan (14 minuti fa) Spam كويتي بحق ! الله يحفظ من في قلوبهم خير من امثالكم لانه الخير في كل مجتمع ودين رجال صالحون يحبون الخير للجميع هم نور ورحمه للمجتمع وهم السلام الحقيقي Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica il 27/11/11. --ANSWER-- MY DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER OF KUWAIT: كويتي بحق! he works in the secret service of his country! and because of the war that his country is doing against Syria using terrorism? then, he is very embarrassed to write to me!

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@my JHWH -- certo, è normale per me, di essere me stesso, nella mia identità, ma, per gli altri, è una grande meraviglia, come uno spettacolo incredibile! @caro Papa FRANCESCO -- è inevitabile, attraversare, il soprannaturale, cioè, fare esperienza dolorosa, schifosa di occulto, demoni, ecc.. poi, di carismi, doni soprannaturali, ecc.. per raggiungere il divino, finalmente, dove è la razionalità pura, a riprendere il controllo, del tuo essere, e dove i demoni, e le anime impure, non possono più avvicinarsi a te, ora, molti dei tuoi preti? non credono nella esistenza dei demoni, ed è questo, che, è la grave crisi del mondo cristiano contemporaneo! dal punto di vista spirituale? non sono ancora dei cristiani adulti!

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