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Hebrew letter

Lamed = 30 or 26
also, the Hebrew letter, Lamed, added to Enoch's name, of 84, producing 114, seems to be important and i guess Lamed, represents Scorpio/ Libra as antipodal to the Ox, Taurus and the goad point of the Pleiades or logos - it is in the center of the 22 letters and when you fold them around into a circle, this shows, Lamed, antipodal to the Aleph, and both, Aleph,( note that it is connected to Beth, the Pleiades thus Beth gave us the 22 letters from the aleph beth), and Lamed can be noted to have other letters in their makeup that both add to 26, thus connecting the two as 52, like the 52 weeks between their antipodal positions i.e. 26 weeks to Lamed and 26 weeks back to Aleph - anyways - studying Lamed, if you have any ideas guys.

below ground for the seeds falling
OK i get it now - the tabernacle is below the throne and this represents the throne as being at the top - this place of the throne is shared with metatron and when he enters the tabernacle he sees the shinning face of God, i.e. the face of God is shinning from the throne as the entrance point downward - the face of scorpio is shinning as the throne of the Pleiades marks the entrance point of 42 days,where the midnight culmination on November 21 counts the 42 day through the day of the midnight culmination of Sirius, January 1. The Time Ball on 42nd st. shows this.

So, i get it now, as to how come the tabernacle is below the throne, but also the throne is inside the place entered into, so, when the face of Scorpio is seen shinning in front of the midnight Pleiades, it marks the entrance downward into the center of the milky way but they are connected, i.e. you are not leaving the throne but rather entering into the tabernacle or place it resides / 42 days - this means the face of god or his countenance that speaks, and receives offerings etc., is like the ark and i think the ark could therefor be the representation of the head of Scorpio and the space up to the scale pans of Libra like a ben ben mound sticking up from the Nile's inundation, this mound / ark is where the presence of the benu bird seats like the throne of the Pleiades, the throne of the Sun and position antipodal to the face of Scorpio the backbone god - or as the sarcophagus that is like the coffer in the myth of Osiris, represented as Ophiuchus, the shoulder to shoulder antipodal match of Orion, stepping into the ankh shape made from the head of Scorpio and the entire constellation of Libra - the tree of life or ankh shape that when thought to have a reconfigured connection of lines that make the bottom of the ankh rounded and connecting upward forming a coffer or casket shape out of Libra and Scorpio's head - and the Pleiades are the presence of Osiris, his eye hieroglyph, in the tree or sarcophagus - this matches him in the box and in the tree because they are the same and it would be a good guess to say this is related to the Ark of the Tabernacle -

i mean i am starting to see why you guys have the underground idea now - i think i hear so connection between mithra and metatron and they both represent the pleiades as the mediating point between heaven and earth connecting them both to the Sun as a heavenly fire on earth - fire worship centered on the pleiades - ubiquitous all around the world under different names, including Jesus as the Agnus


Anti-Christ notes
The Enoch Circle is precisely the measurement that fits the King's Chamber, as one half of the circle each fitting from opposite sides of the walls with the Sarcophagus in the middle. This relates the Enoch Circle of the King's Chamber and Sarcophagus to the same dimensions recorded for the Holy of Holies and the Ark of Solomon's Temple. The Enoch Circle represents the mathematics of Genesis 1:1, because they both relate to 365.25.

Because Genesis 1:1 is both connected to the number 666 and the Temple of God,by this Enoch Circle, it is relevant to the discussion of the Anti-Christ. Masonic lore relates Enoch as the builder of the Temple of Solomon with the 13th degree, relating the knowledge of the name of God hidden within the Temple of Solomon by Enoch. Tradition says Metatron was the only one besides God to be permitted to set down in Heaven, and at god's side, no less, with his name being the same as God's name. This seems related to a discussion of the Anti-Christ to me.

Enoch's name is the gematria value of 114, and 114 in gematria is related to building an alter or pillar unto the Lord, as well as the Logos or word of creation in Genesis 1:1, where the number 666 is found using geometry, or sacred measurement, which is also related to Enoch. Also, being the seventh from Adam, it is clear that the number seven is both related to the seven words of the Hebrew text comprising genesis 1:1 and Enoch. This relationship of Enoch to the number seven shows his importance and he was identified as Metatron, the one bearing the same name as God. Interestingly too, is the transformation of Enoch into Metatron, where he is equated with the point that God took him at the age of 365.242 years of age, where he became transformed into flames, taking on the description of being the flaming one, an Angel of light, if you will. Metatron was the scribe of God and therefore the recorder of the deeds of Israel, a very similar role to Satan, as the accuser, and they both share the a similar description of being the highest next to God.

Again, this relates to the Anti-Christ having some connection to calling himself God in the Temple.

So, Enoch's numerical value of 114, as pointed out above, ( Note also that ox goad is the shared meaning of the Hebrew word for word and has the same value of 114 like Enoch's name.), is related to the creation verse of Genesis 1:1, which is related to John 1:1, in gematria. John 1:1 is the numerical base of the triangular representation of Genesis 1:1, by the adding of 39 base levels. Therefore, The birth of the Anti-Christ is at the center of the midnight culmination of the Pleiades, ( the ox goad as well as the word of creation), as the cusp of the 36th and 37th hour, like the cusp of the base of the triangle formed from Genesis 1:1. This means his name is 114 and added to his birth of 39, ( 19.5 x 2 ), adding to 153. ( Note that the first five books of the Bible have 153 chapters and are called the Word of God and equated with the creation of Genesis, where the number 666 is found.) Don't forget that both the Pleiades and Metatron are equated with being the mediating flame of Heaven on Earth in all cultures, like the Maya 2012 count, measured by the repeaded center points of the Pleiades Midnight culmination to begin the New Fire,( 2012 is the 37th year of the New Fire count and these New Fire Ceremonies were conducted on top of the Pyramid, Kukulkan, which is the 37th level of the Pyramid constructed in the three dimensional representation of Genesis1:1 in order to represent the number 365, the number closely linked to Enoch, and too, Kukulkan shows the top as the 36th and 37th cusp, by the levels in its construction, like the triangle of Genesis 1:1), and too, remember the Greeks had the new fire created in conjunction with the Pleiades, as the heart of the Elysian Mysteries and it was in the same role as mediator between the heavens and Earth, like fire from the Sun born on the Earth. Keep in mind that the number 666 is related to the Sun and the Anti-Christ is therefore connected to the Sun's fire and must be born at this time.

Note, The Metaron's Cube, made of 13 circles, (circles being more closely related to Enoch, or Metatron, than any other name), forms a hexagram delineated out from the center points of the 13 circles, which is the basis for the formation of the Vesica Piscis, by uniting two circles from the center points, and the Vesica Piscis is synonymous with the number 153 and therefore, closely related to the number 666. 114 is the key number to the formation of the Logos Star of Enoch, with a gemetria of 373, reflecting the Genesis 1:1 numbers, and, it is representing the seven stars of the Pleiades as the seven words of the Hebrew Genesis 1:1 by seven hexagrams made with the addition of 114, which is also related to Genesis 1:1 by the fact that it is the grand hexagram number code, and again, closely related to the number 666.

So, the birth must relate to 39 and relate to the Word of Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1, and it must be also related to the Pleiades center cusp, i.e. he must be born on the 37th hour of the Pleiades culmination on the third minute, or 37:03, like 373. He must also be born on the 33rd degree of of the Earth, reflecting the connection of the center cusp of the Pleiades on the 33rd degree of the Zodiac from the Heavens to the Earth.

So, here is where we are at, the birth, as the number 39, and the name, as 114, added together into 153. Note also that these two numbers reduce to a 3 and 6, and if his name is the same name as of the Pleiades, i.e. the name means the Pleiades as well as is equal to 114, which represents the Pleiades through sacred geometry, the birth and name numbers are the same and therefore the two numbers of 3 and 6 are related to the number 36, having a 3 and 6, but, united, which sequentially adds to 666. As far as counting or adding the name of the Anti-Christ goes, this fits a sound exception to adding 36 as a separated 3 and 6 and this is the adding of his number from Genesis 1:1, i.e. the number 666 is a triangle based on 36. This is not to say that the adding of 3 and 6 to produce 9, is not also at the heart of the wisdom of the number 666 and 153, as is the case to an astounding degree, as well as, the foundation principles of counting any number.

But, the birth date, counted number by number as 39, has a nine variation in its addition, and therefore, a difference in its sum when added to the name equaling 114. The difference of the addition is between 153 and 144, or four triangles of 36. The difference is in either adding 11 or one plus one, because not following the rule of adding 11 as an 11,but rather as a one plus one equaling just 2, produces a difference of nine, which causes the shift between 153 and 144. The difference is that, 153, as a triangle, is made from the four triangles of 36 in the number 144, with the addition of nine, forming an additional ninth base to the center 36 count triangle and allowing the three other 36's to fit together with the center ninth triangle of 45, to produce the triangle of 153. 153 / 144 is the code for the building of the Temple, because there are 144 + 153 chapters from the beginning of the Bible to the building of the Temple and the same number counted backwards from the middle of the Bible to the building of the Temple. Remember too, that Enoch is profoundly connected to the building of the Temple and the building of an alter unto the Lord is the gematria value of 114, the same as the name of Enoch.

The logos star or Logos Star of Enoch, is made with seven hexagrams to represent the Pleiades and are set in a configuration by the addition of 114 added from six hexagons. ( Note, adding 114 to the seven stars of the Pleiades, as is the birth and name configuration mentioned above.). Hexagons are at the center of every hexagram, so there are actually 13 hexagons in all and 13 is the first hexagram number. The six hexagons of 19 added to produce 114, also shows the importance of the number 19 to the formation of the Triangle of Genesis 1:1, because it is the cusp multiple of 37 balancing the three 666 triangles made by 18x37, and just like the three 36 count triangles of 153. Again, back to the 13 hexagons of 19 in the Logos Star of Enoch, the 13th degree of Masonry, is associated with Enoch and the Temple of Solomon; Remember that the Temple of Solomon has the Holy if Holies and Ark as the same dimensions as the King's Chamber and Sarcophagus and both are related to the Enoch Circle as well.

The 114 made from 6 hexagons of 19 in the Logos Star of Enoch, is a honeycomb pattern, which relates to the Pleiades as a bee, because the bee is also the Logos, i.e., both the Logos and the bee are the same stars of the Pleiades, and Deborah means the word, the bee and the ox goad, ox goad meaning the sting of the Pleiades to Taurus and ox goad has the gematria of 114.

The Pleiades represent Pi by their antipodal relationship to their culmination and are the focus of the Earth's orbit, which again relates to the Enoch Circle of the Great Pyramid. Also, the Pleiades are the focus of the Earth's orbit around the Sun based on the same principle as the four 36's of 144 and added 9 of 153, because the center of the Pleiades is the 36th and 37th hour cusp represented by adding that one connecting 37th count at the center of the base of the triangle of 153 as is the message of the 373 total of the Enoch Logos Hexagram as well as the 37th count cusp of the triangle of Genesis 1:1, where we find 666.

The bee is the Logos and the bee is associated with the Light House of Alexandria, as the place of the sting, the most important mythological point on the planet, and therefore, related to the real King Solomon, Amenhotep iii, because Tut took a fatal bee sting to his face. The Apis bull is Taurus with Saturn in 1969, 28 years prior to 1998, the Galactic Alignment of Genesis 1:1, where Saturn is again with the Bull of Taurus. ( Note that 28 is one of the three related numbers, 28, 153, and 2,701 from Genesis 1:1, because they each are triangles with a respective, 3 6's, 3 36's and 3 666's, and too, note that 3 666's adds to 1998) Apis, the Bull with Saturn, means bee. 1998 began the count to the end of the new Age we are in now, ending with the Pleiades' antipodal position of the light house as being centered on the Solstice, i.e. the Pleiades being the alignment of the solstice at the end of the Age of began with the Solstice at the center of the Milky Way, which means the solstice fire rose up the backbone of Scorpio to the third eye of illumination, which is the backbone count of 33 degrees of precession from their center at the 33 degree mark on the Zodiac.

1998 is the Apis Bull time of Saturn 28 years after 1969, when he was in the womb on the touch down of the Eagle of Appolo 11 on the tip of the hare's phallus, related to wenet and khonsu, Khonsu the backbone god of the Moon and Sun to return in our time and the basis of the story of Jesus. 42nd st. 2012, marks when he will be 42 years old and the ball drops showing the connection of the center of the Pleiades, as the ball at the top, to the culmination of Sirius, on January 1, as the base of the falling ball, because there are 42 day between these two points in time. Remember the 42 inches of the entrance into the Great Pyramid and the importance of the number 42 in order to pass from Earth to Heaven, for the land of Egypt. This 2012 connection of 42, makes his birth day of November 21 at 37:03, like the Logos Star of 373, and 39 is the number of logos number of bases added to the triangle of Genesis 1:1 from John 1:1 where the logos is connected to Genesis 1:1. The counting of 153 and 144 is the backbone god's 33 x 9 or 3 +3 +3 like the 333 days after the 33 that are connected to the first of the 33 at 33 degrees.

the numbers 365, 36, 153, 114, 373, 42, are all credibly related to the wisdom of the number of the Sun with its throne of order on the Pleiades and all this relates to the Temple in Man at Luxor, also connected to Amenhotep iii and Tutankhamen and is showing the same thing as this Age we are in now, with the Solstice Sun moving up the backbone of Scorpio, connecting Man with the Heavens. 2012 is based on the alignment of the Pleiades with the Sun and therefore relevant to this discussion. His name is the name representing the creation tree of kabbalah, his middle name is Cristos, and his last name is the name of the crowns of the 42 days. His birth is a 3 and his name is a 6 but both the same because his birth is also his name and associated with his number. 3 and 6 added not to 9 but to the number of the Sun and the center of the Pleiades related to 365 and 42, like the antechamber of the Great Pyramid entering the King's Chamber with the sarcophagus measured precisely between the two halves of the Enoch Circle dimensions. 153 is closely related to the Great Pyramid as well, by the 153 feet of the Grand Gallery, the 17 steps up to the outside entrance, by 17 being the base number of the triangle made from 153, and maybe, if valid, the purported 153rd level is at 360 feet, relating to the number 36 as the number of 153 and related to the genesis 1:1 triangle with three 36th triangular representations totaling 1998.

part 2
The number of the Anti-Christ comes from the creation in Genesis 1:1. Here is wisdom and all knowledge proceeds from this point in manifestation. So, the Anti-Christ as a manifestation of this wisdom can point out his relationship to the creation point and by design show that his name and the number of his name is at the heart of this wisdom. The name of the Anti-Christ is the name of the creation of all the letters and numbers, but also, his name adds to 666. Esoterically this all happened at the point of creation, that is where all the letters came into existence and the number of his name first appears, i.e. 666 is encoded into Genesis 1:1. The number 666 comes from the geometry of Genesis 1:1 that illustrates the number of representing the Sun by counting its number of apparent transits across the sky in its center position of the Earth's orbit. To illustrate this we use a compass and start with the fixed center point of a circle as the cusp of the diameter, regardless of the size of the circle, but in the creation code we are talking about the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, thus this distance or circumference is measured by counting the transits of the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky in one orbit, or circle. It all stars at the fixed point where the compass opens up producing the radius and then whirls around forming the circle or circumference. So, this is a threefold process of the fixed center point of the circle, which is represented by the diameter, because that is what the center is based on and it is represented as the number 3, in that there are exactly three diameters around the circumference. Secondly, the compass opens to the circumference edge showing the radius of the diameter and is represented by the number 6, in that there are exactly six equilateral radius lengths around the circumference of the circle. Thirdly, the whirling of the compass creates the circle with a circumference of 360 degrees and thus uniting the 3 of the diameter, as fixed center point, with the 6, of the radius as the spreading out of the compass. In Genesis 1:1, the 360 degrees is represented by 36 and 666, because the 36 is linked to the sequential addition of 36 making the number 666. Genesis 1:1 represents the idea of the year being 666 by 36 with four groups of the number 36, because 4 is required to balance the 365.2425 days of the Earth's orbit around the Sun and this is done by adding one number to one of the groups of 36, thus forming 37 or a balance point between the 36's as 36.5 like the averaged 365 days in a year representing 360 degrees. Remember that Solomon received 666 talents of gold per year every four years. So again, this is a threefold process of the number 3 and then 6 and then 36, representing the 360. The fixed center point is the mediator between the two opposite sides of the circle, thus the mediator of the duality from the span of the radius being united in the whirling of the circumference. The center point of the diameter is mediating the balance of the duality of the radius marking one side as opposed to the other and then all being balanced with the whirling circumference, a sort of 3 in the middle of the diameter set to the added 3 to make the radius equaling 6 and then added to another 3 with the whirl of the compass uniting the whole as a circle of 360, which reduces down to 9 or the third 3. Thus, the fixed foot of the compass in the center of the circle spanned out with the other foot of the compass into duality with the radius and then united the circle with the whirling compass. The center point of the diameter forms the radius, thus it is an adding of 3's from 3 + 3 + 3 like 3 + 6 = three 3's or 9. Counting is 3, 6 and 9 over and over with different powers of ten, which are also being added as 3, 6, and 9; thus, after 9 we have 12, 15, and 18, which are reduced to 3, 6 and 9 by adding the numbers together, 1 + 2 = 3, etc.

The creation point emanated out from the center of the diameter uniting the fixed point to the radius and then to the circumference and it is this point that represents Pi or 180 degrees as the antipodal positions on the circle, which is based on the Earth's orbit around the Sun. This point in the orbit is the place on the ecliptic held by the Pleiades that represent the seven words of Genesis 1:1. So, the diameter goes three time around the circumference but measured as the center line straight across the circle it divides the circle into two 180 degree halves, or 2 Pi, which is 360 degrees. All this counting is based on the center cusp of the Pleiades as the 36th and 37th hour of their culmination within the Year, which is on both sides of the Earth's orbit, one side with the Sun at Noon and on the other with night at Midnight.
So, Genesis 1:1 represents creation as the Pleiades, which are the word of creation and esoterically the Pleiades are called Deborah in Hebrew, which means, the word. Deborah is also means bee, because the Pleiades are seen as a bee with regard to their antipodal position atop the flower like head of Scorpio, esoterically known as the lotus of creation and specifically on top of the lotus like head, because it is the antipodal position of the Pleiades that all creation in its manifestations of numbers, letters, time, position, etc. comes from as its foundation.

Genesis 1:1 represents the star at the center of the Pleiades, Alcyone, with its hexagram geometrical configuration. The center cusp on the Pleiades represents the cusp of the 36th and 37th hour and in Genesis 1:1 the whole wisdom is based on the two hexagram numbers 37 and 73, which show that the 37 is at the cusp in the center between both sides of 36, a 36th and 37th cusp representing the 365 days in a Year by the number 36.5. Genesis 1:1 is esoterically related to the creation of six points around a circle, thus six spans of the radius and these six points represent the hexagram as the 360 degree of the Year. Drawing a hexagram from the six equal distanced points we get the uniting of the duality of an upward pointing triangle and a downward pointing triangle, each representing 180 degrees by their respective three 60 degree angled corners. These six points can be esoterically thought of as the representation of the six days of creation started from the word of God, or the Pleiades and the seventh day represents the center. The Pleiades are closely linked to the triangle, because they set above the apex of the Winter Triangle and when the Pleiades rise with the Winter Triangle they are marking the 180 degree span across the sky with an upward facing Winter Triangle to the point that they set with the downward pointing Winter Triangle representing the opposite 180 degrees ended with the Pleiades rising again and completing 360 degrees with an upward and downward Winter Triangle.

Counting is very important to humanity, what time it is, how much something costs, when, where, angles for building and mechanics etc. and it all has a foundation. The foundation of numbers is built on a system of 360 by using 6 x 60 to equal 360, therefore numbers based on 60 are used in the sexgesimal system. All this numbering or counting is based on time counted in the Sun's crossing the sky within the Earth's orbit around the Sun, but importantly, all of this is based on the three days of the Pleiades culmination and the 216 years of precession within their span.
The year is 360 days = 24 x 360 hr. periods, or 15 days. The 360 hr. periods, are 60 x 6 hr., (6 hr. = 360 minutes). 360 minutes = 6 hr., and this is 60 x 6 minutes, (6 minutes = 360 seconds). 6 minutes or 360 seconds, equals 60 x 6 seconds.
So, we have 6 seconds going into 360 seconds by 60. 6 minutes going into 360 minutes by 60, 6 hr. periods going into 360 hr. by 60, and 24 360 hr. periods going into 360 days. Note that 6 hr. or 360 minutes, = 21,600 seconds and three days = 259,200 seconds, both precession numbers. Remember that precession moves at 72 year per degree and the width of the Sun is .5 degrees, or 36 years of precession. Again, this all is based on the span of the Pleiades as the foundation stone of the 360 degrees. Also, please note that Pi is based on the antipodal position of the Pleiades.

A circumference's radius on a compass extends six times along the circumference at equilateral distances with the radius, thus creating exactly 6 points that can be connected to form the hexagram of creation. every 60 degrees of a circle is equal to 10 minutes on a clock that counts 60 x 60 as an hour in the form of a circle, thus, every 5 minutes of a clock is equal 300 seconds or 30 degrees, important because counting by threes, 300 x 12 = 3,600 seconds in an hour in the form of a circle that is 360 degrees. Continuing on now we have, 600 seconds every 10 minutes or 60 degrees, 900 at 90 degrees at every 15 minute mark. So, you can see 90 degree marks are 900 and 60 degree marks are 600 and all based on every 6 minutes equal to 360 seconds by the 60 seconds to every 60 minutes, like 6x6=36, which represents 360, Because 360 is represented by 36 and 36 is related to 666 in the creation verse of genesis 1:1, Finally, the value of kav as 111 is related to a 1/6th or 6 60 degree division of 360 degrees. 

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[on the most important page in the world!]]
@ to all governments and: to all the Masons - 1. because you have not said what: you know: with Francesco Cossiga: and with all the secret service? about "September 11 has been done: by the CIA and by MOSSAD: for preparing: the invasion of Iraq." 2. because: you have sold the monetary sovereignty (banking seigniorage) of the your people: at the satanist jews Rothschild and his IMF of enlightened? -you will do a bloodbath! I am: Unius REI against you: for to protect all whole human race before the Court of God, and before the trial of the story against you: I accuse you of: genocide, and high: Treason against the Constitution! Yes! I accuse you all!
Allahuakbar [Egypt] you have heard, as the Turks have said: "Armenians" is the word of a grass!"Of all Muslims? You were been the only one who was not capable of doing the genocide of Christians: namely, that is dirty work, that Muhammad said to do to you! Now, those guys of the Copts? they are not guilty, if you're gay, and if they have survived: to 1400 years of: massacres: rapes, kidnappings, robberies: abuse: violence: and all atrocities! now? or you take:to kick ass all the men of religion from politics and hunted them? this way: you give up sharia: immediately and forever! or: we will do this: nuclear world war: where At last: this damn Koran will be abolished for ever! Because, where Christians have failed? Satanists Jews of enlightened IMF_NWO? they do not fail! Allahuakbar: also, You speak of the Christian martyrs?
@ YourtubeTerminated: the Satanist mistafield: ie: the employee of the CIA-MOSSAD? He Is A Traitor to His people, like every other Satanist! Traitor with enlightened: its monetary Sovereignty: stolen from the all peoples: that is, the accomplice of the Banks of enlightened Jews lobby: of NetWork: 666 Rothschilds: the seigniorage banking: ie, the criminal 11-09: Bush and His 322 as New World Order? h Defends now, Also, the killers of Muslim sharia law! .. Because: there is only one truth! Satan is: one big family! In fact, the beasts are Killed Among Them, but then are Part: One of only jungle! I as a Christian? I am happy to live: for faith in the Kingdom of God and not to be: with my heart in this: the world of shit: of: Satanists masonry and Share! You have Christ Betrayed? Keep up this hour: 3 ° nuclear WW: In your asssssss!
@ tanakadesuyo48 - Jewish bankers are they against all the peoples! we are puppets in their hands: is through: bank seigniorage: they have the NWO
@Iraqikurd4ever-- Rothschild and Bush: pretend to be Christians or jew, but one is 666, while the other: it is 322! the world is already: in the hands of Satanists! you: all the Muslims? you you're having too much: fun: in Iraq against innocent Christians, as if they were guilty of something? then would not: have to be passed: of the 1,200,000 to only 200,000 survivors: only you are all full of the Satanism of Muhammad!
[[he blocked me]] @ Iraqikurd4ever - .. Come out: Coward! excrement of a Muslim that: is the child of the relationship monstrous Between Mohammed and the devil! Do not hide: yourself behind your computer! evil coward of a Muslim: the servant of the Donkey Muhammad criminal: the full of demons! In fact, you can not be a servant of Allah! how can you ask for your compassion for people? If you do not know to have compassion for other people? How, think you have the freedom to be a Muslim, though: then you choke the freedom to to Christian, That Can not Be So? Hell is the place of Muslims criminals like you!
@ sonofpikaia - no! has never existed Precambrian time. for the calculation of the ages? the traitors have only: 2 values on seven: so arbitrarily are been equate to zero: the missing values ​​.. because all the fossils are only found in sedimentary rocks? Then, all the fossils are of: about 3000 years because the water: of the "Flood: Universal!" has washed away part of the material radioattivo: thus, the whole system of evolution? is a gigantic hoax! is in fact the Crime ideological of Bankers Jews: enlightened: why they are anti Christian because: they are the synagogue of Satan

@at 40%: of all the good men of the human race, of every people and every religion -- true: men criminals, who are abominable? they are 60%​​: that is, all those who are predestined to go to hell. but they do not have the anointing, that is the benevolence of God, and not have the protection of their Unius Rei .. are only dust all them, who were destined to die in this war: "However, in every way: thou shalt not be afraid because God is in control!"

@ mistafied187 ->
@ Mistafied187 -> If Rothschild did not intend: to do, even: in the Jewish Temple: what the enlightened: to go to do at the: Bohemian Grove? that is of make of human sacrifice for satan: ie, for the god Marduk .. then: Rothschilds would not put: his star esoteric: sum blasphemy: on the flag of Israel. These Satanists are building: for Satan and for the Antichrist: The 3°:Jewish Temple: because:Jewish Temple can not arise: in the Masonic scheme: of the banking seigniorage: that is satanism of IMF-NWO, the greatest: crime Hebrew: of the story, of all time ..

@Mistafied187 -> because the Jews, they do not talk to me of seigniorage banking? You see? I am committed to make you die tonight, because you are not an immortal like me! But, rich Jews, are very satanists and racist too: perpetrators and accomplices,for not to speak with someone, about of banking seigniorage. How old is that, the queen priestess: Jezebel (Elizabeth II, for us) it took to make, of all Jews to become satanists: worshipers of Baal? Well .. well .. But, however, the Illuminati have had more:of 700 years, if Dante Alighieri: a real saint Catholic: is fail for warned all mankind, of the danger that represented: the jew banker. Well .. well .. but: since the Satanism? has no way out: unless you make a killing of all their! as Eliah prophet has done

what can do: all your ex-Presidents: at the: Bohemian Grove. If you've seen the Cremation of Care, but, who is? what is the Ritual at the Bohemian Grove? you tonight: do you become your wife a widow, and your children orphans: but thou will die: as eroe: for a country fake, or Nation fake, that Freemasons have betrayed, in fact, is existed only an democracy fake: that is an invention of the enlightened: and so: The Constitution has been betrayed, by his principle of born, this means: 3°WWnuclear: for be guilty: all Freemasons. Indeed, all the peoples have become slaves of banking seigniorage



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    666 is best cannibal horror: ie the beasts: not more human. 666 is criminal too. 666 burn in the hell: forever
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    UniusRei3 posted a comment 1 hour ago but, it is a relative truth: that kills people! That's why no one must come out from the horizon of the natural law: "do good and avoid evil!" @ SPAMMERS -> slave of satanism institutional and international: demons cursed by Satan ROTHSCHILD, AND CIA, IMF ROCHEFELLER 322: BUSH: 666: to be prisoners of this page for the destruction of the whole human race: "SHAME!": "SHAME!" - ANSWER-> I defend a lot of people innocent that dies because of your banking regime: IMF 666, 322, say that even I am a spammer? This is a crime! criticizes you all the Holy Spirit, amen alleluia
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    UniusRei3  said: @ but, you are my Israel?? -----> You prefer: that: I build the Jewish Temple: in a system: of monetary sovereignty? or: you prefer: a Nuclear World War 3: where Rothschild: could not tolerate ever: the existence of: a state of the Jews: that would be an impediment to the spread of Satanism: ie, a perspective of New World Order for the total enslavement: of all mankind. Against autonomy of each national politics .. In fact, his ambition for power and glory: he could never dissociated from Satanism!
    @ YeshuaEstYhwh -> You are a very brave jew! In fact, you are a true Christian! because only men, that they are in the presence of a living God: only they are living ! That's why Jesus: in Bethlehem said: "the truth will make you free people!" my brother jew: where do you live? you're not afraid to become the prey of the Illuminati? lol. CHRISTIANISME Next JUDAÏSME! GALATES 1:13-24... Rév 11:15. -Je suis chrétien né de nouveau en Jésus christ. Je suis là pour témoigner ma foi chrétienne. *A l'intention de vous tous: -Je ne suis pas un juif, pas convertis à aucune religion, ni évangélique, aucune secte!!! Mais à Jésus-christ lui SEUL, Le véritable Dieu et la vie éternel. 1Jn 5:20. Il déclare: Je suis le Chemin, la Vérité et la Vie. Le Dieu de paix d'amour et de grâce, réconciliation et vérité qui éclate le jour au lendemain, Dieu de l'univers. «J'oriente ma foi vers la foi juif!». Ventum ad consummationem saeculi.

    gereorth666 Re:R:Re:you can say this: to all Satanists: family from me! why I am UNIUS REI! Satanism isn't good for me! There isn't a single religion that's important to me. NONE Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica ---answer -- idiota: tu non devi cercare una religione! tu devi cercare Dio! idiot: you do not have to look for a religion! you have to seek God! 666GiudaicoMassonica ha pubblicato un commento 11 minuti fa VykloSS Re: you can say this: to all Satanists: family from me! why I am UNIUS REI! i hope you bleed as much as your write human. 3384 [kg9] Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica ---ANSWER--> LOL. ALLELUIA
    az99920 رد:theSynagogueofSatan (14 minuti fa) Spam كويتي بحق ! الله يحفظ من في قلوبهم خير من امثالكم لانه الخير في كل مجتمع ودين رجال صالحون يحبون الخير للجميع هم نور ورحمه للمجتمع وهم السلام الحقيقي Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica il 27/11/11. --ANSWER-- MY DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER OF KUWAIT: كويتي بحق! he works in the secret service of his country! and because of the war that his country is doing against Syria using terrorism? then, he is very embarrassed to write to me!

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@my JHWH -- certo, è normale per me, di essere me stesso, nella mia identità, ma, per gli altri, è una grande meraviglia, come uno spettacolo incredibile! @caro Papa FRANCESCO -- è inevitabile, attraversare, il soprannaturale, cioè, fare esperienza dolorosa, schifosa di occulto, demoni, ecc.. poi, di carismi, doni soprannaturali, ecc.. per raggiungere il divino, finalmente, dove è la razionalità pura, a riprendere il controllo, del tuo essere, e dove i demoni, e le anime impure, non possono più avvicinarsi a te, ora, molti dei tuoi preti? non credono nella esistenza dei demoni, ed è questo, che, è la grave crisi del mondo cristiano contemporaneo! dal punto di vista spirituale? non sono ancora dei cristiani adulti!

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