about my mystical

about my mystical?
@ComunitaEbraicaRoma - even your fathers believed that the seigniorage banking and Freemasonry: NWO: IMF, etc. .. was not their problem and that Rothschild: He seemed like a good boy with his star: on the flag of Israel .. but, if I remember correctly? then. that story did not end well! You have: never heard of the "acceleration of history?". was applied to the French Revolution? because nobody would have imagined that carnage! but nothing is in comparison to the 3 rd WW Nuclear! Rothschild and Rochefeller? they do not mourn: for all of us: or: for the destruction of Israel, that: it has become an impediment: to realize their direct rule: against all mankind! I have the faith to stop them, but I will not .. 1. why: I already know: how it will end! 2. because this lousy world do not like: no to me: and nor: to YHWH.
[Chosen people?] is for to serve all peoples! not for to master! bad swearing? cursed? these Jews have made of God a racist like them
popolo eletto? è per servire! non è per comandare! bestemmiando? bestemmiando? questi ebrei hanno fatto di Dio: un razzista come loro!
[from the Talmud of rabbis: and their Bible of Satan] JEW WHO KILLS A CHRISTIAN COMMITS NO SIN, BUT OFFERS: acceptable sacrifice to God: said: Sepher Or Israel (177B);VI. AFTER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM, THE ONLY SACRIFICE: NEEDED: IS THE MURDER OF CHRISTIANS(human sacrifice): In Zohar (III 227b) The Zohar (II, 43a), THOSE WHO KILL CHRISTIANS HAVE A PLACE: HIGH IN THE SKY: In the Zohar (1.38 b, and 39a) VIII. JEWS SHOULD NEVER CEASE to exterminate GOIM; SHOULD NEVER LEAVE: IN PEACE AND SHOULD NEVER SUBMIT TO THEM. In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 1); IX. ALL JEWS HAVE TO JOIN: TOGETHER: FOR kill and destroy the traitors; THAT ARE IN THE MIDST OF THEM: In Choschen Hammischpat (338.16): X. NO FESTIVAL, NO MATTER HOW SOLEMN, can prevent: DECAPITATION OF A CHRISTIAN: In Pesachim (49b); XI. THE ONLY PURPOSE: TO ALL ACTIONS AND PRAYERS OF THE JEWS: MUST BE TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION;ecc.. ecc..(about a hundred other quotes) THE SOLE PURPOSE OF ALL ACTIONS AND PRAYERS OF THE JEWS MUST BE IS TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION; In Schabbath (118a): And again: "Cut off the hope of the unjust; ago that all heretics (Christians) perish immediately; uproot, break, and destroy the Proud Kingdom(Church); quick to make all peoples: subjects to us: in our days (seigniorage banking of the IMF-NWO).. "Exactly at the same time, that" of Rome, the Pope, who, instead pray with love, and he orders all around the world to pray: (not killing) for all "heretics" and those who are "lost". but, you have to choose the freedom! that is, your monetary sovereignty! [The infamous pact: between Saudi Arabia and enlightened: for the destruction of Christian civilization(democracy) and for the destruction of Palestine, in this way through Freemasonry, Satanism, multinational, corporations, bank seigniorage: the enlightened jews: take control of the West, while the Saudis take control of all Muslim Nations. but that's the thing: Rothschild 666 and Bush 322: ie Satanists of NWO IMF FED BCE FMI ECB? they do not share anything with anyone! Dear Sir: I HAVE KNOWN THAT THE Ministry of Education: is about to publish a work about the Talmud, but, I wondered, if he will publish, also with the satanism: racism: human sacrifice to Satan, ecc.. that talmud has: as: given the banking seigniorage (SOURCE DR. Giacinto Auriti: scientist of AQUILA UNIVERSITY, ETC ..) in the hands of these extremist Jewish bankers: as prophesied in Dante's Divine Comedy: ie, the "Illuminati"
@muslims -- yes! Allah is God JHWH! I love too holy Islam, I love the Mosques: etc. .. because there is a perfect plan of God: for my Holy Islam: ie universal brotherhood: ie: religion perfect for adoration: cult so: if Muslims renounce at Sharia and: Islamic imperialism? I can do them very good! Because this is my agenda!
@88tuner --- yes! Jesus is LORD! we are on the eve of a momentous event: both good (the kingdom of unius Rei): as evil (3 ° WWnuclear)! If my work has successful? the world will continue for another 300 years (before the Last Judgement), but if I fail? Then the Messiah returns much sooner! So, I'm undecided: I do not know if it is better for me, win or lose! God wants me to have to win .. but, I will would lose!

@rishlakish1 -- ComunitaEbraicaRoma - The world can not see God: YHWH: HIS MAKER: but, so he know: of to go with Satan .. IMF FED ECB NWO: Freemasonry: all his secret societies: corporations: etc. .. means to generate their own self-destruction: in the hell and his 3° WW nuclear in 2012! Therefore, the world is in disarray, and in him there is not may be: " the truth"! but, two things the world can see: and understand: 1. "Love" 2. "power"! that's why, I will be: King of Israel and Palestine and unius REI: in fact, I am the universal brotherhood! I was the junk:((flea market)) that gave me: a ram's horn .... so, I am now: I have also my Shaofar! Sure, it was traumatic: for clean and pierce it!: like this: I have practiced with the flexible: a side cut: Sure, now only blows (but, my the district? LOL. said: thank you!) .. but this for my faith is more than enough ... shalom boys

@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma - why all this great evil throughout the world? because some bastard is going around: to say that God is: both the source of the good: but, is also the source of evil: that is: Satanism: of reincarnation, and racism! But, God is not a Moloch: or Marduk, that: it creates the man, because: he needs a slave, but because he needs friendship to share love, here's why: he was stepping down at the same level of the His Creature: Abraham! and tell with him: on issues of strategic nature .. even though Abraham has learned to walk by faith: so perfect:

over the his 90 years: he was often deeply troubled: of the silence of God, like us! Now, anyone could have devised: a story like this? to say, is the result of man's fantasy? Because Abraham belongs to history as the people of the Hittites disputed: is why, the Bible is right about: the evaluation of historical events! here's why: all those that persecute Christians? they claimed for themselves: of to be the children of the devil!

@ ComunitaEbraicaRoma - about my mystical? I am the negation of every form of mysticism: and of every form: of prophecy: because I'm too rational! If only I had been: a believer? Someone could have successfully against me! But, I can not be faced or defeated! So, my relationship with God is perceptive or intuitive: it's like: we two are one body: so: if a member of the body: it expresses a need: then the whole body: he knows! If God gives me an insight? and then I will not write it now? I risk to forget: for all this insight .. this makes me greatly responsible for .. because: I know: that: everything I write is very special .. it is as if the men can still continue to see the Face of God (which are no longer worthy): through of Me!

@VoteDeadSea - now, you will understand: who I am, and who are the enlightened, but, perhaps, all this for you, is not a surprise .. I hope that when this one: 3 ° WW nuclear is over: you will be prepared to worship Lucifer!
@Ladies and Gentlemen: This is how they think the masters of the world! all this can be read from you: on my page! Since: Zionists Enlightened are these: to have the control of the NWO-IMF: this time, when everything will be destroyed and all will die: you finally understand who were the real designers: of any burnt offering or Shoah: against: my people Israel!
by: 30/Mar/2008: my "lorenzojhwh" through 6 hours of work for each day of the year: I have today: Sunday, November 13: 2011: I have shown: 1. the scientific substantiation: of all the accusations of Jesus Christ of Bethlehem: against: the scribes and Pharisees! 2. in which mortal threat to their satanic: Talmud was forced to live the precious seed of Abraham, that is, my people Israel in the last 2500 years! Today? Israel, along with all other nations are in: immediate and imminent: danger of destruction: because these crazy: the enlightened rabbis: they are the owners: IMF-New World Order, namely: the International Masonic system: the bank seigniorage here because: the 3 rd WW nuclear is inevitable! Only a Satanist could say that I am an anti-Semite! Nothing is more frightening: the silence of the rabbis of all: the world on this topic!
@aspiaino: @ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .-- Today: Sunday at 8.05 hours: the [13: November 2012] and one of my three priests: he asked me: "what you think: this financial crisis?" and: this is very strange because I have always lived: in a absolute institutional isolation! and: also: for all the questions made ​​by me: at my priests?: I never received an answer: culturally valid! -ANSWER- I said: this depression is physiologically: essential before one new World War: for if they do not kill many people: and if there are not massive destruction, that is for forcing the need for a credit for the reconstruction ? Then, the IMF can not be renewed: as was understood: by Ezra Poud ..
@strangeventswatcher - YOU'RE FOLLOWING, my WORK ON MY CHANNEL? this channel has become too important because of my work about the Talmud .. Today it has become clear: not all rabbis are "illuminati": but certainly, all enlightened, they are all Rabbis! soon: very soon, perhaps today! I will go away: definitely from this my channel, prevents this, but you will not have trouble finding me in another one of my other channel: where: I'll move with my work! [[non avere paura oggi: se tu non vuoi vedere morire: i tuoi figli domani]]
@ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342. is obvious: there are: holy rabbis among: you, who cry and beg God every day to see my day (the Jewish Messiah of Mercy): for out of all this satanism, of the Talmud, to see done all: the hopes and all the prophecies of blessing over Israel: because: "Truly, truly: I tell you, no racist can enter the kingdom of God and if you do not work: my authority: for to raise: my Kingdom of Israel, all you'll see your children: as, die in 2013. "In fact, you blaspheme: forever and again: the name of Holy God, when you believe in the Talmud, which says, "all Christians are animals in human form: chickens, and then say that God created the GOIM: for your: seigniorage banking of IMF: for any exploitation of all peoples .. etc.. but: how can it be of sound mind: a man who believes: to all the bullshit of the Koran or the Talmud?
because Christianity is the truth, while everything else is a lie? Why: only Christianity knows: why: Some angels have made ​​a rebellion to be become demons .. all the others? make a detestable crime: blasfemy and apostasy: since. for thinking, that God has created also: even the evil or impure things, or animals in human form as GOIM (cf:. talmud) now I understand: 1. because you do not want to talk with me and 2. because you are the curse of Israel for its destruction! is the satanic Talmud, which has made ​​you: satanists! So, you forget, that God made only: terrestrial paradise: and only a part of it is deteriorated, because of the treachery of men .. But God did not want the current state of our planet! When Moses went up only: Mount "Sinai" alone? to none of the people were allowed, not even to touch the feet of the mountain! and none (of all people) would have tried: the great terror of these moment! Now, who has not lost: the simplicity of a child, he would know: easily: as, God: YHWH has intended only and solely entrust the word of God to Moses and not at the Talmud satanic .. and in fact, YHWH has sent many prophets to say: stop ! to making money at interest, it is something: of objectively: an abomination .. as if to say that, the verse in the Torah: to make money at interest against GOIM? I do not have dictated, but it was an operation of the racism of the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem!

@ az99920 -
my brother: for Law of Kuwait! - rabby are enlightened! These days, I have worked with: very hard: about: a secret document, that is in the comments: of my "mrUniversalMetaphysc" because: for Rabbis? Talmud is more important: that Torah(blasphemy apostasy)! is why, all mankind is in danger of imminent destruction, as the Talmud says that God created all men, like animals in human form to be exploited by the Jews: IMF-World Order! Unfortunately, the silence of: "aspiaino: ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342"? plead guilty all the rabbis: for to be accomplices: of this murderous agenda against all the Nations! is why, have decided to destroy completely: even the State of Israel. this will be evident if you want to study this document: in: http://kinguniversalmetaphysics.blogspot.com/
do not be afraid of malware: or viruses, why, there is no: it is just a red herring: of our system: the banking system of Jewish and Masonic transfer of seigniorage, which dominates against all us

SilverRedIndigo, the racist Zionist of the Talmud? she has closed his page against me; but did not dare talk with me: that is, with a GOIM: that is an animal in human form

ImJesusChristMessiah (11 minuti fa)
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blkcolas SAID: I am 52.You do not seem to realize that humanity is demon possessed and superceded (usurped) entirely. Humanity is 100% possession-trance, sleepwalking zombies. Co-walking, co-consciousness, co-conscience. Please think about it, how Zionazi is demonic, is spirits living in and "as" Jews. Again, humanity usurped, superceded.--ANSWER-> I AM BORN ON 06/25/1960: I AM A TEACHER OF RELIGION! Cursed is the cheat: scam: Talmud, Koran, etc.. that, think of the Lord God his Creator: the indecent things: to do evil to innocent people! Leprosy is now within him: Amen: in Jesus's name! hallelujah!♰PAX♛Terror took possession of :the children of darkness. AMEN. [MENE TECHEL PERES] CSPBCS SML NDSM­D VRSN SMVS MQLIVB "Drink your poisons made by yourself.There is not a jew: Muslim Hindu: Communist who have the courage to talk to me about human rights!

This is a demonstration: the Talmud can not be
[[This is a demonstration: the Talmud can not be: the Word of God! Unfortunately: all the Rabbis of the world (Illuminati) are no longer able to: get out of this tunnel: alone! This is an abyss of crime, craziness! because: with their absolute silence, at to my every request of dialogue in these 4 years: they have shown: to me of believing in this shit: of the Talmud, ie: that we Christians and all peoples: we were made by God, like animals in human form: to be exploited by the Jews! While, the Jews will be killed: as, men, because their scribes and Pharisees of rabbis: "enlightened": masters of the IMF-New World Order, have spread: purposely: all forms of: sin: idolatry: Immorality: etc. .. all those sins, concerning: the penalty of death: as said the Torah! but, in particular: what: that for them is important: is the destruction of Israel: that it would be: an impediment: for the reduction: in slavery of all mankind: that is: to achieve: this after: 3° WW Nuclear! Now: if: these Rabbis: of "Illuminati": they were not: the masters of the IMF-World Order: masters of Freemasonry? that is masters, of all: occult powers: that: is beyond the control of government? Then, they would not, also, the power: fatal: of to do die the nations, as they always have do: of the French Revolution, in on, and how, even: foresaw: Dante Alighieri in 1200! then, for all: these: evil religious: ie: for circumstances of the Talmud? we would just by laugh! but, this is obvious: there is nothing to laugh about! Since the 3rd WW Nuclear is already programmed: at the end of 2012! "Jesus here: In the book: Toldoth Jeschu, is presented: as: SORCERER AND WIZARD"]]: "And Jesus said: It is not true, That, Isaiah: and: David, my ancestors, prophesied: about: me? .. . and: I will sit at the right hand of God, such as you can see: with: your eyes. but you, Judas: you will not neever: get to that height. Then Jesus said: the High name of God : [(YHWH):over and over: again]: and: as: he said this: do: came, there came a wind, That, and took him to up: between, in the earth: and: in the sky [as if, through the name of god, can act out demons]. Also, Judas said the name of God: and: in like manner: he was taken by the wind. In this way: they both floated: in the air to the amazement of onlookers. Then Judas, saying of: new the divine name, took Jesus: and: pushed him down to: the land. but Jesus sought of: do the same: to: Judah: and: thus they fought: one: against each. And when Judas saw, that: no: he could have win: on the arts of: Jesus, he urinated on him, and both have become unclean fell: to earth: and even: they could of: use the Divine name again until: no: yes were washed. " [[I do not know, if those rabbis, That, they believe: a: such craziness: they can receive the more our hatred: our pity. At another point: the same: the book: it is said: that, in the house of the Sanctuary: Once upon a stone, That, the Patriarch Jacob anointed with oil:. On this stone were engraved the letters of the tetragrammaton, That, the name "Yahweh", and: if any man: he could learn them: he could destroy the world. .. etc. .. [[Now, That, anyone can have: with the Lord God: a personal relationship: in his faith? He could never speak: in this absurd way .. because anyone can know God because of this racism, cruelty and hypocrisy that is: why, the same idea: of the chosen people: if you can bring in, if not properly understood: namely, in a distorted consciousness that is: selfishness or the desire of predation! So who does not know God. then, he has to do the Kabbalah: to think this indecent things against God: as the fact that: there may be, something of magic in the name of God! Here's why: if we do not purify the Judaism: by the Talmud satanic? Then, everything will be destroyed under this war .. but: is this: why, I am the Messiah jew: Unius REI: and the King of Israel and Palestine: if anyone will trust me .. since, there is little time for hope!

Yesterday I received two phone calls that can be considered: "form of intimidation" in particular: as i conclusion of this work: on "rrmbgpym" [213-of-213: Talmud perverse: of illumination of the "Great Sanhedrin"].
Freemasonry and the banking system: at the act of turning off my computer: in my house has made ​​one silent phone calls: please copy: This document!

ieri io ho ricevuto due telefonate che possono essere ritenute: "forma di intimidazione": in particolare: proprio al concludere del presente lavoro su:"rrmbgpym"
[213-di-213: talmud perverso: di ILLUMINATI del "Gran Sinedrio"].
il sistema bancario e massonico: nell'atto di spegnere il mio computer : ha fatto in casa mia, una telefonata silenziosa: siete pregati di ricopiare: il presente documento!



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    666 is best cannibal horror: ie the beasts: not more human. 666 is criminal too. 666 burn in the hell: forever
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    UniusRei3 posted a comment 1 hour ago but, it is a relative truth: that kills people! That's why no one must come out from the horizon of the natural law: "do good and avoid evil!" @ SPAMMERS -> slave of satanism institutional and international: demons cursed by Satan ROTHSCHILD, AND CIA, IMF ROCHEFELLER 322: BUSH: 666: to be prisoners of this page for the destruction of the whole human race: "SHAME!": "SHAME!" - ANSWER-> I defend a lot of people innocent that dies because of your banking regime: IMF 666, 322, say that even I am a spammer? This is a crime! criticizes you all the Holy Spirit, amen alleluia
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    UniusRei3  said: @ but, you are my Israel?? -----> You prefer: that: I build the Jewish Temple: in a system: of monetary sovereignty? or: you prefer: a Nuclear World War 3: where Rothschild: could not tolerate ever: the existence of: a state of the Jews: that would be an impediment to the spread of Satanism: ie, a perspective of New World Order for the total enslavement: of all mankind. Against autonomy of each national politics .. In fact, his ambition for power and glory: he could never dissociated from Satanism!

    az99920 رد:theSynagogueofSatan (14 minuti fa) Spam كويتي بحق ! الله يحفظ من في قلوبهم خير من امثالكم لانه الخير في كل مجتمع ودين رجال صالحون يحبون الخير للجميع هم نور ورحمه للمجتمع وهم السلام الحقيقي Inviato a: 666giudaicomassonica il 27/11/11. --ANSWER-- MY DEAR FRIEND AND BROTHER OF KUWAIT: كويتي بحق! he works in the secret service of his country! and because of the war that his country is doing against Syria using terrorism? then, he is very embarrassed to write to me!