Talmud is the Word of God

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By: Benjamin H. Freedman
THE TALMUD on Christians
"The Talmud Unmasked, The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians," was written by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, Master of Theology and Professor of the Hebrew Language at the Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the Roman Catholic Church in Old St. Petersburg, Russia. The Rev. Pranaitis was the greatest of the students of the Talmud. His complete command of the Hebrew language qualified him to analyze the Talmud as few men in history.
The Rev. Pranaitis scrutinized the Talmud for passages referring to Jesus, Christians and the Christian faith. These passages were translated by him into Latin. Hebrew lends itself to translation into Latin better than it does directly into English. The translation of the passages of the Talmud referring to Jesus, Christians and Christian faith were printed in Latin by the Imperial Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg in 1893 with the Imprimatur of his Archbishop. The translation from the Latin into English was made by great Latin scholars in the United States in 1939 with funds provided by wealthy Americans for that purpose.
In order not to leave any loose ends on the subject of the Talmud's reference to Jesus, to Christians and to the Christian faith I will below summarize translations into English from the Latin texts of Rev. Pranaitis' "The Talmud Unmasked, The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians". It would require too much space to quote these passages verbatim with their foot-notes form the Soncino Edition in English.
First I will summarize the references by Rev. Pranaitis referring to Jesus in the Talmud in the original texts translated by him into Latin, and from Latin into English:
Sanhedrin, 67a -- Jesus referred to as the son of Pandira, a soldier
Kallah, 1b. (18b) -- Illegitimate and conceived during menstruation.
Sanhedrin, 67a -- Hanged on the eve of Passover. Toldath Jeschu. Birth related in most shameful expressions
Abhodah Zarah II -- Referred to as the son of Pandira, a Roman soldier.
Schabbath XIV. Again referred to as the son of Pandira, the Roman.
Sanhedrin, 43a -- On the eve of Passover they hanged Jesus.
Schabbath, 104b -- Called a fool and no one pays attention to fools.
Toldoth Jeschu. Judas and Jesus engaged in quarrel with filth.
Sanhedrin, 103a. -- Suggested corrupts his morals and dishonors self.
Sanhedrin, 107b. -- Seduced, corrupted and destroyed Israel.
Zohar III, (282) -- Died like a beast and buried in animal's dirt heap.
Hilkoth Melakhim -- Attempted to prove Christians err in worship of Jesus
Abhodah Zarah, 21a -- Reference to worship of Jesus in homes unwanted.
Orach Chaiim, 113 -- Avoid appearance of paying respect to Jesus.
Iore dea, 150,2 -- Do not appear to pay respect to Jesus by accident.
Abhodah Zarah (6a) -- False teachings to worship on first day of Sabbath

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]]The above are a few selected from a very complicated arrangement in which many references are obscured by intricate reasoning. The following are a few summarized references to Christians and the Christian faith although not always expressed in exactly that manner. There are eleven names used in the Talmud for non-Talmud followers, by which Christians are meant. Besides Nostrim, from Jesus the Nazarene, Christians are called by all the names used in the Talmud to designate all non-"Jews": Minim, Edom, Abhodan Zarah, Akum. Obhde Elilim, Nokrim, Amme Haarets, Kuthim, Apikorosim, and Goim. Besides supplying the names by which Christians are called in the Talmud, the passages quoted below indicate what kind of people the Talmud pictures the Christians to be, and what the Talmud says about the religious worship of Christians:

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Hilkhoth Maakhaloth -- Christians are idolators, must not associate.
Abhodah Zarah (22a) -- Do not associate with gentiles, they shed blood.
Iore Dea (153, 2). -- Must not associate with Christians, shed blood.
Abhodah Zarah (25b). -- Beware of Christians when walking abroad with them.
Orach Chaiim (20, 2). -- Christians disguise themselves to kill Jews.
Abhodah Zarah (15b) -- Suggest Christians have sex relations with animals.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Abhodah Zarah (22a) -- Suspect Christians of intercourse with animals.
Schabbath (145b) -- Christians unclean because they eat accordingly
Abhodah Zarah (22b) -- Christians unclean because they not at Mount Sinai.
Iore Dea (198, 48). -- Clean female Jews contaminated meeting Christians.
Kerithuth (6b p. 78) -- Jews called men, Christians not called men.
Makkoth (7b) -- Innocent of murder if intent was to kill Christian.
Orach Chaiim(225, 10) -- Christians and animals grouped for comparisons.
Midrasch Talpioth 225 -- Christians created to minister to Jews always.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Orach Chaiim 57, 6a -- Christians to be pitied more than sick pigs.
Zohar II (64b) -- Christian idolators likened to cows and asses.
Kethuboth (110b). -- Psalmist compares Christians to unclean beasts.
Sanhedrin (74b). Tos. -- Sexual intercourse of Christian like that of beast.
Kethuboth (3b) -- The seed of Christian is valued as seed of beast.
Kidduschim (68a) -- Christians like the people of an ass.
Eben Haezar (44,8) -- Marriages between Christian and Jews null.
Zohar (II, 64b) -- Christian birth rate must be diminished materially.
Zohar (I, 28b) -- Christian idolators children of Eve's serpent.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Zohar (I, 131a) -- Idolatrous people (Christians) befoul the world.
Emek Haschanach(17a) -- Non-Jews' souls come from death and death's shadow.
Zohar (I, 46b, 47a) -- Souls of gentiles have unclean divine origins.
Rosch Haschanach(17a) -- Non-Jews souls go down to hell.
Iore Dea (337, 1). -- Replace dead Christians like lost cow or ass.
Iebhammoth (61a) -- Jews called men, but not Christians called men.
Abhodah Zarah (14b) T -- Forbidden to sell religious works to Christians
Abhodah Zarah (78) -- Christian churches are places of idolatry.
Iore Dea (142, 10) -- Must keep far away physically from churches.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Iore Dea (142, 15) -- Must not listen to church music or look at idols
Iore Dea (143, 1) -- Must not rebuild homes destroyed near churches.
Hilkoth Abh. Zar (10b) -- Jews must not resell broken chalices to Christians.
Chullin (91b) -- Jews possess dignity even an angel cannot share.
Sanhedrin, 58b -- To strike Israelite like slapping face of God.
Chagigah, 15b -- A Jew considered good in spite of sins he commits.
Gittin (62a) -- Jew stay away from Christian homes on holidays.
Choschen Ham. (26,1) -- Jew must not sue before a Christian judge or laws.
Choschen Ham (34,19) -- Christian or servant cannot become witnesses.
[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Iore Dea (112, 1). -- Avoid eating with Christians, breeds familiarity.
Abhodah Zarah (35b) -- Do not drink milk from a cow milked by Christian.
Iore dea (178, 1) -- Never imitate customs of Christians, even hair-comb.
Abhodah Zarah (72b) -- Wine touched by Christians must be thrown away.
Iore Dea (120, 1) -- Bought-dishes from Christians must be thrown away.
Abhodah Zarah (2a) -- For three days before Christian festivals, avoid all.
Abhodah Zarah (78c) -- Festivals of followers of Jesus regarded as idolatry.
Iore Dea (139, 1) -- Avoid things used by Christians in their worship.
Abhodah Zarah (14b) -- Forbidden to sell Christians articles for worship.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Iore Dea (151,1) H. -- Do not sell water to Christians articles for baptisms.
Abhodah Zarah (2a, 1) -- Do not trade with Christians on their feast days.
Abhodah Zarah (1,2) -- Now permitted to trade with Christians on such days.
Abhodah Zarah (2aT) -- Trade with Christians because they have money to pay.
Iore Dea (148, 5) -- If Christian is not devout, may send him gifts.
Hilkoth Akum (IX,2) -- Send gifts to Christians only if they are irreligious.
Iore Dea (81,7 Ha) -- Christian wet-nurses to be avoided because dangerous.
Iore Dea (153, 1 H) -- Christian nurse will lead children to heresy.
Iore Dea (155,1). -- Avoid Christian doctors not well known to neighbors.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Peaschim (25a) -- Avoid medical help from idolators, Christians meant.
Iore Dea (156,1) -- Avoid Christian barbers unless escorted by Jews.
Abhodah Zarah (26a). -- Avoid Christian midwives as dangerous when alone.
Zohar (1,25b) -- Those who do good to Christians never rise when dead.
Hilkoth Akum (X,6) -- Help needy Christians if it will promote peace.
Iore Dea (148, 12H) -- Hide hatred for Christians at their celebrations.
Abhodah Zarah (20a) -- Never praise Christians lest it be believed true.
Iore Dea (151,14) -- Not allowed to praise Christians to add to glory.
Hilkoth Akum (V, 12) -- Quote Scriptures to forbid mention of Christian god.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Iore Dea (146, 15) -- Refer to Christian religious articles with contempt.
Iore Dea (147,5) -- Deride Christian religious articles without wishes.
Hilkoth Akum (X,5) -- No gifts to Christians, gifts to converts.
Iore Dea (151,11) -- Gifts forbidden to Christians, encourages friendship.
Iore Dea (335,43) -- Exile for that Jew who sells farm to Christian.
Iore Dea (154,2) -- Forbidden to teach a trade to a Christian
Babha Bathra (54b) -- Christian property belongs to first person claiming.
Choschen Ham(183,7) -- Keep what Christian overpays in error.
Choschen Ham(226,1) -- Jew may keep lost property of Christian found by Jew.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Babha Kama (113b) -- It is permitted to deceive Christians.
Choschen Ham(183,7) -- Jews must divide what they overcharge Christians.
Choschen Ham(156,5) -- Jews must not take Christian customers from Jews.
Iore Dea (157,2) H -- May deceive Christians that believe Christian tenets.
Abhodah Zarah (54a) --Usury may be practiced upon Christians or apostates.
Iore Dea (159,1) -- Usury permitted now for any reason to Christians.
Babha Kama (113a) -- Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian.
Babha Kama (113b) -- Name of God not profaned when lying to Christians.
Kallah (1b, p.18) -- Jew may perjure himself with a clear conscience.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Schabbouth Hag. (6d). -- Jews may swear falsely by use of subterfuge wording.
Zohar (1,160a). -- Jews must always try to deceive Christians.
Iore Dea (158,1) -- Do not cure Christians unless it makes enemies.
Orach Cahiim (330,2) -- Do not assist Christian's childbirth on Saturday.
Choschen Ham.(425,5) -- Unless believes in Torah do not prevent his death.
Iore Dea (158,1) -- Christians not enemies must not be saved either.
Hilkkoth Akum (X,1) -- Do not save Christians in danger of death.
Choschen Ham(386,10) -- A spy may be killed even before he confesses.
Abhodah Zorah (26b) -- Apostates to be thrown into well, not rescued.

[[but the Talmud is the Word of God?]] Choschen Ham(388,15) -- Kill those who give Israelites' money to Christians
Sanhedrin (59a) -- `Prying into Jews' "Law" to get death penalty
Hilkhoth Akum(X,2) -- Baptized Jews are to be put to death
Iore Dea(158,2)Hag. -- Kill renegades who turn to Christian rituals.
Choschen Ham(425,5) -- Those who do not believe in Torah are to be killed.
Hilkhoth tesch.III,8 -- Christians and others deny the "Law" of the Torah.
Zohar (I,25a) -- Christians are to be destroyed as idolators.
Zohar (II,19a) -- Captivity of Jews end when Christian princes die.
Zohar (I,219b) -- Princes of Christians are idolators, must die.

Obadiam -- When Rome is destroyed, Israel will be redeemed. Abhodah Zarah(26b) T. -- "Even the best of the Goim should be killed."
Sepher Or Israel 177b -- If Jew kills Christian commits no sin. Ialkut Simoni (245c) -- Shedding blood of impious offers sacrifice to God.
Zohar (II, 43a) -- Extermination of Christians necessary sacrifice. Zohar (L,28b,39a) -- High place in heaven for those who kill idolators.
Hilkhoth Akum(X,1) -- Make no agreements and show no mercy to Christians. Hilkhoth Akum (X,1) -- Either turn them away from their idols or kill.
Hilkhoth Akum (X,7) -- Allow no idolators to remain where Jews are strong. Choschen Ham(388,16) -- All contribute to expense of killing traitor.
Pesachim (49b) -- No need of prayers while beheading on Sabbath. Schabbath (118a). -- Prayers to save from punishment of coming Messiah.

"To Seek Out That Which was Lost ..." We present this information as a service to our readers ... Its inclusion, Should not be construed as the Authors 'or the Relays' endorsement, of our: Beliefs ... or as our endorsement of Theirs .. The Truth: will stand on it's: own Merit. could resist, at a analyze: historico-critical: all this accusations: against Jesus and his mother? A person dishonored: him could have done: the rabbi ? Accusations about the integrity of his mother, if known, would not have been said and reported: by his contemporaries?