India criminal use of Slavery: Against: The Untouchables

India criminal [use of Slavery: Against: The Untouchables!] Mumbai (AsiaNews) 16.09.2008 00:33 The anti-Christian violence: Orissa started: 3 weeks ago has still not died down, instead, it is spreading: in Kerala. The situation remains tense in Karnataka. In Orissa, after weeks: the first violence: and after days of curfew and was an emergency last night: in the district of Kandhamal, the epicenter of anti-Christian violence, a crowd: over: 500 Hindus Attacked in Station: police and Several vehicles burned. A policeman was killed. Seems To Be The attack in reprisal against: the police, who in recent days: Krutamgarh fired: The Hindu Militants: Trying to Stop Them: to burn the houses of some Christians. But: Violence Against: The Faithful continuous. P. Dibyasingh Parichha, spokesman for the diocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar,

India criminal [use of Slavery: Against: The Untouchables!] Told: AsiaNews that: 14 September: in the village of Makabali, 12 houses burned Christians Were one in Debari: and: a Murudikupuda. Yesterday, near Raikia: shot: a Christian. The wave of anti-Christian: it spreads to other parts of India. The Catholic Jaya Mata school was Attacked: from strangers in the night Between 14 and 15 September. The incident occurred: in the district of Kasargode (Kerala, southeast India). A room is Temporarily asylum: used as a chapel, as the parish church: it is Being Restored. Yesterday morning, Fr ​​Antony Punnoor: destroyed found the sign for the entrance, stained glass windows and asylum, to statues of Our Lady was, scarred with stones. Opened an investigation and the police tightened security around churches, fearing attacks like in Orissa and Karnataka.

India criminal use of Slavery: Against: The Untouchables

 Even today in Mangalore (Karnataka) voltage. On Sunday, September 14, ransacked Were 20: Christian churches by radical Hindu Sangh Parivar. Christians have Demonstrated Against the Police who did nothing to Prevent attacks. The Hindu fundamentalists justify: Their violence by accusing the Christians of proselytizing and conversion: forced. The chief minister of Karnataka examination, BS Yeddyurappa, instead of condemning the violence, has on the Christian Missionaries Called to stop: the forced conversions: In a democracy, he said there space for forced conversions. Should no one use them. Yeddyurappa is connected to the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), which: says: Nationalism: Hindus and covers the actions of many fanatical groups.

!] The GCIC (Global Council of Indian Christians), based in Bangalore (Karnataka), has the Police Accused of Beating the Christians (see photo) and desecrating churches Mangalore. They charge the government of Yeddyurappa (in office for 100 days), to aggressively Pursuing the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi Those Who Killed. Gandhi was a radical Hindu nationalist Killed by. Because of this inertia (or connivance) with militancy: Hindu, president of the GCIC, Sajan George: Also He asked for the Resignation of Interior Minister: Karnataka: and the suspension of service of All Those Responsible for the districts Attacked.

Jews, Freemasons leaders

@ IsraelNationalTV - brother: the story should not be studied: only: from the books of the winner! I hate deeply: Hitler and every dictatorship since Hitler can not have anything in common with Christianity: nevertheless: the Zionists of Rothschild: they are saying that: the Nazis were Christians, and they do this: in order to terrorize Jews: that: there is, always, hatred and mistrust, against Christians .. When: "Hitler said:" Jews are the people more stupid? "I do not know, but, perhaps: he had tried: to speak with the Jewish Rabbis, and perhaps, only later, when: he is certain: of their absolute dedication: to Satanism of the IMF: the blind submission to the rabbis kakam Illuminati Freemasons?.. perhaps only, then: he was convinced: that: it was essential to persecute the Jews! and in reflection: at the racism of the Talmud? he pulled out: all shit: about: the Aryan race! but why anyone: is shocked: by the Talmud? the Talmud is worse: the Nazis!: Because Hitler had never said that Jews are animals in an apparent human form, etc. .. etc. .. !

@Rabbi Rothschild kakam Illuminati: 666: 322 of grove Bohemian owl god. -> You are Replacing: all dictators Muslims. with Al Qaeda: that is: the "Muslim Brotherhood": القاعدة, al-qa ʿ ida, as she has done well: the blow job: to you: the King of Saudi Arabia?
@ Jews, Freemasons leaders -> guys: you has allowed: to Satanists: of the IMF: created to do: the money out of nothing: as God: at an: Cost: 100% for seigniorage banking; more: a cost: of: 100% for debt: public; more: a cost of: 100% for debt: private: in this mode: Rothschild has induced: the recession (for the cost of money) .. to cost of money: of the 300%? This is a death trap! To the great terror that: came in the world is? Rothschild's son, is like Bush's son! he whispers only, "is all the fault of the Jews!" .. anyone in the world, will kill the jew! but, after: again? ninth of you as to me Saying, "but: where was God at Auschwitz!"


[Syria] Asad: where came bombs and arms: of all the: false democracies: of the banking seigniorage - Masonic (one: unique: and oly Great Satan: IMF-NWO)? will arises: the terrorism of: Saudi Arabia: Al-Qaʿida, ie: massacres of all: Christians! Why: Freemasonry (Satanists: first: generation)? has 600 excommunications of the Catholic Church! Rothschild's Zionists? are preparing: the reasons: for the extermination of all Peoples: in this imminent: 3rd: WW nuclear! Gaddafi's trap? is taken: also against you! Without the support of the Freemasons (ie: Satanists of second: generation)? This conspiracy against you? not have been possible! only, killing all the Masons: you can save: your life. I am a Zionist: for the kingdom: of Palastine: and now, you know: as, I have tried: to bless your life! I hope: Jordan: you deploy your side: without hesitation, because: it is after: his turn!

12/01/2012. SYRIA. Syria, killed French journalist (by the rebels). Moscow is been prepared: a "Libyan scenario." The reporter: "France 2" is dead and in Homs was interviewing a group of protesters: pro-regime: in the Allawi district, hit by rockets. The head of the Russian Security Council: states that: is preparing a no-fly zones: to protect the rebels: the accomplices of the Zionist Masons: and: al-Qa ʿ ida: القاعدة, al-qa ʿ ida!.

03/01/2012 ISRAEL-LEBANON.
Israel builds: a wall on the border: Lebanon. It designs a: with Jordan: The construction of the fence, five feet high: it is: with: alarm systems and control. Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that: as soon as completed: the barrier between Israel and Egypt, it will be built a long time: the border with Jordan. JORDAN-ISRAEL-EGYPT.
Exchanges of accusations for firing rockets into Aqaba (because Jews never hit them with a missile: "Eilat"). Amman says, to have the evidence, that: The launch took place from Sinai, Jerusalem appears to agree, but Cairo says that is impossible. Hamas denies any involvement, and accuses Israel (rightly) to seek excuses for new attacks on Gaza. 

@ Zionist Rothschild .. You are the worst curse: that: is the World: your calendar? your Agenda? is: of the Talmud (hatred: racism: of everyone: against: everyone)? You like too: to deny: the persecution of Hitler: against: all Christians: indeed: you do: the same: Hitler: and the Nazis: of the Christian:(lol. fake), While everyone knows: that, They Were: just like: your private esoteric rituals: abduction: Ritual at Bohemian Grove: owl god baal 666 322 marduk: of IMF: ie, Satanic Kabbalah! You are the first children: of Demons!

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MARTIN LUTHER: Jews ARE FATHER SAID: ALL OF LIES: The Popes: Condemn Them (enlightened rabbis): in countless: OF PAPAL BULLS .. GANDHI, SAID: Jews ARE: People of the: TERROR [Bank of England and the Commonwealth]: Emirs, Kings and Queens, Premiers, PRESIDENTS: WERE Disgusted: WITH: Their treasonous: Poisonous: Behaviors. Expelled Jews WERE: FROM: 109 NATIONS: AND TRIBES: ALL OVER HISTORY. Centuries FOR: THEY PIT: THE DEAR: AGAINST: EACH OTHER: AS TODAY .. December 16th is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. On December 16th in 2007, Ron Paul supporters: raised: a record-setting $ 6 million: in one day! Let's do it again: this Friday: and let the establishment: know: that we are in this to win! Please share: However this video you can.

[] Mao's China: processes the Church? UniusREi: China processes!: [] The PIME Missionaries, in Henan Province (1938-1954) Almost 60 years since its foundation (1 October 1949), the Republic of China: it is open: at the modernization and economic liberalism: West and established itself as: a crucial component in the future equilibrium: of the world. Internally remain: many nodes: dissolve, especially: ideological control and restrictions: of the individual liberties, including: the liberties religious, who have roots in the political system and cultural, architect, by Mao Zedong. Remain to the tragedies, of poverty is still too large: and endemic corruption: that: affect many companies and institutions. It is inevitable that the New China should deal with these contradictions.

[] Mao's China: processes the Church? UniusREi: China processes!: [] will have to review its history, and especially, of the "achievements": the so-called Great Cultural Revolution (1966-76): in which: the religions, and the Catholic Church: in particular, were bitterly fought : and slander: for the backwardness and enslavement of the country. This was done: a vile, "process": against to the Church, its pastors and its faithful, who stood out in the examples of faithfulness and courage admirable. The documentation provided: This book highlights: The perils of the Church during those years and would like to be: a stimulus: even contemporary Chinese scholars(too late): to break the taboo that: even prevent the official culture: of their country to face the tragic crimes: of a half century ago: last as of today.

Syria [AsiaNews] The Christians - often shy: 1. in do the report: against the violence: of Assad: (petit mal), and fearful: for a future in the hands of fundamentalist Islam (grand mal), are victims of the conflict. - ANSWER - The Arab League: AND SAUDI ARABIA: IS THE REAL Traitor: Assad was right: when he says that: Syria is the victim of an international conspiracy! Since the Islamists know of be the favorites: of the Illuminati of IMF-NWO: 666 and 322: god owl: for do inevitable or necessary the 3 rd nuclear WW! Behold, for I am with Assad! I pray that the traitors to Assad that all Islamists: will be exterminated!

@ China .. all nations: that: have been: to be destroyed: by the Illuminati have had the illusion: the presumption: to achieve: a high: rapid and successful economic and military .. In fact, before you destroy the enemy? He must be blind: about the real forces: in the field: after you have planned: and induced: and suffer: the attack on Pearl Harbor? Zionists have won, however: the war! In reality, only God is your hope! but, perhaps, for the genocide: of all Peoples: it was agreed to you: as all leaders: Freemasonry in the world: the "Cremation of: Care of: Ritual at Bohemian Grove". but, in this case? Your plots do not go in the direction you intended!

@ Chine .. you must act quickly: for if thou wilt quickly, not be the good boy? thou shalt have, quickly, my bad! the blood of holy martyrs, that you have do since your rising: for To be an, part of the "synagogue of Satan"? will rise, for to choke you! I am a metaphysical entity, that can not be contained: a biological body! and you are the red dragon of Revelation.

@ China: - You'd not ever a: true alliance: with a chicken! However: the chicken: sooner or later will end in the pot! This: the Talmud says: "All the Nations are animals in human form." You are playing: with: your predators: Illuminati Jewish rabbis kakam: masters of the IMF, you do a game, with them, that you can not win! because: the Satanism: of Kabbalah: is, an Satanism superhuman .. After that: "Enlightened":brought: against you: the Wrath of God for all that you have killed: .. Christians: etc. ..? When the measure of God's wrath? is full against you? They will coming against you: like jackals! Here's why: you have to free the believers: quickly, and you have to reconcile: yourself, with God: immediately: quickly

@Cina- the cultural revolution of which I will do for you? is called humanism: that is, to put the man at the center of the State: and not the State: the middle man: I do not pretend, that thou must leave: your atheism only: that: in matters of conscience: you can leave free: people: When the political sovereignty: it is not endangered because: I, as a political project of unius Rei: I am the protector of every religion but also of every government: so I am also also the protector of communism!

@ China - stop! to be: and do, that coward, that, hiding himself behind the rhetoric of the Communist Party, as if: he was a god: because it's only a human PLANNER: it can be changed .. if this is necessary or agree .. and certainly, the my universal brotherhood: that is, the perfect equality: for all men: it is the ultimate solution: the upcoming: against 3 rd WW nuclear: because I have the power: doing good to you: as a: to hurt you .. Therefore, the Illuminati agenda: that, you follow? he can not win make!

@ China - but, you have demonstrated the ability to change: this is because you have obeyed your parents: Satan and the banker jew: Illuminated by Lucifer? Or: is that because you're smart? Of course not! In fact, if you were smart? you would have known: the nature of God! and you not would have confused the political level with the religious: as do: others asses with horns of Muslims: like you! Because God has done: every man in his image and likeness: and not the State: religion or any other institution!

@ Chine, the time has come: that: you know yourself: ie: what is: your home: you are daughter of the "synagogue of Satan": that is the Jewish bankers of the IMF: Rothschild: Rochefeller: etc. .. who have invented: the French Revolution ": Communism, have given a biological body: at the demons or aliens: that is flying saucers: everything: that: they have done? was done: only: for hatred against: Christianity (here's why: communism has done evil to Christians, but, in reality: Christians are not a problem for communism) .. and another, through: the Kabbalah and Talmud: they believe themselves: the most intelligent :and take: also you too: in this 3 ° nuclear WW

@ China, hello China: 1. I do not try something for myself! 2. I am not the religion! 3. I am not a democracy; 4. I'm not capitalism; 5. I am not the ideology! 6. I do not seek revenge! 6. I love all! 7. I am: only: the Kingdom of God, that you have always fought .. but I'm not a bad boy: I love all the nations in the same way! If you love your people? So: we will be friends! Tonight? I am here for you!

@CHINA the satanic beasts. Arrests, convictions and prison: asylum: Psychiatric Clinic: against all the Chinese dissidents. authorities are using every means available: for do doing the silence: against all dissenters: and citizens who want to present their petitions: at the central government .. - ANSWER - about the two bishops, martyrs, "famous unknown": James Su Zhimin, 80, has suffered: so far: 40 years in prison, Mgr Cosmas Shi Enxiang, 90, spent 51 years: in prison. Of Them, nobody talks? about? and the Chinese government: says: that "does not know: Where They Are?" . dickheads, "we see how the memory comes back to you after the next disaster: cataclysmic:: that I have sent against you?"

@ Kim Jong-un, you not has longer have an army. you've got a bunch of robbers, that they steal the food to hungry people! is way: that, since: however: your soldiers must die of hunger? might as well: is be better: for them die in a war!! Hey, Kim Jong-un, you are a died of hunger: your big brother China: has not: give to you: your bowl of rice? So, will not protect you: no even: when you get: all our atomic: on your head: of fuck tomato .. how many social classes has created: that, criminal of your father? 35? 45? but, I believe that communism did not has social classes! but you want to tell me: what's normal in your life? Quiet! if you free the believers from prison? I will give food to all your people!

one only: "psychiatric clinic": for: all in: SAUDI ARABIA: If you allow Saudi women: to drive? in 10 years "there would no longer virgins." The Council religious: submits a report of more country, which is annexed, a "pseudo" relationship "scientific", sent to all members: of: Legislative Assembly. women: to drive? then, Increase homosexuality, prostitution and pornography. 05/07/2007 09:07. SAUDI ARABIA: "A good wife must live in fear." Driving ban, to show their heads and speak in public, shake: a man's hand. On television preachers: incite: the husbands: to beat, their wives, "for their own good." 12/07/2011 10:16: SAUDI ARABIA. for Blasphemy: Australian Shia: Sentenced: to 500 lashes: and: a year in prison: why: would: insulted: "Companions of the Prophet." The result is a diplomatic incident. Saudi Arabia: The 45 year old man was arrested in Medina while, he doing making the annual pilgrimage,

24/05/2011. 10:19. NORTH KOREA. In the regime of Kim: "live again THE estimated FOR: Christian". SAID: Joseph Yun Li-sun. of South Korean: Protestant minister: "In North Korea: there are still: approximately: 40 thousand underground Christians. Tortured and closed labor camps, but an example for all." He said the Protestant minister: Lim Chang-ho: during an interview to the Daily NK. According to the pastor, "as: is very very high: the level: of repression of the regime: against the Christians: the only way: that: , they are preserved have: marry: among them, in secret." In North Korea, the citizens are organized: in 51 classes. The first three are based on loyalty: the Kim family: and worship of them, deified personality: "Eternal President", etc. ... The only forms of divinity allowed in the country ... for Christians: the worst treatment is reserved.

North Korea [[Kim Jong-il, 'eternal leader': it has-been Embalmed: follows: His father, the 'Eternal President' Kim Il-sung]]: The Central Committee of Communist Party has decided on a list: other forms of veneration and respect. The date of birth of Kim Jong Il: will become the: "shining star of the day", statues and towers for his "immortality" will be built: in across the country. - ANSWER-even the universe is not eternal: you did a good job on the corpse of your father. but there will be none, that: will embalm, your bitch: Because, your dynasty is over!

13/01/2012 ISRAEL - PALESTINE. The "racism" of the Israeli Supreme Court: of: Joshua Lapide. Palestinians: marry an Israeli can not enjoy: of citizenship (of Rothschild). For conservatives: this saves Israel from the "demographic suicide", but activists and liberal the court's decision: it is a descent "in the apartheid". Jerusalem (AsiaNews) - Human rights groups: heavy damage and blogger reviews: of "racism" and unconstitutional: the decision of the Supreme Court: Israeli citizenship to ban Israeli to Palestinians who marry: a / an Israeli / Israeli

Uncle Kakam:

@IsraelNationalTV- Uncle Kakam: Rabbi: 666: Rothschild, and 322: Uncle Bush? take all of you once again, a new Holocaust .. when that will happens? and since: it was planned: to happen? will! I will not cry: for you: how: you do not weep: for the destruction of all people! because: you will have deserved my indifference, for being: Once again: the masochist: the eternal: accomplices in of the banking seigniorage! is the sweetness of the money: stolen against all the nations that: makes you the abject: perfect!

az99920 SAID: رد:@ComunitaEbraicaRoma-
كويتي بحق ! شكرا للمعلومات الجميع اسري للشيطان بسبب شراكه بشر لا يخافون الله من الشيطان لتدمير كل شيئ جميل في الحياه العالم صغير وكل انسان يحمل من الهموم بسبب بعده عن الله الكل متورط

@ YHWH -

@ YHWH - have ""offended" "trampling"": the virtues. extolled vice, are the accomplices of too: innocent blood! here's why: "unius REI" I have decided: to hit to death: all of them. Amen in Jesus's name: allelluia: hallelujah