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Satan Queen Fagot
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Queen Elizabeth II? is the new: Jezebel, ie, the wife of the New World Order
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Creation in the XXIst century
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all christian martyrs will win
halleluija! Oh no! I'm not like Berlusconi, lol. he has needs of Viagra, to be the acco...

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[open letter to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia :]@[[]] because you has condemned to death all Muslims: for buying all of your money at interest (banking seigniorage) from Satanists American Jews enlightened? you have oil? You do not have an cock! Not even your life is yours, since you pay at interest: your money at the: Satanists enlightened Jews: for thou are Their slaves: now, well. You're not a king, you're a shit!

@ YouTube -> because the Jews did not want to talk to me, about banking seigniorage? ie about the Constitution deceived and betrayed?

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[[furono gettati dalla rupe i loro capi: le loro guide: i loro governatori, che da me avevano udito dolci parole: io non sono un rivoluzionario, io non sono un vendicatore, io sono una autorità politica universale: pertanto tutto quello che io voglio? Io lo pretendo! I ribelli? faranno esperienza della mia ira!]]
[[ from rock, were thrown their leaders: their leaders: their governors, who had heard sweet words by me: I am not a revolutionary, I'm not an avenger, I am a universal political authorities: therefore all that I wont? I presume! The rebels? will experience my wrath!]]
I am one nations... Why I am UniusRei
Only God is good ... Natural law ie metaphisics ago

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one love from max41414.god love good or bad.so we love  the lord.one nation

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@ Rothschild: ie, the synagogue of Satan! Because no jew wants to talk to me about banking seigniorage? is clear: "you said" all those who speak with a GOIM: of seigniorage banking, that is been transfer: stolen to all peoples for their destruction? will be expelled from the community as traitors! ": 1. So, a little because they are complicit: Satanists, 2. a little because they are complicit Masons, 3. a little because they are" the complicit of racist Zionist of Talmud ": 4. a little because they are cowards! sic .. sic .. then none of them wants to talk with their King: lorenzojhwh about of banking seigniorage. is clear: as their fathers? they prefer: to go to Auswitzh, like their fathers, or to deliver the Jewish Temple at the satanists, rather than talk to me, about, banking seigniorage.

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@ GRIMSREVENGE253 SAID: "Well let us enjoy the clean air while it last ..." - ANSWER-> WHAT KIND OF SPEECH IS WITH YOU CAN be CONCLUDE?
clean air? CRIM too you stink, you stink so much, that corpses threw your bodies from the cemetery: ie, you .. and now what are you waiting? to be expelled also by Google? is evident, even google-youtube, did not good smell: like you too! why, At this hour? they would have hunted you, yeah, long time ago. hallelujah ... Glory to God forever ... hallelujah
because you are all going to die! so is right! Cowards do not deserve to live, that speak against me behind my back ...
I am here, but there is not a worm: of Illuminated, or Zionist, or sharia, or Mason, or satanic, that he wants to speak in face me in public!

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no! Hitler is satanists: nazism all shith

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Hi Hitler

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@ Mistafied187 -> If Rothschild did not intend: to do, even: in the Jewish Temple: what the enlightened: to go to do at the: Bohemian Grove? that is of make of human sacrifice for satan: ie, for the god Marduk .. then: Rothschilds would not put: his star esoteric: sum blasphemy: on the flag of Israel. These Satanists are building: for Satan and for the Antichrist: The 3°:Jewish Temple: because:Jewish Temple can not arise: in the Masonic scheme: of the banking seigniorage: that is satanism of IMF-NWO, the greatest: crime Hebrew: of the story, of all time ..

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@Mistafied187 -> because the Jews, they do not talk to me of seigniorage banking? You see? I am committed to make you die tonight, because you are not an immortal like me! But, rich Jews, are very satanists and racist too: perpetrators and accomplices,for not to speak with someone, about of banking seigniorage. How old is that, the queen priestess: Jezebel (Elizabeth II, for us) it took to make, of all Jews to become satanists: worshipers of Baal? Well .. well .. But, however, the Illuminati have had more:of 700 years, if Dante Alighieri: a real saint Catholic: is fail for warned all mankind, of the danger that represented: the jew banker. Well .. well .. but: since of the Satanism? has no way out: unless you make a killing of all their! as Eliah prophet has done

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@ mistafied187 -> what can do: all your ex-Presidents: at the: Bohemian Grove. If you've seen the Cremation of Care, but, who is? what is the Ritual at the Bohemian Grove? you tonight: do you become your wife a widow, and your children orphans: but thou will die: as eroe: for a country fake, or Nation fake, that Freemasons have betrayed, in fact, is existed only an democracy fake: that is an invention of the enlightened: and so: The Constitution has been betrayed, by his principle of born, this means: 3°WWnuclear: for be guilty: all Freemasons. Indeed, all the peoples have become slaves of banking seigniorage

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@ mistafied187 -> Se Rothschild non aveva intenzione di fare, anche, nel Tempio Ebraico: quello che gli enlightened: vanno a fare nel: Bohemian Grove: cioè i sacrifici umani: al Dio Marduk.. poi: Rothschild non avrebbe messo: la sua stella esoterica: somma blasfemia: sulla bandiera di Israele Questi satanisti stanno costruendo: per satana e per l'anticristo: il Tempio Ebraico: poiché: esso non può sorgere: nel regime massonico: del signoraggio bancario: che è: il più grande crimine ebraico: della storia di tutti i tempi..

666GiudaicoMassonica (2 mesi fa) Rimuovi | Spam
@ mistafied187 -> perché gli ebrei, loro non parlano con me: of banking seigniorage? Tu vedi? Io mi sto impegnando a farti morire: questa sera, poiché, tu non sei un immortale: come me! But, gli ebrei ricchi, sono troppo razzisti, colpevoli e complici, per parlare, con qualcuno, di signoraggio bancario. Quanti anni la regina sacerdotessa: Gezabele:(per noi Elisabetta II) ha impiegato, per fare diventare tutti gli ebrei dei satanisti: adoratori di Baal? Bene.. molto bene.. Ma, tuttavia, gli Illuminati hanno avuto più di 700 anni, se Dante Alighieri: un vero santo: cattolico: ha inutilmente messo in guardia il genere umano dal pericolo che rappresentava l'ebreo banchiere. Bene.. molto bene.. ma, dal satanismo: non si esce se non si commette un massacro!

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@mistafied187 --> cosa fanno tutti i tuoi ex-Presidenti al: Bohemian Grove. If you've seen the Cremation of Care, casa è: the Ritual at the Bohemian Grove? tu questa sera: puoi fare diventare, tua moglie una vedova, e i tuoi figli: degli orfani: tuttavia: tu moriresti per una Patria: che: in realtà non è mai esistita: poiché: la democrazia: è una invenzione degli illuminati: e così: la Costituzione è stata tradita, dal suo principio: attraverso: la massoneria. perché i popoli sono diventati gli schiavi del signoraggio bancario

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4 / 4 [[this article is perfect, but ..]] This text is intended as a small tool that will arouse in the reader the urge to open the door to new and unexplored avenues of research. For more information about the book: [[kabballart. com]] --ANSWER>
This article is perfect, but there are crazy:of Jews: very important and powerful (this is documented by: David Duke) who believe that the Jewish race: a race is superior to all others: made by God : to dominate: all other races: when we know from science, that the differences are only of a cultural nature: and do not have: East: racial superiority, if not for a specific field: thus, God in his holiness : has given to each: race, a different specific arrangement. But this is obvious: make a speech about a genetic superiority is only be an Satanism, ie, is not JHWH: Holy: Holy: Holy: amen alleluia

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3 / 4 [[this article is perfect, but ..]] Kabbalah tells us that the Hebrew letters are the channels that connect the stars cosmic, space-time, the members of the human body and molecules. The alchemy of the Hebrew letters and numerical study of their correspondence is applied to new terms coined by science, we reveal the secrets of the mystics that these findings bring itself 'and the deep connection between our mental and physical health, and the words we speak. Kabbalah(good or evil: for me is evil) teaches us how to regenerate, through words, parts of our body, our psyche and our soul, weak or sick, and shows us how, through words, we can affect our genetic heritage: the mystique of language initiation is self-healing.

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2 / 4 [[this article is perfect, but ..]] These two dimensions of up to now were regarded as diametrically opposed and irreconcilable ... the physical structure of the sacred text (Torah) mirrors the structure of the human genome, and the codification of the human genome, in turn, reveals a surprising conformity with the code handed down by the masters of the esoteric Jewish tradition. Some of the most modern scientific theories such as Superstring theory and M theory, argue that the universe is nothing more than "sound, vibration," according to the Jewish Kabbalah, from time immemorial, says that everything that exists is the result of infinite combinations of the 22 archetypes of the divine word sounds: the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the cosmic DNA genes and the atoms that make up our language.

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1 / 4 [[this article is perfect, but ..]] Jewish DNA, the connection between science and Kabbalah /watch?v=Dxpe05nvFbc]] by: kabalazughiut | 29/lug/2010 | 2670 views: "Jewish DNA ( refers not to race, but with Hebrew letters), the connection between science and Kabbalah (mystical) "by Shazarahel
"An extraordinary compliance with codes esoteric (meaning ambivalent: both positive and negative), handed down by the masters of Kabbalah" .. "the Hebrew letters are the cosmic channels, that they put in the stars, members of the human body and molecules." We are experiencing an extraordinary period, we are crossing the threshold of the greatest revolution in history: the encounter between science and mysticism.

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1/4[[questo articolo è perfetto, ma ..]]DNA EBRAICO, connessione fra scienza e kabbalah [[ /watch?v=Dxpe05nvFbc ]] di : kabalazughiut | 29/lug/2010 | 2670 visualizzazioni: "DNA EBRAICO(è riferito non alla razza: ma alle lettere ebraiche), connessione fra scienza e kabbalah(mistica)" di Shazarahel
"una straordinaria conformità con i codici esoterici(significato ambivalente: sia positivo che negativo), tramandatici dai maestri della Kabbalah".."le lettere ebraiche sono i canali cosmici, che, mettono in comunicazione astri, membra del corpo umano e molecole". Stiamo vivendo un'epoca straordinaria; stiamo varcando la soglia della più grande rivoluzione della storia: l'incontro fra la scienza e la mistica.

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2/4[[questo articolo è perfetto, ma ..]] Queste due dimensioni dell'esistenza fino ad ora erano considerate diametralmente opposte ed inconciliabili... la struttura fisica del Testo Sacro(Torà) ricalca la struttura del genoma umano, e la codificazione del genoma umano, a sua volta, rivela una sorprendente conformità con i codici esoterici tramandatici dai Maestri della tradizione ebraica. Alcune delle più moderne teorie scientifiche, come ad esempio la teoria delle Superstringhe e la Teoria M., sostengono che l'universo non sia nient'altro che "suono, vibrazione", in accordo con la Kabbalah ebraica che, da epoca immemorabile, sostiene che tutto ciò che esiste è frutto delle infinite combinazioni dei 22 suoni archetipi della Parola divina:
le 22 lettere dell'alfabeto ebraico sono i geni del DNA cosmico e gli atomi di cui è composto il nostro linguaggio.