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CAN NOT BE THE KINGDOM OF SATAN, divided against itself, he said Jesus of Bethlehem, and he is quite right, in fact, exist, one only, ARAB LEAGUE, For a single, pan-Arabism, for only, One, World Caliphate , NAZI, Sharia, NAZI horror, Sharia - ANSWER - it's like in Italy, right, ravenous for the throne of power against the left, etc... but, then they both go in Freemasonry, to suck, JaBullOn, ja, that is, the IMF 666, World Bank, Spa, in fact, both belong to the only synagogue of Satan, Pharisees Anglo-Americans, who, destroy Israel, ie, the Masonic system Bildenberg, who stole the seigniorage banking .. and this is the real reason for, do World War III, ie, for can regenerate the International Monetary Fund, for the currency of Satan, interest paid to, behind, bill consideration, of, bill of State scam

NON PUO ESSERE IL REGNO DI SATANA, Diviso IN SE Stesso, ha Detto Gesù di Betlemme, e lui ha Proprio Ragione, infatti, esiste, Una Sola, LEGA ARABA, Per un solo, pan-arabismo, ndr, Un solo, Califfato Mondiale, NAZISTA, Sharia, NAZI horror, Sharia -- ANSWER -- è come in Italia, la destra, si sbrana, per, la poltrona del potere, contro, la sinistra, ma, poi, entrambi vanno, nella massoneria, a suchiare, Ja Bull On, cioè, il FMI, Banca Mondiale, Spa, infatti, entrambi, appartengono, alla unica sinagoga di satana, di farisei anglo-americani, che, distruggeranno Israele, ovvero, il sistema massonico Bildenberg, che, ha rubato il signoraggio bancario.. ed è questo il vero motivo della Guerra Mondiale, poter rigenerare il Fondo Monetario Internazionale, per la moneta di satana, prestata ad interessi, dietro, il corrispettivo di cambiali di Stato

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Pakistan: fondatore del movimento talebano rimesso in libertà

I funzionari locali hanno diffuso la notizia che uno dei fondatori del movimento talebano è stato rimesso in libertàMullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.
Baradar è uno dei quattro uomini che ha fondato il movimento dei “Talebani” ed è stato liberato su insistente richiesta del governo afghano, il quale ritiene che tramite questo gesto si possa arrivare a risolvere in modo pacifico l’attuale situazione nel Paese.
Baradar è stato arrestato nel 2010 a Karachi, in Pakistan. Al momento non si sa dove si dirigerà dopo il rilascio, forse negli Emirati Arabi. In passato erano stati rilasciati anche altri membri del movimento talebano ma questo non aveva significativamente modificato la situazione in Afghanistan.

Commento al tuo video: prima seconda TERZA GUERRA MONDIALE programmate dal 1871
that, in a document of Freemasonry of 1871 proved fortuitous: in 1930 is expected: both the creation that the destruction of the State of Israel during the 3 rd WWnuclear. I do not doubt your honesty! But, is this, that you do not know: "PARADISE Earth": it is in the fourth dimension" is the place: where Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses: where they want to return! Then, there are: 5 paradise celestial heavens: then: is the throne of God: that is, the heart of Jesus: where: Christians: Biblical fundamentalists: they can go for to be: even: at the right hand of the Father!

@ youtube - at this point? to all of us is: very little to live: in 2012? will be extinct life on the planet's surface! Therefore: I grant you: each and every right of my intellettul works: you can use: in mode commercial: all my intellettuali content: my thoughts .. since I am aware of the investment needed! Therefore, this my statement has a legal value!

@youtube -- a questo punto? a noi tutti resta: molto poco da vivere: nel 2012? sarà estinta: la vita sulla superficie del pianeta! Pertanto: io concedo a te: tutti ed ogni diritto intellettuale: di poter sfruttare: commercialmente: tutti i miei contenuti intellettuali: del mio pensiero.. poiché: io sono consapevole degli investimenti necessari! pertanto, questa mia dichiarazione ha una valenza giuridica!

4di4. @CoscienzaSveglia -- and indeed, that even the various Satanists, reiterino the killing of Christ: killing Christians ... This is made evident, for the minority groups, of Jews, who are educated to hate the Christians, until you reach the ritual of human sacrifice to Satan, Jewish ritual murder - the virgin martyrs: that is, the Saints made: remove of the Church Catholic, by Jewish racism .. for fear that they could inculcate anti-Semitic sentiments. But this is obvious! all those who come to hate: the man Jesus of Bethlehem, they will not enter in the kingdom of God, for this is shown: the same are racist: the socially negative!

3di4.@ CoscienzaSveglia-- this, Gandhi would never have accepted! for not having himself become a Christian, because of the scandal of apartheid: that he had to suffer: for being expelled: from a Church of "white"! The Gospels were given to the diverse, Christian community, and certainly could not do any act of plagiarism: of the Gospels themselves .. ie: to be appear as a child of God: He who was, only a prophet .. why: the man Jesus of Bethlehem was sentenced to death, because of the blasphemy laws, having said to be the son of God. is staggering: as Jehovah's Witnesses may read the Gospel and not notice this: proof, that not all is the knowledge of this mystery ...

2 @CoscienzaSveglia-everything is geared to be: against Christ or to be: in favor of Christ. If there is a Creator? He wished that things would take this direction ... because even the Buddhists of Butan: have made: all for kill the Christians! Like you, Gandhi believed that Christ was a prophet: only, and Gandhi: certainly, he is more than: worthy to be respected! fact: Gandhi would not approve, of course, all the massacres made in India in Orissa: ecc.. a true genocide, using: the complicity of the government, because: Christianity, had challenged the Indian social system, that is a satanic system, founded: on the exploitation of hundreds of social classes: namely, the exploitation: of the slavery, which in turn is founded: in the lie of reincarnation! These murders of Christians?

@CoscienzaSveglia-you are very good, for be very young: congratulations! I am a proyect cultural universal, secular: for universal brotherhood and for the destruction of relativism and racism: founded on the universal law of the nature: "do good and avoid evil" .. where, in an objective way, the truth is: "Do not lie!", while justice is: "do not do to an another: that you do not want: is been done to yourself." So, I have no problem with religions and ideological systems. Even if I know: that: there is no salvation outside of Christ, however, I am sure that men of "good will" will be: however: saved! but, being in youtube: ie: contact: with the world and in this studying: the incredible phenomenon of the martyrdom of Christians: this is more than evident:

ok! in short: I am the political project of the King of Israel, which is: is: the king of the world: namely, Unius REI ... and that this is: not a joke? it also, to says the Bible (Psalm 110, etc. ..)! Because all our institutions were created: by Jewish Satanism, of the seigniorage banking: the predation of all peoples: here is that crime and wickedness, have spread around the world! because this is Luciferism before being a political crime!
ok! En bref: je suis le projet politique du roi d'Israël, qui est: est: le roi du monde, à savoir: unius REI ... et que cela est: pas une blague? c'est aussi, pour, dit la Bible (Psaume 110, etc ..)! Parce que toutes nos institutions ont été créées: par le satanisme juif, de la banque seigneuriage: la prédation de tous les peuples: c'est ici que la criminalité et de méchanceté, se sont propagées à travers le monde! parce que ce n'est Luciferism avant d'être un crime politique!

@ shalom ComunitaEbraicaRoma-Jewish private central banks: ECB FED, IMF, the habit of always "omnipotent" enlightened Rochefeller and Rothschild, etc. ..? have created all constitutional State, all our institutions, and planned through institutions (occult) associated with them: all the war, such as the Holocaust, etc. ... However, it is not: only counter: a form: political control of all: that is born of this world monopoly: the "bank seigniorage," ie, an institutionalized: crime: of treason constitution: invented: by themselves: that is, the Masons all this enormous crime: evident and legalized: it is not only: to sell at interest: the virtual money, created out of nothing, and so create: all forms of control: against the sovereignty of Nations .. through: the wars and the recession, etc. .. it is clear to me: "we will soon, also will undergo nuclear WW 3rd!"

@ComunitaEbraicaRoma-.. However, all of this? still would not, in fact, extremely serious for me, though, this movement's spiritual of ILLUMINATI: is for REAL "Lucifer." Precisely for this reason: the real target (although this is not obvious: why things go too well, for each form: of dominance Jewishness in the world): is "namely, the destruction of the seed of Abraham ", ie, the annihilation of Israel's hope .. from this whole reality of Lucifer? (ie, the same ideals occult of Freemasonry), in the name of the God of our Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you are called to take the distances on my channel: formally from all this satanism of banking seigniorage! because I keep seeing rejected by you, my true love!