banks of Rothschild

@at mankind
@at mankind-> because at men have been prevented: the knowledge of the truth: and the same sources of truth: they were been: or destroyed or hidden. here is why:for the my rational faculty metaphysical of lorenzojhwh Unius Rei: ie, an metaphysical accessible and shared with every man? So, all I will say will be deemed true! that's why the NWO has collapsed: and his satanic IMF of seigniorage banking: is destined to fall! indeed, I sent all the diseases of hell against my enemies, the followers of darkness: "dark: sharia, ecc..", along with all the most horrible oppression ... However, if after all this ... this perverse generation, will not be worth living: then, she will be purified by fire Atomic!
@Satanists, Freemasons, Governments, bankers, Politicians, enlightened, racist, criminals, usurers, industrial, Sharia law: all despicable traitors to the Constitution, and all the accomplices of the seigniorage banking: ie, Synagogue of Satan"IMF-NWO! -ANSWER-> It is in 1200: that, Dante denounced: unnecessarily: the Jewish conspiracy: of Jewish bankers: the loan sharks! here is that, from 800 years away: the beginning of this satanic domination .. their control: it is become absolute and institutional: universal: the more ambiguous hidden power of the story. so that: all knowledge of history(the truth) is been lost!. they have imposed: at the entire international scientific community: the crime ideological of the evolution. to destroy the soul of mankind and to make a single herd of animals: the slaves! Only the Jews could go so far
@YourtubeTerminated: gran priest of satanists! I am not responsible if the spirit of suicide: it is about you! but: to blame is for the terror: that is the constituent of the community of Satanists! go away satanic son of pig whore! mistafield thomas! You Have Been Reported with indignation at the throne of God: Begone Satan, in Jesus's name! satanic evil enemy of mankind: an accomplice of the CIA-MOSSAD and the Masonic system of seigniorage banking: true demon! Your Life Will Be Terminated! perverse sexual perversion admirer of female droppings @our community -> you do not have to suffer more: the violence of this depraved: criminal: who is an official of the CIA who did the crime of September 11: along with the MOSSAD! you have to insult and mistreat: with very lot of violence (Because there are a lot behind HIM of money: stolen from us all through the banks of Rothschild)
youtube? he can not suppress: without: notice: warning or: as above: the my: "UniusRei2: my channel with 400 videos, just because I translated: slowly for 3 hours, about 70% of the biblical book "of Wisdom": of the king Solomon:.. when, he could close this page: as it did with my "Kingxkingdom".. yes! this is an act of satanism against all mankind