bank seigniorag

[[Why I am Messiah & Mahdi]]
[[Why I am Messiah & Mahdi]] Noah cursed his son CAM :forever with all its descendants: ie: blacks, Muslims, all peoples). making:forever, their, slaves of (SEM: ie: Jews) also has cursed Japheth (all Christians) without any guilt in him, making it: forever, the servants of SEM (ie: Jews). Now, if Noah was so bad? Certainly, God would have drowned also him in the flood! They are right, in part, the Muslims when they say, that the Bible has been corrupted: but, they do not know, that the Torah was corrupted: (only) at the time: its composition: its own: by priests of the Temple of Gerusalemme. that not have doing a spiritual discernment of all the fragments that have collected

against: "lobost12"
and "TektonikEdits" -> What is the bank seigniorage of: 666Rothschild and 322Bush? What is the NWO? Do not you know, that whoever has the monopoly of money? it is he who has in his hands: the real power: against all the nations: Who said that the Queen of England and patron of Freemasonry? (which received more than 600: excommunication from the Catholic Church (! is him that is responsible, of the my conclusion: "because I said," is Elizabeth II: the new Jezebel. "Since, our money is an absolute crime? then: the rich are all complicit in this crime: of top treason against the Constitution! for the false Masonic governments: of bank seigniorage: and in the that all Governments: are all dominated: by the "synagogue of Satan" , who won against: everyone and everything: to have designed: every holocaust against my people Israel? here's why: very soon all die like animals