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Above Hillary "blessed"

1/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000 [ Aristobulus / 666 Hillary #Clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat! edited by culturalmarxism [posted 1st October 2018] Hillary Clinton was and still is one of the women most powerful and influential on the planet. During the period in which he held the office of Secretary of State (2009-2013) she strongly wanted the US military interventions in Libya and in Syria, and fed the tensions with the Russia. Her name ended often targeted journalists for some scandals, such as that of confidential e-mails (top secret) that she kept quietly in her computer, or to be was involved in the case Whitewater (real estate investment with money illegal). But his name returned to the fore in 2016 when WikiLeaks made public some written e-mails from occultist performer Marina Abramović to John Podesta, head electoral staff Clinton. An e-mail revealed and dated June 28 2015 opens disturbing questions. In the email, Abramović, who is also an occultist, invites John Podesta (who was also ambassador in Italy) to participate in a ritual occultist («spirit cooking») which goes back to «Magician black» and satanist Aleister Crowley. The tone of the email is so private, to be made evident the normality of participation by Podesta in these satanic rites. It is the famous Pizzagate, a case linked to occultism and to pedophilia on which one must still do full light. But apparently Clinton herself is not a stranger to esotericism, as she brilliantly demonstrates the article that follows. [centrosangiorgio com] hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
 Hillary Clinton and the ghost of Eleanor #Roosevelt.
In 1994, after being staggering exit from the defeat of the Democrats to congressional elections, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, who apparently seems a healthy woman, invited five professional consultants to pass the weekend with her e Bill. Among them were Stephen Richards Covey, author of the 1989 work Seven Habits of Highly Successful People ("Seven habits of people great successful"), and Jean Houston, a self-styled "sacred psychologist" , which is also co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research.
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
covey - houston. Above from left, writer Stephen Richards Covey, his book Seven Habits of Highly Successful People and psychologist Jean Houston.
The weekend was dominated growingly by Hillary's problems. To find inspiration and to solve those "problems" Houston led some sessions spiritual during which some Clinton "spiritual archetypes" were consulted, such as Eleanor #Roosevelt (1884-1962) and Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948). When the scandal of Wackygate 2 came afloat, the reaction of the Republicans was unusually soft ... [centrosangiorgio com]

2/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000 [ Aristobulus / 666 Hillary #Clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
While she was engaged in conversations with the ghost of Eleanor #Roosevelt - as the senator republican Orrin Hatch observed in a pungent way - Hillary seemed a "little unreliable person". Also without sessions, spheres crystal and Ouija Board, all this posed against mental stability by Hillary Clinton. Immediately she fell in the ridiculous and was compared to Nancy Reagan (1921-2016), the former First Lady who used to consult astrologers before drawing up her husband's travel schedule 3 .
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Clinton's spokeswoman, Lisa Caputo, was quoted by the Sun-Times for saying that First Lady's interest in Houston is no secret. Anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson, daughter of famous anthropologists Gregory Bateson (1904-1980) and Margaret Mead (1901-1978), joined Clinton during these sessions of imaginary conversations 4.
orrin hatch, nancy reagan, mary catherine bateson, Orrin Hatch, Nancy Reagan, Mary C. Bateson,
Later, Houston said to the New York Times 5 that this was more of a brainstorming session 6 than a spirit session, but that actually was an evocation [centrosangiorgio com]
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
«It was an exercise imaginative to force her to think how Eleanor would have responded to a particular problem» 7.
The work of Houston and of her husband, Robert E. L. Masters, went far beyond the typical weird New Age. Houston is known for digging in the altered consciousness and in the world of the spirit, for its experiences psychic, and for conducting - how it was reported - experiments in the 1960s with the 'LSD. The Houston and Masters did channeling evoking from the world spirits characters from the past.
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Masters followed "patients" who had contacted by medium the god Egyptian Sekhmet. In her book, Public Like a Frog Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans (Houston) entering in the lives of three great Americans'; 1995), Houston presents three individuals who according to she are can be contacted through a trance mediumistic or in one state altered conscience Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), 3rd president United States, the poet (rosicruciana ) Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) and the writer (occultist and theosophist) Helen Keller (1880-1968). [centrosangiorgio com]

3/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000 [ Aristobulus / 666 Hillary #Clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
robert e. L. masters Above Robert E. L. Masters; to the side the book the wife's
Public Like a Frog Entering the Lives of Three Great Americans.
Also the spirit by Eleanor #Roosevelt, who among other things was lesbian or bisexual, made herself somehow available 8. Second Jon Klimo, an expert of spiritism, these sessions go from channeling in trance total, to channeling while sleeping, to channeling while dreaming, to channeling when you are in one state light trance, to channeling by locution internal or external, to channeling through clairvoyance, to open channeling to physical channeling. Some of these sessions involve the use of the Ouija Table, while on other occasions the evoked entities manifest themselves in forms fearful like levitation and change of voice.
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
jon klimo - ouija, Above the occultist Jon Klimo; to the side, a #ouija table.
Among the others forms remember clairaudience 9 through channeling, a technique similar to what Hillary did, according to what reported Houston; it involves self-relaxation in one state of total awareness or in one state of consciousness moderately altered, listening the "innerself" (the "innermost self"). How we have seen, Hillary did not levitate on a table in the White House. Nonetheless, what he had to do was potentially dangerous, and is condemned by the large majority of Protestant denominations (Hillary is Methodist) 10. [centrosangiorgio com]
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Houston, who perceived that "Clinton was like Mozart with severed hands", concluded that Hillary was enduring a kind of "crucifixion female". What do they mean these words and what was Clinton's reaction to these phenomena? Second the journalist Bob Woodward, Houston came to the grand conclusion that Hillary was carrying personally the weight of 5,000 years of submission from woman to man, that is almost the whole history of the enslaved woman weighed on shoulders by Hillary Rodham Clinton. This was his cross to carry. Now, said Houston, the story was at a turning point, on the point of achieving an authentic gender equality, and it was only Hillary who could could reverse the course; another Joan of Arc.
hillary clinton - joan of arc, hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Above Hillary Clinton the new demonic Joan of Arc.
Houston said to Hillary who, similarly to Joan of Arc, was at the forefront as the woman probably most central in all of human history ... But also that she was an oppressed, one suffering bitter, the victim of an attack unjustified; it - the said the Houston - was like Mozart, the greatest composer in History, but with severed hands. Also if Houston did not describe this image, "he felt that Hillary was undergoing a crucifixion female". However, he writes Woodward, Houston said to Hillary that in the end it would prevail. She had to persevere since the new possibilities for the women of everything the world they were too much important to go lost. [centrosangiorgio com]

4/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000/ crucified hillary hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Apparently, Houston helped Hillary identify a pair tools to carry to fulfillment her potential millennial Hillary should have proceeded with the book on childcare that she was preparing, and who should have attended a conference on women organized by the UN that would have taken place from 4 to 15 September from 1995, and especially at the Fourth World Conference on Women.
Of course, here the feminists hoped to save the world obtaining for women the right global to abort legally their children 11. Here, then, what happened one afternoon the Houston, which previously had been invited to Camp David, reached the Clinton in the solarium,
 hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
«A sitting room to take the sun with three sides of windows glass perched on top of the White House. It was afternoon and everyone sat down around at a table circular, together with many members of the staff of the First Lady. One of them recorded on tape the session. Fresh fruit, popcorn and pretzels had been put on the table »12.
solarium white house
Above the solarium of the White House.
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Houston asked Clinton to imagine Eleanor #Roosevelt while walking in a room, to describe it and to talk with her about the "possible future of childhood". Clinton did these things, and Houston asked her "to open up to Mrs. #Roosevelt so to be able to observe her abilities and her place in History". Houston considered it a classic technique, already practiced in the past by the philosopher humanist Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527), who spoke in this way with men of antiquity. [centrosangiorgio com]

5/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000 [ Aristobulus / 666 Hillary #Clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
What can he have said Eleanor? Which was his message? Houston asked Hillary 13. Reports say that Clinton spoke with #Roosevelt and with Gandhi. Evidently, from the Christian point of view, if there were contacts with spirits, it was not souls the dead, but demons 14. Clinton dared to say about this about
«Now I am sure that a guest some talk-show will say with great joy that I have exceeded the limit speaking regularly with me herself and with Mrs. #Roosevelt, but I believe that the world, and particularly our country, would be better if we all spent a little time talking with Mrs #Roosevelt »15.
hillary, eleanor, hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Above photomontage in which Hillary Clinton shakes the hand to the ghost of the late Eleanor #Roosevelt.
On June 10 following, Clinton wrote an article about about her imaginary conversations with Eleanor #Roosevelt. She said that she had spoken with #Roosevelt by the way about the role of a First Lady. She writes Clinton "Usually, she replied telling me to be up with morale, or at least to make me grow a skin as thick as that of a rhinoceros" 16.
curiously, when Houston revealed that Clinton had had a conversation with Jesus Christ, the First Lady did not want to talk about it saying that it was something "too much personal" 17. Incredibly, the bishop of the United Methodist Church of Arkansas, Richard Wilke, supported Clinton because of his involvement in necromancy saying "I think that it is wonderful that it has had experiences like this", and adding that Clinton is "one of the theologians secular deeper of the united Methodist church" 18.
Above Richard Wilke, the bishop of the United Methodist Church who took the defenses of Hillary Clinton. hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
This statement shows how today discernment of spirits and wisdom in many church leaders are absolutely insufficient. During of his speech for the opening of Four Freedoms Park, in 2012, the then president Bill Clinton joked about it about this accident. In his comments, the former president said that it was known that his wife "had communicated" with Eleanor #Roosevelt, that had died in November 1962, and that that week she had fact received a message via Hillary. [centrosangiorgio com]

6/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000 [ Aristobulus / 666 Hillary #Clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
«Special thanks to the members of the #Roosevelt family who are here. Thanks also to those who are no longer among us, Eleanor, who in 1948 made sure that the four freedoms were included in the preamble of the Declaration Universal Human Rights. Lo I know because, as all of you know, when I was president, my wife, now Secretary of state, communicated regularly with Eleanor. And so he called me last night while he was returning from Peru to remind me to tell you. Che Eleanor le had spoken e le had remembered that I had to tell you these things »19. hillary clinton satanism #Biden, e witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
This it is not the first time that it is made a connection public between Hillary Clinton and Eleanor #Roosevelt. How reported The New York Daily News, while was participating in a 2007 presidential campaign, speaking before an audience of activists political, Clinton said he had found inspiration in words from #Roosevelt
«How you know, she said to me that if you are going to be involved in politics you have to grow the skin as thick as that of a rhino. So when I will occasionally sit somewhere, and listen someone who is saying things little kind to me, I will look at my hand and I will pinch my skin to make sure that it has thickness that Eleanor #Roosevelt would expect that me have »20. [centrosangiorgio com]
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Above Hillary Clinton sits on a bench on the occasion of the laying of a statue dedicated to Eleanor #Roosevelt, on October 5 1996 at Riverside Park, in New York City.
Eleanor #Roosevelt was an extremely controversial person, particularly in terms of civil liberties, human rights and housing. The same John Edgar Hoover (1895-1972), director for decades of the FBI, asked his agents to follow her carefully because of her friendships with the American Communists, filing on her a large dossier. His behavior and the fact of his independence the procured not a few critics who were discouraged and threatened it was defined ugly, old and incessantly prodded. hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
eleanor roosevelt - john edgar hoover, Above Eleanor #Roosevelt and John Edgar Hoover.
During his speech Clinton alluded to his defeats personal «The Lord knows that I have done my share of errors. Well, there are many people to keep me company ». The #Roosevelt pushed forward. Lo same did Clinton. "I have been called in many ways by many people," she said in front of her audience gathered on #Roosevelt Island. «None of them he is a coward» 21.

7/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000/ New Age retreats from Hillary to Hilton Head. hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
The Hillary's New Age beliefs are attested by herself and by Bill's presence every year in the Renaissance Weekend that held every year at Hilton Head, an elegant island in Carolina South. More than a hundred special guests meet annually at Hilton Head for this retreat New Age. The agenda includes pop psychology and numerous other thinky-feely e New Age themes.
clinton - renaissance weekend Above the Clintons at the Renaissance Weekend together with Linda LeSourd Lader.
Among the participants, besides to the Clintons, they have figured often characters such as David Gergen, consultant presidential; the Secretary Education Richard Riley; the humorous journalist Art Buchwald (1925-2007); Peggy Noonan (who reportedly suggested to the President Bush Jr. the theme of "1000 points of light") and the gold medal Olympic Edwin Moses. minutes and comments are «off-the-record» («unregistered») and are kept confidential; otherwise there would be a lot embarrassment if the American average he discovered how much crazy and out of his mind are really his leaders! 22.
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
 The personal guru by Hillary rabbi Michael Lerner, One of the deeper abnormalities of the mind psychopathic is the tendency to clench the teeth, like a bulldog who growls, in front of the idea or the whole dogmas taught by a guru. Political and cultural gurus are common among Hillary's friends. Do you think that it does not have its own personal guru?
It seems that the rabbi Michael Lerner, a man leftist who escaped the draft during the Vietnam War, took on this assignment. Lerner, editor of the eccentric and susceptible Jewish magazine Tikkun, helped Hillary to develop the his «Politics of Meaning» («politics of meaning») and «reconstruction of society» («reconstruction of society"). In the bulletin of information by Marlin Maddoux Freedom Club Report, Marlin spoke of the bizarre relationship of guru-adept who exists between Lerner and Clinton [centrosangiorgio com]

8/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000 [ Aristobulus / 666 Hillary #Clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
«A sign bad hope the White House agenda is the relationship ideologically guided that there is between Hillary Clinton and his political guru Michael Lerner. The latter gained recently a certain fame with articles on "Politics of Meaning". During a recent reception at the White House, Hillary saw Lerner and exclaimed "I am your spokesperson or what" »? michael lerner - tikkun, Above rabbi Michael Lerner and Tikkun magazine. hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
In a nutshell words, that is precisely Michael Lerner? He is the former leader of the Student for a Democratic Society (SDS), a 1960s riot gang from Berkeley, the University of California. Lerner is a former teacher of economics who a colleague described how a teacher who had transformed his class into a "small Marxist cell". He is a militant who once said to a newspaper "I like Karl Marx", and posed in front of a communist flag. hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Lerner married with one of his students with a ceremony presided over by himself, decorating the wedding cake with the words "annihilate monogamy". Clearly, the wedding it didn't last long. Reading the Lerner statements, it seems that he wants to transform the industries into discussion groups of workers, the schools into group psychotherapy sessions, and foreign policy into a big "common" style hippy sixties. At the same time, he and Hillary would like to keep the Bible and prayer out of school, together to the values ​​of the family and of the Ten Commandments 23. [centrosangiorgio com]
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
In 2005, Lerner became president of The Network of Spiritual Progressives, an association whose mission is to "challenge materialism and selfishness present in American society and to promote a climate of love, generosity, and to feel fear reverential and wonder in front of the grandeur of the Universe ». This association sponsored several conferences national from one coast of the United States. In 2007, Lerner launched a campaign for a "Plan Global Marshall".
Hillary Clinton is witchcraft, hillary clinton Satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
A former agent recently secret services retired, who spent five years serving by Hillary Clinton, revealed to a source Newsmax news agency that "the only adequate word for describes that woman is "witch" »24. Could have reason ... Another former agent Clinton's operative confirmed that this is true in the sense literal. Larry Nichols is a former cap green and a longtime Bill Clinton partner.
The two met in the late 1970s when Bill was still a promising statesman. While Bill was governor of Arkansas, Nichols was the director of Arkansas Development Finance Authority, a state agency among the most subject to investigations by from the Senate Whitewater Committee. June 24, 2015, interviewed by Alex Jones of InfoWars, Nichols dropped another bomb. He said, speaking on the radio [centrosangiorgio com]

9/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000 [ Aristobulus / 666 Hillary #Clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
«When Hillary was the First Lady, on weekends she would go home to California with Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and with some women, and they would go together to a witch church. Witches, witches. witches .... But do you realize that that while Clinton was running for the Senate several times she went to that place where was she a witch? Hillary went to a church and she worshiped Satan. "
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat! Larry Nichols. One of the frequenters of these strange ceremonies together at Clinton was Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, a producer television who, with her husband Harry Thomason, is known for having created, written and produced series television as Designing Women. It is known that the couple is linked by a deep friendship with Bill and Hillary Clinton, and that they knew each other since the days when Bill was governor of Arkansas.
hillary is a witch! hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat! photomontage that portrays Hillary dressed as a witch.
Bloodworth-Thomason created several short films for the purpose propaganda for Bill, the most famous of which was The Man from Hope, with whom Bill presented himself at the 1992 Democratic Convention. Bloodworth-Thomason he filmed propaganda films also for Hillary while he ran for the Senate, and for other candidates, such as General Wesley Clark who was in the running for presidential.
 hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
Above from left, Harry Thomason, Linda Bloodworth, Hillary and Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton is lo shamanism Native Americans
One of the fashions passing New Age of the last hour, in addition to neuromancy 25 and to the adoration of a feminist goddess (Gaia), it is shamanism of Native Americans. It collects all the anger of women involved in occultism New Age. Again, we find Hillary at the forefront of these practices diabolical. Early May 1993, in Billings, Montana, Hillary invited one shaman Indian, a "healer spiritual", to bless her and cleanse her. [centrosangiorgio com]

10/10] in honour of /by/Aristobulus000/ Above Hillary "blessed" by one sorcerer Indian. hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
She, keeping her eyes closed, bent over reverently while the sorcerer performed a ritual on her. This happened before the meeting of his Committee of Health National. Hillary allowed photographers to capture the event for posterity. This photo curious pushed an author like Texe Marrs to ask himself the following question «Is this kind of holistic quackery what Hillary has in mind when says who wants to extend the benefits health care to all Americans "? 26.
hillary clinton satanism #Biden, and witchcraft in the Party Democrat!
hillary - podesta - pizzagate, Above cartoon that ironizes the involvement of Podesta and della
Clinton in the occult rites of Abramović. It says the devil «Together stronger».
hillary abortionist, Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton, «The people colored are like the weeds and must be exterminated». "The most merciful thing that a family can do to one of its members is to kill it."
«I I admire enormously Margaret Sanger, her courage, her tenacity, her vision [...]. I feel a real awe towards him and we can draw many lessons from his life ».
Margaret Sanger (1879-1966) was a feminist, an anarchist, a racist, a supporter of the eugenic theory and of abortion, as well as the founder de facto of the Planned Parenthod, an organization recently ended in the newspapers for the scandal of the trade of fetuses aborted in the clinics of his property. [centrosangiorgio com]

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